Top 8 Must Do April Fool Pranks

1. Fake Mouse

You can just make a fake mouse with the help of paper, colours and kiwi (Fruit) and it's all ready to creep out your family and friends with this funny prank.

mouse prank

2.Losen it up

Just remove a screw from your friends chair and get ready to Fool him up.


3.The Elevator's Fear

You will have to make some arrangements to execute this  prank but i guarantee you, the victim will fear his heart out. You could also do some add on's for more scary pranks.

lift guf

4.The Dead Body

In a very terified way, Ask your friend to come home and you'll be amazed to see what happen's next.


5.Tie it up

All you need is a wire or a string and tie a knot.

Cabletie prank


6.Nail the Cellphone

This is a very simple prank idea and will definitely freak everybody out. 

iphone nailed

7.The Girlfriend 

All you have to say is "I have got STD's" on the bed just after making out , but be ready to see your girl freaking out, crying or even hitting you very hard. 


8.Open the Door

The person will definitely get freakeed out, when this prank comes into play. This could be the best prank to start the first day of april.

air horn

You can surely use all these funny yet scary prank ideas to make the day happy and memorable, but make sure not to hurt anyone.





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