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10 Hacks to Pack Travel Bags for your Next Trip

travel-offers What you need depends on whether, location, and duration among other factors. Apart from finding a sturdy bag that fits your needs, you need to pack carefully to optimize your space. Check out these 10 hacks to pack travel bags efficiently and conveniently.

1. Choose the right luggage for your trip

The size and type of bag you select, depends on your trip. Shorter the trip smaller the size of the bag. Apart from size, the luggage should be easy to carry as well. Depending on your need choose a suitcase with separate compartments for clothes, shoes, laptop, and toiletries.

2. Take Help of Packing Assistance Apps

If you prefer mobile to pen and paper there are many apps that can help with packing. Evernote is one such app. It is all about lists and you can also share lists and even set reminders. In addition to Evernote, try apps like Packing Pro, Travel list, Packpoint, etc.

3. Roll Your Clothes; Don’t Fold Them.

Apart from saving space rolling clothes helps prevent wrinkles. Shirts, tops, jeans, pants, and knitwear won’t wrinkle when rolled tightly. Blazers and skirts should be folded.

4. Use Shower Caps to keep Shoes

Use a cloth bag or laundry bag to store dirty shoes. Alternatively, you can use shower caps. The idea is to prevent dirty soles rubbing against clean clothes.

5. Pack Small Amounts of Creams & lotions

Instead of carrying the regular bottles of your cream or lotion, you can pack small amounts of these products to save space. Buying small samples is also an excellent option to pack lighter.

6. Use Packing Cubes

With these luggage organizers, you don’t have to worry much about little things getting lost. Organize clothes, toiletries, accessories, and other items into packing cubes. Using packing cubes also frees up space in your suitcase for other stuff.

7. Socks to Protect Perfume or Cologne Bottles

Give extra cushioning to breakables by tucking them inside thick socks. You need perfume or cologne bottles during your trip but there is always the fear of breaking.

8. Keep a Toiletry Bag

It is a great way to keep your stuff off the counter. Store toiletries in a separate bag. Using toiletry bags also save your clothes from toothpaste, makeup etc.

9. Pack heaviest items on the bottom of suitcase

To Keep your wheeled luggage balanced keep the heaviest items on the bottom. This is a useful hack to distribute the weight and make the suitcase roll easily.

10. Keep Fragile items in the center

By keeping all the fragile items in the center of your bag, you give them the protection needed. Mostly fragile items are also expensive you can keep at the center of clothing which acts an additional padding. Now, you are done with packing for your trip, take a look at basic travel checklist to see if you are missing something.

Basic Travel Checklist

Although you can find printable packing lists online but is recommended to write out your own. You can always take help from different packing lists online.

1) An empty water bottle

2) Travel-friendly foods Nuts, energy bars, snacks, etc.

3) A voltage adapter, if traveling internationally

4) Foldable raincoat

5) Hand sanitizer

6) Prescription medication

7) A mini-medical kit: bandages, a pain reliever, a topical analgesic, and diarrhea medication

8) Emergency Docs health insurance card, allergy list, emergency contacts.

9) For an international trip, notify your credit card company or bank of upcoming travel.

10) Pack essentials in a separate pouch

Whether you are on a leisure or business trip planning ahead helps immensely to save from the last minute hassles. Packing right is a great start to your trip. Following these simple hacks while packing saves time and space. Before planning your trip, check travel offers online to find the best deals and save money.


A flight ticket of Rs 100 !! the real story behind a stunning marketing campaign

image courtesy : Wikipedia.org

Just a few days ago we heard about a mind blowing offer from a very big airlines. A flight ticket for Rs 100  only. It was a “wow” news and created a tsunami of buyers lining up online for the exclusive, unbelievable and amazing looking deal. The moment it started, true facts came in light.


Site got crashed

Not to mention what could a mixture of poorly managed online service and a blasting amount of visitors could do, a very well predicted server crash.

Air India posted on facebook in context of the whole so called ‘technical problem’ as “Air India expresses its sincerest apology to customers who tried to access our website during the last few hours. We are experiencing some technical problem with our servers and doing everything to minimize the amount of time necessary to restore our website,”


The real amount one have to pay was actually like this.

One has to still pay for taxes, fees, charges etc. These were excluded from the so called amazing discounts.


People were mesmerized by the magical attachment for their customers according to which, on the special eve of ‘Air India Day’, AirIndia would give special scheme which would be live for five days — from Aug 27 to 31.

After enjoying horrible service of the airlines, people started to shout out their fury on to social media and the flames are spreading like fire in the jungle. There were also reports of spending a large (more than actually needed) amount of money on the campaign to make it more remarkable. Although airlines is denying these reports and is saying that all of the expenditures were in budget and the allegations are baseless.

Well it did get a lot of media attention for sure but it also got a bad publicity from its customers. It was clearly a case of misguidance and mismanagement. Altogether it has bought a wound to the brand image and to revoke the confidence, AirIndia would take yet another long years of brilliant service to its customers.