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A dish that the country loves it, politicians woo votes with it, and our parties are incomplete without it, any guesses??           

Biryani? Yes, that’s right!

It’s one such dish which truly epitomizes the zenith of rich Indian cuisines. The blend of exotic spices, delicate meat, long fragmented rice and sizzling aroma, makes this dish extremely delicious.

But do you know, there is so much more to biryani than just been a food? It’s not just a sumptuous dish rather there's an emotional connection with this dish. There are endless anecdotes attach to this royal dish. If you are a biryani lover, you would know what does this mean. Biryani for its lovers is truly the “Gods of foods”. The lust for biryani is thus unparalleled with any other dish. Thus, the biryani offers are something that people literally hunt everywhere.

After all who doesn’t want to delight their guests with this delicious staple?

In popular discourse, the dish is associated with the advent of the Mughal rule in India. Apart from the great architecture, literature, and arts, biryani is another such thing for which we should be thankful to them. But after its arrival to India, a land of great cultural diversity, this dish also developed its diverse flavors.

Nearly every corner of the country has developed their own signature style of making biryani. Today, India has wide variants to choose from when it comes to this royal dish. From foodie to critics, nearly everyone has their own opinion on how a perfect biryani should taste.

Despite the variations, it's one such dish which is unanimously loved by all. People from different regions come with their own versions of biryani.


Thus, don’t be surprised if I tell you about Doodh ki biryani that exists and loved by many. And another biryani in which rather than meat, brinjal curry is the star. There are probably more varieties of biryani than the tales of its origin. Lucky you, the ongoing biryani coupons is perfect to indulge in the rich and mouthwatering flavors of varied biryanis.

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The Lip-Smacking Biryanis that Every Biryani Lover Must Try

From being a royal dish to a dish that is enjoyed by every household, Biryani is a pan-Indian favorite dish. With the span of time, biryani has evolved its diverse variants which reflect the local flavors, traditions and cooking style of each part. Here are diverse types of biryani that every foodie must try:

The Regal Mughlai Biryani

No matter how much royal the name sounds, this variant fits in budget easily and perfectly. Mughlai biryani is very famous and popular for its taste. The succulent chunks of spiced meat, kewra scented rice, and the irresistible aroma is the highlight that makes it truly royal.

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The World Famous Hyderabadi Biryani

Other than the Char Minar, it’s the biryani that has made Hyderabad so famous. But have you ever wondered what makes the Hyderabadi biryani so tasty? Well, it's the uniqueness. Unlike other Briyani, the dish at this part of the world is dominated not only by the meat but by the aromatic saffron flavored rice.

That truly takes the taste of the dish to several notches higher. Plus, there’s a running offer of Hyderabadi biryani coupons. Do you need any better reason to order plates of biryani and delight your taste buds?  

The Lucknowi Biryani from the City of Nawabs

Being cooked in Awadi style, the Lucknowi biryani is milder on spices. Both, the rice and meat are cooked separately and then put in layers in a handi to cook. The dish is light on spices and more about the fragrance and flavors.

The Sindhi Biryani

The Sindhi biryani is loaded with finely slit green Chillies, fragment spices and roasted nuts. The other distinctive feature is an addition of aloo Bukhara and lots of yogurts. This adds a tangy twist to the spice mix.

These are a handful of biryani flavors, loved and enjoyed across the country. Biryani is a complete meal in itself that has enough varieties to please one and all. Now you can get all such exotic flavors of biryani with just one click.

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Debunk the Myths that Stop you from Eating the Royal Biryani

These are some of the offers that are currently running. However for more such lucrative deals visit and browse endless coupons, offers, and top biryani deals. Now eat biryani every day without worrying about the spendings.

Rice, meat, spices, and Ghee are the prime components of any biryani and we all love its taste. But in past few years, all of these ingredients have gained a bad reputation on the health parameters. The health advocates, who are highly ignorant of these ancient staples, blatantly make false claims. Like:

“Don’t eat too much of rice, it can make you gain weight”

“ Stop consuming Ghee, it can make you fat”

“ Rely on a low-fat diet only”

These are some of the obnoxious claims that are often made. It’s important to understand the science behind these ingredients. Your body tremendously needs these ingredients, especially after an intense workout. When you finish exercising your body requires “fuel” to replenish the strained muscles. This fuel includes carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins.

So while rice can get you necessary carbs, chicken gives you protein. Whereas the veggies in biryani are high in the vitamin and minerals. Thus, no science makes them unhealthy. In fact, a dish like biryani is something which combines everything in one!

Biryani is Not Just a Delightful Treat but a Bribe, Bait, and Gift

No other Indian cuisines have so many tales other than biryani. Just like politics, it’s one of the favorite topics that end up discussing over a round of tea. Thus, the stories of biryani are as varied as it’s taste and flavor across India. From Putting a smile on withered cheeks to turning a campaign into a success, from stimulating arguments to uniting the people, biryani has done it all.  In India the love for biryani is huge.

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