How to Link your Mobile Number With Aadhar Online under 5 Minutes through IVR

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Steps To Avail

Aadhar has become an important document,not only to establish your identity but to avail the other facilities provided by government.Also it is important to attach your aadhaar card to your bank accounts to keep your bank account active and to update the online record of your transactions.

Earlier in 2017 government has announced to link your mobile number with aadhaar card and the last date for the same is 06 Feb 2018.After 1 March 2018 the telecom services will be stopped for the users who have not linked their mobile number to their aadhaar card number.


How to Link your Mobile Number with Addhar:

There are two methods to link your mobile number with aadhaar number-

  • 1- Online method through IVR (New & Working)
  • 2- Offline method through visiting Retail Outlet


Method 1- Linking Aadhar Number with your mobile Number through IVR

This is by far the easiest way to get your mobile number linked to addhar and good thing is that you don't need to go out and visit the nearest retail outlet

Here are the steps  written below to link your mobile number with aadhaar:-

Requirements before calling IVR number:-

  1. aadhaar card number ( Keep it handly as you need to enter this number while on Call)

  2. Mobile number that you want to link along with Operator's Name

NOTE: Kindly note that you need to have access of the mobile number which you have given while making aadhar card. This is important before for verification purposed, you will be reciving one OTP on this number

Steps to Link Addhar Number to your New Mobile Number:-         

  • Take your mobile number which you want to link.

  • Now from the same mobile number call on 14546.

  • Once the call is connected,it will ask you to enter your aadhaar card number.

  • Now enter the aadhaar number and confirm it.(According to the instructions given)

  • Now you will receive an OTP on your linked aadhaar mobile number.

  • Now simply enter the OTP on call which is ON.

  • Congratulations! You have linked your mobile number with aadhaar.

  • Also you will get the confirmation message within few minutes.


Method 2 - Offline Method of Visiting Nearest Outlet:

If you face any difficulty in the above procedures, you can also go to the nearest tele services stores (offline) and ask them to link your mobile number with aadhaar. This is only for those who are not having valid mobile number registered with their Addhar card or when Method No.1 is not working


Here are the steps written below to link aadhaar In stores:-

  • Go to the store which have the teleservice networks.

  • Give your aadhaar card and mobile number.

  • The person in the store will register your number and you will get the OTP on your number.

  • Give your fingerprint for biometric verification

  • Enter the OTP when asked.

  • With in 24 hours you will get the confirmation message for the same.

  • Reply the message with “Y”, and your verification is complete.

  • You are done! Your mobile is linked with aadhaar.


Benefits of Linking Mobile Number with your aadhaar:-

  • Since your fingerprint is your unique identity in you aadhaar card,it will be easy to get the person if indulging in any illegal activity.

  • You will be able to do online transactions from your mobile number which is registered to your aadhaar.

  • If you want to use additional number, then you do not have to go through that long procedure, you just have to use the aadhaar as your e-KYC and and OTP will be sent for verification of your new number.


NOTE- If you are a JIO user then you do not have to worry as your Jio number is already linked with your aadhaar card.


Is there any Fee to Pay?

NO, this is absolutely free. You do not need to pay a single penny for the same.


Is it compulsory to Link your mobile number with aadhaar CARD:-

Yes it is compulsory to link your mobile with aadhaar,According to the instructions from supreme court.But it is for our ease only as it will help us to avail the facilities and services from the government. Also you will get rid of those long procedures of submitting the Id Proof and then address proof differently for any application or to avail different services.


What if the Mobile Number Registered with Addhar Card is not working?

Just in case if you have not updated your mobile number in your aadhaar card data or the mobile number linked with your aadhaar card is not working, then you can follow this procedure to update your mobile number.

Here are the steps written below-

  • Download aadhaar card correction application form.

  • Take the printout of the form.

  • Select the mobile option

  • Enter the aadhaar number.

  • Enter your name address and other details that are mentioned in the form.

  • Now provide the mobile number that you want to link.

  • Enter the email Id.

  • Provide the driving licence, passport etc. as your identity proof.

  • Send the application form on address written below.






While linking your mobile number to your aadhaar number there can be two scenarios generated-

  • Linking your mobile number to aadhaar number for the first time:-  If you are linking your mobile with aadhaar for the first time then i will suggest you to choose the offline method,because for the whole procedure to be done online you need a active mobile number to get the OTP. In that case you will face the difficulty so it is better to download the form and apply offline.
  • Updating your new mobile number with aadhaar card data i.e. replacing the old number with new one:- Updating the mobile number can be done online but make sure that, your old number (the number which is linked to your aadhaar) should be active during the procedure to get the OTP.
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