TOP 10 PLACES FOR HIPPIES IN INDIA. Living life, on the edge…!!

Being a Hippie is not just about drugs and weed. Its about living the life at its maximum where fun and adventures prevail the fear. Today we have bought you a list of top 10 places for Hippies where you can live your life at the fullest.  



Its a heaven for all the lurkers of the night. This place is quite cheap for both accommodation & creamy stuff.



2. GOA

Goa is place world renowned for its raves and shacks. People from around the world come here to for trance, dance & witness the beautiful sunsets.



3. VATTAKANAL , Karnataka
Situated in the heart of Tamil Nadu, a half an hour run from Kodaikanal. It is known for israelis & magic mushrooms, this can take you too “High”





Banaras is not so famous for getting high but the truth is a bit different. Varanasi is the only place in India where “Bhaang”, is legal.

bhangs vends banaras_1


5. MALANA, Himachal Pradesh
Beware Do Not Touch Anything or else be ready to give a sacrificial slaughter of a Lamb.




A places known as the mother of “Yoga” is also a homage for the hippies around the world.

rishikesh 1_1

A place called Moksha Beach is a perfect place to get “MOKSHA”.


7. VARKALA, Kerala
Varkala is an alluring beach where the cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian sea. The smoke of Marijuana is a common part of the atmosphere as the tandoori fish.



8. HAMPI, Karnataka

It is a place you would love to memorize. The sand, the sun , the rocks and the sculptures along with the Marijuana will make you feel out of the world.

hampi 1_1


9. GOKARNA, Karnataka

This place has came on the list of backpacker’s since last 3-4 year. Trek and trip here, it a lifelong dream place for hippies.

gokarna 2_1


10. ALMORA, Uttarakhand

This little town is full of temple and beautiful nature to adore for hours. Being at a high altitude a very high quality of cannabis is produced here.



But the best place for Hippies is Home. Because its is a life full of adventures of responsibility where your freedom is escalate by the love and caring of your loved ones (credit michaela). Anyways travel long but travel safe. 

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