Fogg Pack Of 3 Deodorants for Men or Women at Rs. 199 ( Rs. 66 Each )

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Product Details :

Combo For Men :

  1. Fogg Marco Deodorant for Men 120 ml - He is a man who makes an impact with his presence and presentation; he understands the importance of creating the right impressions. Clear and stimulating, the notes of Fogg Marco Deo Spray wake you up on a lifeless Monday morning and infuses a brightness into your day.
  2. Fogg Royal Deodorant for Men 120ml - The air of class and regality don't just belong to the privileged ones within palace walls. You are born with a subtle and gentle manner that is honed by good breeding. It could be the polite gentleman at the grocery store or the elegant man who graciously shares his seat with you in the crowded bus. A serene nature, dazzling smile along with a spritz of Fogg Royal Deo Spray cements his position as a truly classy man.
  3. Fogg Napolean Deodorant for Men 120ml - The ultimate conqueror who made his mark forever, Napoleon saved himself a spot in history books to come. It is not just his conquests that are famous, it is the principles and values that goes behind his numerous victories. Bringing you a little bit of that victorious arrogance, Fogg Napoleon Deo Spray prepares you for any obstacle you have to face.Since this is the best deal available, further discounts are not applicable.

Combo For Women:

  1. Fogg Radiate Deodorant for Women 120ml - Fogg Radiate Deodorant for Women 120 ml is an exquisite and rare fragrance for women with natural antibacterial properties. It ensures great smell all day and is ideal for hot and sweaty days.
  2. Fogg Delicious Deodorant for Women 120ml - The bright and effervescent woman spends her days fluttering around spreading joy with smiles and sprinkles of pixie dust. A spritz of Fogg Delicious Deo Spray and she transcends the ludicrous stereotypes of good girl and bad girl by just being a woman.
  3. Fogg Paradise Deodorant for Women 120ml - Vibrant and effervescent, this fragrance from Fogg brings out the tranquil aura of a faraway paradise. A single whiff stirs up an enchanting image of lilies and daffodils that dot your path while you are serenaded by the music of dribbling waterfalls. As this carefree woman goes about her daily routine, Fogg Paradise Deo Spray reminds her of this exotic Utopia.


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