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Don’t let the lockdown rust your coding skills because we want you to make the most of the summer opportunities. Be it getting hands-on experience in coding or pumping-up your Interview Preparation for Internships and Jobs, we have got you covered!

We are going to transform the next 15 days of your lives as we bring to you a personalized experience through Interview Jumpstart-an Online Coding Event. It’s going to make your quarantine productive and add value to your portfolio. This is an exclusive opportunity to bring forth a code addict. So, if you can’t resist to code just the way you can’t resist your cell phone, this is for you!

Here How You Get This Offer -


  •  A new set of questions to be updated daily
  •  It will help you enhance your coding and practice skills
  • Specially curated to crack internship and job interviews 
  • Industry vetted content
  • Series of brainstorming and problem-solving questions
  • Boost your productivity

Highlights -

  • Aptitude Questions: A set of 20 Questions will be on Interest, Percentages, Alligations, Time and Work, Time, Speed and Distance, Averages, Sequences and Series, Permutation and Combinations, Probability, Clocks and Calendars, and Profit or Loss.
  • MCQs on Programming Language's Concepts: Input and Output questions and spot the bug questions to test your grasp on following programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python along with Data Structures & Algorithms. 
  • Data Structures and Algorithm Coding Questions: Questions will be on Arrays, Strings, 2D arrays, Recursion, LinkedList, Stacks, Queues, Generic Trees, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees, Tries, Hashmaps, Priority Queues, Dynamic Programming, and Greedy and Graphs.

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