FKM Treasure HUNT Contest 2016 Question 5 Hints

FKM Treasure HUNT Contest 2016 - Level 5 Discussion Thread

Hey All
As you all know this is the 3rd version of FreeKaaMaal treasure Hunt where we can give prizes worth Rs.1 Lakh just by answering 15 questions. This is the thread where you can discussion hints, queries and other things related to this contest.
Link: Play here
How to Play:

Imp. Notice --- Hey Guys, We respect the members who are putting up effort and we cannot let their hardwork go in vain. That is why, we are monitoring each and every player.. If you are playing in group then you and your whole group would be banned.

There is only one way to hunt down every level by writing correct answer in the space Provided.

  • use ctrl+A for more hints
  • Checking Source Code.
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austonajith.e1243 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

@megatron is answer in hindi or english ?

redpepper4561243 days ago Reply   

anyone got any hint???

redpepper4561243 days ago Reply    Show Replies (2)

anyone got any hint???

austonajith.e1243 days ago Reply    Show Replies (6)

yes i got it.. the answer is before your eyes (focus on small letters in front of U )

redpepper4561243 days ago Reply   

more hint

austonajith.e1243 days ago Reply    Show Replies (7)

freezz..... Dont touch ur screen,mouse,keyboard.See small fonts in the current page.

pragati1243 days ago Reply   

its really tough one :(

ronakk_19901243 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

huh! nailed it.. hats off to the one who set the question.. the answer was right in front of me.. really appreciate!!

ompriya.omi1243 days ago Reply   

wow..really tough level ...

ompriya.omi1243 days ago Reply   

megatron help

tusharg1243 days ago Reply    Show Replies (2)

Got it. Hint is.. Free free free.. ;)

rajeshmaliksnp1243 days ago Reply   

any other hint

mohitn1242 days ago Reply   

Any working hint for Q5

mohitn1242 days ago Reply   

what to answer in this question

ravi78shankar1242 days ago Reply   

any hint for question 5 @megatron

maavaishno8881241 days ago Reply   

Batao yaar koi hint

rajeshmaliksnp1241 days ago Reply   

one hidden text is below text box that is Cross-Invert it appears when u select all but after it i don't know waht to do can anyone help me or any one get help from it plz reply

rajeshmaliksnp1241 days ago Reply   

if somebodey get clue from it plz help me also

rajeshmaliksnp1241 days ago Reply   


shashank3471240 days ago Reply   


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