Top Holi Special Trains 2021 - Time Table, Schedule, Offers & More

Holi Special trains announced for major routes by IRCTC. Check the time table, schedule, and booking of special trains announced by IRCTC on Holi.

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Top Holi Special Trains 2021 - Time Table, Schedule, Offers & More


To accommodate the heavy rush during festivals, IRCTC introduces special trains. On the occasion of Holi, special trains have been introduced as well. Check the IRCTC Holi Special trains 2021 to plan your journey.

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As per the IRCTC administration, it will provide relief to the travelers and make their journey easier on the occasion of Holi. as the Holi festival will be celebrated on 28th March and 29th March, the passenger crowd of travelers is expected to start from 15th March 2021. Let’s check out A complete list of holi special trains 2021

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List Of Holi Special Trains 2021

Check out the latest list of Holi special train list  

Holi Special Train List

Train No.

Jaipur Station to Patna Station

02396, 02316

New Delhi Station to Patna Station

05484, 02550,02466, 03258, 02872

Jaipur Station to Gaya Station

02495, 02988

New Delhi Station to Gaya Station

02816, 02876, 02324, 02380

Mumbai Station to Patna Station

02741, 02519, 02336, 02362, 03202, 02141

Ahmedabad Station to Howrah Station

02833,02905, 09205

Nagpur Station to Patna

07610, 06509, 02578, 02787, 02522

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1. Jaipur Station to Patna Station 

During the Holi special trains 2021, these trains are working for the holi passenger travelers. 

  • Train No. 02396- Ziyarat Festival Special Train.

  • Train No. 02316- Ananya Festival Special Train. 


2. New Delhi Station to Patna Station 

  • Train No. 05484- Sikkim Mahananda Special Train.

  • Train No. 02550- North East special Train

  • Train No. 02466- Baba Baidyanath Dham Deoghar Special Train

  • Train No. 03258- ANVT-Danapur Special Train. 

  • Train No. 02872- Magadh Festival Special Train.


3. Jaipur Station to Gaya Station 

  • Train No. 02495- Pratap Festival Special Train. 

  • Train No. 02988- All-Sealdah Festival Special Train. 


4. New Delhi Station to Gaya Station 

  • Train No. 02816- Nandan Kanan Special Train.

  • Train No. 02876- Neelachal Special Train.

  • Train No. 02324- Barmer-Howrah Special Train. 

  • Train No. 02380- Jallianwala Bagh Special Train. 


5. Mumbai Station to Patna Station

  • Train No. 02741- Vasco-Da-Gama-Patna Special Train.

  • Train No.02519- MumbaiLTT-Kamakhya AC Special Train.

  • Train No.02336- MumbaiLTT-Bhagalpur Special Train. 

  • Train No. 02362- MumbaiCSMT-Asansol Special Train. 

  • Train No. 03202- Mumbai LTT-Patna Special Train. 

  • Train No. 02141- Mumbai LTT-Patliputra Special Train.


6. Ahmedabad Station to Howrah Station

  • Train No. 02833- Ahmedabad-Howrah Special Train

  • Train No. Okha-Howrah Special Train.

  • Train No. Porbandar-Howrah Special Train. 


7. Nagpur Station to Patna Station

  • Train No. 07610- Purna-Patna Festival Special Train. 

  • Train No. 06509- KSR-Danapur Special Train.

  • Train No. 02578- Bagmati Festival Special Train. 

  • Train No. 02787- Secunderabad-Danapur Special Train. 

  • Train No. 02522- Rapti Sagar Special Train. 


Other Holi Special Train list

Holi Special Train List

Train No.


Mumbai-Shri Ganganagar-Mumbai

09709, 09708

2 April 2021


02989, 02990

1 April 2021

Mumbai-Bhagat Ki Kothi-Mumbai

04818, 04817

30 March 2021

Dadar Mumbai-Bikaner-Dadar Mumbai

02490, 02489

31 March 2021


02474, 02473

30 March 2021


02939, 02940

30 March 2021

Okha-Ernakulam Jn-Okha

06337, 06338

3 April 2021


02646, 02645

27 March 2021


06734, 06733

30 March 2021


06054, 06053

25 March 2021

Chennai Egmore-Jodhpur-Chennai Egmore

06067, 06068

27 March 2021

Udaipur-New Jalpaiguri-Udaipur

09601, 09602

27 March 2021


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We hope this information will help you to choose the right train at the time of holi 2021. Choose from the Full list of holi special trains 2021


Questions You May Have 


Q. Does this bring a special train offer?

Yes, this year also the Holi special trains are coming. You can check the details as we have mentioned above. 

Q. Are the details of these special trains available on the IRCTC Platform?

Yes, all the details for the special trains that run on holiday this year are available on the IRCTC platform.