FKM Treasure HUNT Contest 2016 Question 13 Hints

FKM Treasure HUNT Contest 2016 Question 13 Hints

This is a section where we will be discussing hint for Lever 13. Share your opinion and ask for hints from our Moderator team.
Imp. Notice --- Hey Guys, We respect the members who are putting up effort and we cannot let their hardwork go in vain. That is why, we are monitoring each and every player.. If you are playing in group then you and your whole group would be banned.
Hidden Clues & Hints

Sometimes hint may be hidden on the page iteself, and if you are on desktop then try the below technique to find hiddent hints:

  • use ctrl+A for more hints
  • Checking Source Code.

Check out more Hints in the below comments….

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antonypolson20091247 days ago Reply   

@megatron please provide some good hints :/

abhinovenuwal01246 days ago Reply   

Plz provide some good hints@megatron

abhinovenuwal01246 days ago Reply   


antonypolson20091246 days ago Reply   

Please @megatron !!!

kamlesh.kulal51246 days ago Reply   

hint plz

antonypolson20091246 days ago Reply   

Stucked at this level for more than 4 hours and no good hint yet :(

austonajith.e1246 days ago Reply   

yeah me too bro all are selfish

dhinakarreddy1246 days ago Reply   

May be this is the opportunity to find out the hidden heroes.

abhinovenuwal01246 days ago Reply   

Ya right

abhinovenuwal01246 days ago Reply   

But find out all heroes not getting any

ompriya.omi1246 days ago Reply   

plzz give me a correct hint

ompriya.omi1246 days ago Reply   


rsdravid1246 days ago Reply   

Please give some hints @megatron @Administrator

anupaminuva1246 days ago Reply   


rohan12041246 days ago Reply    Show Replies (1)

Hint- Find a hero behind Chernobyl Disaster

rohan12041246 days ago Reply    Show Replies (7)

He is a firefighter

cmankar1246 days ago Reply   

thanks boss

rohan12041246 days ago Reply find firefighter in this

poulami1246 days ago Reply   

quite tough one

poulami1246 days ago Reply   

oh no i was trying this with the full name.... thanks for the hints every one

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