How to Post a Deal?

Dear All,

Here, at FreeKaaMaal, you can Earn Money by posting deals/offers. However, it is very important to post deals in a particular format. To ease the process, we have made a new system where you can post deals & offers in a very simple way.

Here are the steps you have to follow to post a deal :

1. On your right hand side, there is an option of post a deal, click that.

2. Now you will see a page like this :

3. Put a Title on the top :

4. Put the description about the product.

Kindly Note : The description of 'each & every' product is available on the product page from where you are placing the deal.

5. Add a Display Image.

6. Put Site Name & Site URL:

7. Put other details like Original Price, discounted/offer price, coupon, expiry, category & brand etc.

8. Click on Publish :

Here is how the deal will look after you publish it Link of the sample deal for a Single product. Please Follow this pattern.

Benefit - The benefit of putting the deal in right form is that your changes of getting Rs.20 instead of Rs.1 increases drastically. Kindly make sure you put the deal in right way next time in order to earn more followers, views and money.

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vibek827171268 days ago Reply   

Yesterday I posted a deal at 10 or 10.30 pm....

vibek827171268 days ago Reply   

But still It is not visible now.....

vibek827171268 days ago Reply   

I want to know what's the reason behind it....

megatron1268 days ago Reply   

Hi Dear, Your deal is either in queue or in moderation. If in case your deal gets rejected, you will know the reason. :)

vibek827171268 days ago Reply   

Ok, thanx bro....

vibek827171265 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

Hey bro.... Yesterday I posted a deal .... But now its only visible on fkm website ..... I want to know how to make it visible on fkm app....

ajayagupta1263 days ago Reply   

now no thread is been made, for every thread a fake message came deal already exist, wth, how it even exist without even knowing, not in homepage too......

abhi10471262 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

true, happens for every 2nd deal

jshreyas251259 days ago Reply   

I didn't received my freecharge voucher i requested on 4th September what should I do? Please help

jshreyas251258 days ago Reply   

i posted a offer but it gets rejected whereas the same offer posted by someone has been accepted. why this partiality? :( :( :(

magneto1224 days ago Reply   

Post a deal option is not visible for me, plz help.

megatron1223 days ago Reply    Show Replies (2)

@magneto bro.. please message me asap... I will be sorting this thing right away

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