“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life” , we recon Tim Cook has taken Steve Jobs words quite seriously , that he made the world’s best and the costliest SmartWatch ever.

We are here to give a quick insight of the most awaited and recently launched Apple SmartWatch. This Watch was revealed six months ago by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook but the beauty and the technology of this masterpiece was revealed yesterday(9 march 2015). 

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The prices of the watch varies from $349 to $17000 for the customized one. The Apple Watch will start at $349 for the smaller model i.e. 38 mm. The standard version of the watch starts at $549 and the highest of all goes to $17,000. 

The Sports model cost $349 with an aluminium case, a sport band and a magnetic charging cable but no case.
The customized version of 18-karat rose gold cost a eye watering $17,000 and has a hard case, along with a sapphire display and comes with a magnetic charging case. The cost of the customizable watch also varies with the type of the band opted – yellow gold, space black, space grey or 18-carat rose gold.

The best as well as the worst part of the highly price variable watches is that the firm has not declared any difference in their specifications there had been some speculations that the top end versions might have more storage or a feature to allow some of their parts to be upgraded at a later point. 


Meanwhile, Apple will start it’s pre-orders on April 10th and this technologically advanced watch will be available from 24th April.
Apple’s CEO,Tim Cook said, "Apple Watch begins a new chapter in the way we relate to technology and we think our customers are going to love it”.
CCS Insight predicts that Apple will sell about 20 million of its Smartwatches this year, doubling a Forrester analyst’s 10 million estimate.

But the saddest part for Indians is that , there is no notification on the availability of this ultra cool gadget till now.

Battery Life
For ‘Heavy’ use the target of battery backup is upto 2.5 hours and 3.5 hours for ‘Standard’ use. The Sleep or the Standby time of the watch is expected to be 2-3 days whereas, Apple was aiming to provide atleast 3-4 days of battery backup.


So finally, Is the Apple Watch is ready to go on the hands of the masses? Yes and No. No, the reason being ,it is not too different from the already existing smartwatches, but as we know a common thing with all the Apple products, the hardware- if incase it is better than others – is only half the story & rest is its fan following.

Rishabh Sharma

Community Executive at FreeKaaMaal.com
Rishabh Sharma is working as Community Executive with FreeKaaMaal.com . He is a tech & travel Freak. Being a constant learner and an inquisitive person he use to surf alot on the tides of latest news of Technology.

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