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Banglore police busted a fake ecommerce site, after Snapdeal, Flipkart here comes a con Fraudkart..

fake ecommerce

This is an era of online shopping, millions of dollars of funding, amazing discounts and deals. Amidst all this, the black companies are also blooming themselves by providing fake deals and offer which seems completely irresistible for any online shopper. 



A company named as BIGSOP.com has been busted by The Central Crime Branch Police in Bangalore. After receiving several complaints over Twitter, Crime Branch has raided and shutdown the fake e-commerce site. According to Mr. Abhishek Goyal, "Bigsop A/c has 75lac at present. Cheated 100s based on fake 599 offer"

The e-commerce site derived a brilliant way to trap its visitor by flashing pop-up ads saying that they have won an iPhone for Rs 599. 

Once registered on the website, User's money is converted into into store credits. A baffled user when ask for the iphone he should be getting, BIGSOP.com revert the request by saying that at Rs 599 they could not give the iPhones so the customers was nearly compelled to buy home some product costing Rs 599 due to his money in store credit.

Hence, stay alert, stay sharp and shop smart



Beware! next time you order smartphone but may end up getting smart”soap” and others will take advantage.


Ever wondered when an ecommerce retailer hand over you a handsoap instead of a handset you ordered. Look what Mr. Laxminarayan Krishnamurthy got hen he ordered a Smasung Galaxy Duo from Snapdeal.



Snapdeal.com, realising its mistake, issued an apology which goes like this.

Snapdeal has a robust customer addressal system in place, where we ensure that users have the best shopping experience on our website. In the said case, we deeply regret the mix up that inconvenienced our customer. As soon as the case was reported our team got in touch with the customer and the issue was resolved by making a full refund to the customer. We are investigating the origin of this issue and will get to the root of the cause to rectify this, so that it does not repeat itself in the future. At Snapdeal.com, we strive to create the best shopping experience and will continue to work in this direction.

Well snapdeal.com did what a responsible company should've done. But wait!! it was not all, after issuing a public apology to the victim Hindustan Lever jumped in the whole controversy to hold the hand of the person and stated that

The pictures you posted online show that our brand was used in this incident. Vim is one of our iconic brands with some great consumer franchise. We felt bad about it, not to mention what you went through. Here is a small gesture from our side to cheer you up.

Marketing stunt or not, Histan Level got hands on marketing with the flow and it got a facebook post like this. 



With a very large suply chain, there may be a probabilty of an error. But if we talk about e-retail then there is absolutely no chance of tolerance from there side. We hope that Snapdeal.com keeps on serving people with absolutely zero error.