How To Post A Deal ???

Dear All,

Here, at FreeKaaMaal, you can Earn Money by posting deals/offers. However, it is very important to post deals in a particular format. To ease the process, we have made a new system where you can post deals & offers in a very simple way.

Below are some Guidelines to Follow, How to make a Deal In Lucrative Manner :-

  • Proper Title :- Deal Must have a proper title which can easy to Understand
  • Description :- There should be atleast 2 lines of description about the product or offers what exactly the offer or product is saying
  • There will be No Referral or Other Affiliate Links OR Self Promotion Links
  • In Case of single Product deal there should be PRICE Comparsion {Mandatory, If Applicable}
  • If there is any Additional Discounts OR Bank offers, That Should be Included
  • Image Should be in Every Deals, & Size should be 358 X 256 {if can make}
  • Brand Name & Correct Category Should be there.

Here are the steps you have to follow to post a deal :

1. On your right hand side, there is an option of post a deal, click that.

2. Now you will see a page like this :

3. Put a Title on the top :

4. Put the description about the product.

Kindly Note : The description of 'each & every' product is available on the product page from where you are placing the deal.

5. Add a Display Image.

6. Put Site Name & Site URL:

7. Put other details like Original Price, discounted/offer price, coupon, expiry, category & brand etc.

8. Click on Publish :

Here is how the deal will look after you publish it Link of the sample deal for a Single product. Please Follow this pattern.

Benefit - The benefit of putting the deal in right form is that your changes of getting Rs.20 instead of Rs.1 increases drastically. Kindly make sure you put the deal in right way next time in order to earn more followers, views and money.

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chauhan.surya1097 days ago Reply   

its ok

surajlaxmi1087 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

done the same but still my deal got rejected

surajlaxmi1078 days ago Reply   

sir i have pm you as well as the adminstrator but still the problem is not solved dont know why no one is replying in pm

surajlaxmi1078 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

one more deal got cancelled & i am forced to say this in comment as no one is replying

rohitgrover44441078 days ago Reply   

both the deals that u have posted is of SNAPDEAL and its nt our partner we cannt promote it.. thats why deals got rejected.. and its mentiond in reason too

surajlaxmi1076 days ago Reply   

the result is same when i posted a deal of flipkart

surajlaxmi1076 days ago Reply   

from which website should i post deal why every deal is going rejected

surajlaxmi1076 days ago Reply   

once again deal is rejected without giving any explanation it just says the shared offer is not matching the quality guidelines prescribed by us

surajlaxmi1076 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

is there anyone to solve my problem??

heromonishbel1069 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

deal always rejected

rohitgrover44441069 days ago Reply   

The deals which you are posting not meeting with our Guidelines... plz read all the above guidelines and post according the same

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