Five reasons You should not buy CoolPad Mega 2.5D Mobile

CoolPad Mega 2.5D was launched few months back at a price of Rs.6999. Highlights of the phone is 3GB RAM at such a low price. But mega 2.5D sucks in terms of performance. I will try to list best five reasons which will help you in making purchasing decision. All reasons are well researched and will be supported by their origin of source.

1. Coolpad Fools it's customers by advertising the mobile with fully enable VoLTE support. But truth is not the same case. VoLTE has a lot of bugs and does not work in most cases.

2. Sound of mobile is very much low that you can't hear it in another room if it rings.

3. Handling of mobile is not good becauses it has flat edges and it slides horizontally in your pocket.

4. All its predecessors and successors have fingerprint sensor but mega 2.5D does not have any.

5. Customer support is worsen than worse. They are highly inqulaified that they do not consider the VoLTE bug as a problem. Even after several months they have not released update to fix the problems. This shows that how they do not care about their cool fans.

Hope this will help you to make smart decision while purchasing this device. Last word CoolPad is not so cool in reality.

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