How to get Udemy Courses For Free ?

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The easiest way to learn new skills or upgrade your existing skills is online. The trend of online learning is catching fast among learners of all ages. 

Online learning platforms such as Udemy provide many free courses to help students and professionals. You can also get paid courses for free with Udemy Coupons. Free online courses are available for all categories, such as photography, web development, programming, personal development, and more.

Are you looking to upskill without spending any money? Then check out how to get Udemy courses for free

Here we will be sharing different methods to save on premium Udemy courses. 


How to get paid courses for free on Udemy?

In our quest for free Udemy courses, we came across this question on Quora. Quora is the Q & A board of the internet. People ask all types of questions. There was a discussion on Quora, "How Do I Get Free Udemy Courses?"

An Udemy Instructor, Matt Bernstein, shared his answer. According to him, there are two methods to get Udemy paid courses for free. The first method is Facebook. 

Yes, you can search for Udemy Coupon Groups on Facebook. Udemy instructors post their Udemy coupons for free in Facebook Groups.

Another source is to search for Udemy Free course coupons on Google. You can find coupons to get free courses. 

Some people also suggest that you should reach out to the instructor. But that's against the policy of Udemy. 

Coupon codes for Free Udemy courses

You can also check Udemy instructor forums to find coupons. Udemy instructors give a limited amount of free coupons on Quora and Reddit. Use these coupons to get Udemy paid courses for free. 

Instructors also offer free courses to get reviews and build a reputation. Once the course becomes popular, the instructor may start charging money for it. Take advantage of this opportunity and enroll for the free course before it becomes a paid one. 

Steps to get paid courses in Udemy for free

You can find Udemy coupons on discount websites. With the coupons, you can save on paid courses. You can get up to 100% off on courses with these coupons.

These coupons may be available for select courses or a limited period. So you should go through the coupon details before heading to the Udemy website to redeem the offer and get Udemy paid course for free. 

  • Visit

  • Select a course of your choice

  • Click on the buy now button

  • Enter the coupon code in the dialogue box

  • Discount will be applied to the course free

  • Start your paid course for free. 

Udemy Free Courses

Before trying these methods, you should check if the course you want to pursue is available on Udemy. It is easy; visit and search for a course or category. You can also browse courses based on specializations such as web development, marketing, photography, etc.

Sometimes, instructors make premium courses available for free. You can easily enroll in a free course. You only need to register for an account to get started. 

How to Find Free Courses on Udemy?

  • Step 1. Go To

  • Step 2. Search for the category of your choice

  • Step 3. Apply Filters To Find Free Udemy Courses

  • Step 4. Pick Free Course Of Your Choice!

  • Step 4. Add to cart

  • Step 5. Proceed to Checkout

  • Step 6. Start Your Udemy Course For Free

How To Get All Udemy Courses For Free

If you can find coupons, then it is possible to save on most courses. You may also get paid courses for free using discount coupons. But to get all Udemy courses for free is difficult because the coupons may not be available for all courses.

Also, you may get a discount but still, need to pay some amount for the course. It depends on a lot of factors. It is better to look for a discount for a select course to save some money or get it free. If you want to get all Udemy courses for free, this task is very difficult. 

How to Download Udemy courses for free? 

Basically, Udemy courses are available in the form of videos. The course is divided into various sections and for each section, you have the video(s). 

Once you enroll for a free or paid course on Udemy, you will receive an email with the link. Using the link, you can check the course content anytime. Using the link, you can also watch Udemy courses for free.

Some users want to download the Udemy course to watch anytime, but I could not find any download button on the course that I enrolled for. 

Udemy courses are not downloadable. However, the instructor may enable downloading of their lectures. 

If you want to view Udemy course videos in offline mode, use the Udemy app. The app allows users to save courses for offline viewing. 

Steps to Download Udemy courses for free

You can download individual lectures, sections, or entire courses for offline viewing on the Udemy mobile app.

  • Open the Udemy App

  • Select the course you have enrolled in

  • Go to the menu

  • Select download option

  • The course will be downloaded for offline viewing


Looking for discount coupons is the easiest way to get Udemy paid courses for free. However, if you don’t find any coupons, then you can wait for promotions to receive a discount on paid courses. You can also check other online learning platforms, such as Shaw academy and Coursera, for free courses online

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we get udemy courses for free?

A1. Yes, the online learning platform offers free courses across all popular categories. You can also get Udemy courses for free with discount coupons available online.

Q2. How do I Get cheap courses on Udemy?

A2. It is easy; you can filter courses based on price. There are various affordable and free courses available on Udemy.

Q3. How Can I download Paid courses for free?

A3. Select instructors, and enable the download option for their lectures. You can also download courses using the Udemy App. The app allows users to download courses for offline viewing. 

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