What a Good eCommerce Website should have..?

Starting up an eCommerce Website is not a big deal these day, even a kid can make an online store and start selling products but what is it that can help you to analyze the Genuineness of a website? Here, we are going to unfold a few basics that can help you a lot to examine whether that eCommerece store is worth shopping through or not.

1. Payment Methods 

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A Good website will always have a number of payment modes as they do not want to lose their propect customer. Generally a decent website is a SSL verified one and would difinitely provide you Cash On Delivery.

2. Deals & Coupons


A good eCommerece Website will alwayas have a good amount of deals, Coupons and Offers on other various deal and Coupons sites. This would definitely help you save a lot of your money as well as this could be taken as a parameter to judge a website popularity. 

3. Product Reviews


While shopping online one must always have a look on the product and site reviews. A website with positive reviews will definitely be a good one among the herd. 

4. Shipment cost & Delivery

hidden costs

A very easy way to judge a Website is to see for hidden shipping charge, a proficient website will never have any hidden cost unlike an infirior one.

5. Website Speed


Speed of an eCommerce matters alot as it directly affects the sales of the company. Thus, a reliable company would definitely have very less load time i.e. its speed would be faster than other eCommerce websites.

6. Quality of User Interface

giphy on experience

A good quality of website design and interface may also be taken into concern while shopping online. A website incorporated with relative videos would also give you more confidence to make a purchase.

So, these are some points that a SmartShopper must keep in mind to keep him safe from getting conned.

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Rishabh Sharma

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