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You asked 3 questions, here -

let me answer them one by one.

1. What does it mean when I get a notification - "Your deal has been rejected"

Answer - This means, that your deals either do not fulfill the content guidelines (price, description, title etc.) or you are doing self promotion. This can get your deal rejected and you will get a notification regarding it.

2. Where can I see the deals which other users are posting (the deals which are not being listed as HPOs)

Answer - Soon, infact we are working on it at full pace. Awesomeness will be delivered. This is rather a very important question and we are working toward it.

3. I logged in using my facebook account and my old user name saurav123 (which was in the old version of the forum) got changed to my email address saurav.chir. Even freekaamaal took my facebook profile picture and made it my freekaamaal profile picture. I don't like these. Can't I revert back and get my old profile ?

Answer : please p.m. me regarding the issue or mail me. It will be done.

4. When posting a new deal, what do the moderaters expect to be written in the "Description" Text area.

Answer : A bit about the product or the offer. Specifications, features, product details in case of a product deal. Offer detail, suggestions etc. in term of an offer deal.

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hardik5671363 days ago Reply   

submit deals without affiliate links.

abhi10471362 days ago Reply   

good article

smuggler1339 days ago Reply   

so just to reconfirm it we will be not able to see which deals have been already posted then it makes the users difficult if the deal points are not added to him

rahul19911335 days ago Reply   

IS anyone bothering to reply to my issue? @megatron is not online from many days. No body else is replying me. I want my gv

surajlaxmi1284 days ago Reply   

@megatron please check my issue

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