7 Best Detective Korean Dramas With Compelling Mysteries

30 April 24


My Name

A compelling story of revenge that blends mystery and crime, with a strong female lead negotiating the complexities of the underworld.


This drama is a thriller with lots of action. It follows a stuntman's investigation into a plane crash, revealing corruption and plots within the government.

Flower Of Evil

In Flower of Evil, a seemingly ideal marriage turns complicated when a string of killings leads a detective to investigate her husband's sinister secrets.


Signal examines several cold cases closely. Park Hae-young starts investigating long-unsolved cases after being welcomed by an enigmatic walkie-talkie criminal profiler.

Life On Mars

There's no better way to blend the fantastical and the real than with a mystery, as Life on Mars does so masterfully. Its premise is blatantly repeated from its British predecessor.


Memorist is a K-drama that combines mystery and supernatural fiction. It centres on Dong Baek, a detective who works to unravel a string of strange memories.

Less Than Evil

The central theme of Less Than Evil is the strangely harmonious bond between a cunning investigator who wants to understand a quite meticulous yet evil genius.

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