9 Best High School K-Dramas To Watch On Netflix

07 June 24


The Heirs

Two teenagers from different social backgrounds reunite at an elite high school attended by Korea's ultra-wealthy after a chance meeting in Los Angeles.

Love Alarm

Kim Jojo explores teenage love and personal hardships in a world where an app notifies users if someone nearby likes them.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

When dreams seem unattainable, a teenage fencer sets high goals and meets a diligent young man who is trying to start over.

School 2017

This is a story about 18-year-old students who must overcome discrimination at their school to succeed in the future.

Xo, Kitty

When teenage matchmaker Kitty meets up with her long-distance boyfriend at the same boarding school her late mother attended, a new love story begins.

True Beauty

A high school girl who was discriminated against for being ugly suddenly becomes a beautiful goddess and becomes well-known after learning how to apply makeup from online tutorial videos.

Our Beloved Summer

It is a romantic comedy story about two ex-lovers who vowed never to get back together. However, the documentary they shot 10 years ago became popular, and they had to be in front of the camera again

Doctor Slump

Once bitter rivals in school, two gifted doctors cross paths by accident and wind up supporting one another through their lowest points.

Boys Over Flowers

The four richest boys, known as F4, bully the poor girl who attends Shin Hwa High, an elite school. She has a crush on his best friend, but he finds himself drawn to her. Who will she select?

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