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10 Ways to Make your Valentine Feel Special

online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine giftsReady to smitten your partner all over again ? For some Valentine’s Day is simple, fun and, believe in inexpensive gestures to make it special and for others it is the lavish, out of the box, way of celebrating the evening. The most romantic season is here. February is the month of celebrating love, to work on making the bond stronger. The feeling of love makes us do wonders, making our significant other feel special becomes our duty. This 14th February take undue advantage of Valentine’s Day Sale going on. Based on your partner’s likes and dislikes you can choose cautiously.

1) Dine with wine The Valentine’s Day Offers on FreeKaaMaal covers every bit of it. A quiet candlelight dinner, a wonderful brunch or evening snack under the stars, a rooftop meal, now you can afford it all. You and your partner can have a luxurious fancy yet pocket-friendly meal and make the most of it. Have the long deep conversation you’ve been longing to have. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 2) A Bunch of Flowers and Box(es) of Chocolates No gift says “I Love You” better than a bouquet of Fresh Red Roses and shows enough affection. Sweets for your Sweet, From sweet milk or rich dark chocolate, everything adds to the bunch of bittersweet Valentine’s Day! Red Roses are a cliche, traditionally exchanged by couples to show their love. White Lilies, Blue or Pink Orchids, Purple Lavender expresses and emphasizes on the beauty of your relationship. Every colour depicts something, doesn’t it? online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 3) Dream Proposal Express every bit of your heart this Valentine’s Day. What can be better than you pouring your heart out and keeping nothing to yourself? The day is meant for lovers, getting down on one knee and with a ring and feelings to express…. It’s important to love and to be loved. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts  4) The Box Of Surprise This 14th February express your feelings and emotions by offering a token of love. It can be a test for you, how well you know your partner. Use the Valentine Day Offers to buy a bunch of dresses, footwear, Accessories etc. Fill a large box with helium balloons and special gifts for Valentine’s Day. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 5) Movie Marathon A series of Romantic Comedy movies, staying in bed all day, ordering in and lazing out with your partner. Enjoy a Day full of Sweet Nothings. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts  6) Long Drives Perfect Romantic Bollywood and Hollywood Songs to soothe your ears on a long drive, enjoying the breeze and your partner’s company. Sharing thoughts and away on a journey of your own.No escape, no remorse. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 7) Couples Relaxation Therapy Treat yourself and your partner together to a spa or a long bubble bath. You can be taken care of professionally and just enjoy. Potporries, scented candles, incense stick of your choice to simply relax and get pampered. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts    8) Down the Memory Lane You can assemble all your photographs and get them at one place. A scrapbook of your own memories!! All the incidents that brought you closer or in fact got the two of you together in the first place. Make a homemade card for him/her, add your own personal touch to it. Time to turn back the clock. Revisit the places you started from, make it your thing! online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 9). Engraved piece of Jewelry You can mark the significance by sharing jewelry with your and your partner’s name carved on the inside… It shows commitment and sincerity. Birthstone, couple’s gemstone, bracelet, pendant and of course the promise ring! online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts  10) Breakfast in Bed Early morning surprise and showing gratitude to your loved one. It’s time to return the favour. The ultimate personal gesture and touch that we offer and share. Cooking to soft romantic music is a wonderful mood-setter. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts

The above options are the perfect way of showing love and gratitude, making your loved one feel special… the valentine’s day gifts on Freekaamaal can solve your problem and make it a hit in a pocket friendly way.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

Top 10 Valentine Day Offers Within Rs 500

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online saleIt’s all about looking into each other’s eyes and feeling warm fuzzies, exchanging gifts or drawing the curtains and drowning in one’s sorrows with wine while watching an endless loop of romantic comedies and during it, a surprise out of nowhere. Eventually, we all want to express our feelings with a token of love.

Wondering if your ideas are falling out of budget? Don’t want to spoil your plans because you couldn’t save up? Here are 5 items you can buy under Rs. 500.

1.  A Soft toy Teddy Bear, A Pillow in the Shape of a Heart Show your love in the shape of a heart. A soft mere genuine feeling to be depicted by the perfect adorable toy. For every time your partner sees it, he/she knows that it belongs to you. Customize your pillow for leaving a personal touch. Grab the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. You can check out the soft teddies on Amazon at great prices. Instead of one, now you can order 2-3 at the same price. valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

2. A Box of Chocolate

A bunch of his/her favorite chocolates. The bittersweet bond you share with your partner. A box of chocolates is a classic traditional gift to give on valentine’s day. Everyone loves this decadent part of the occasion. Rather than visiting a store, online portals are a great place to order your box(es) of chocolates. A grand box with some witty and surprising flavours, cream toffee, almonds and rich cashews, perfect blend of flavours in your favorite chocolate box. An exclusive luxury in an inexpensive daily snack, a beautiful cake and a lovely bouquet can never go wrong.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

3. A Promise Ring

In case, you want to show your commitment but aren’t quite ready for an engagement, a promise ring is the first significant step to take. It is a lovely gesture. It need not be a diamond ring, the meaning of the ring in itself is much more than any ordinary ring. Use the Valentine’s Day Sale to make your life a bit easier. It is a symbol of joint commitment.   valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale 4. Perfect Pocket-Friendly Lunch or Dinner

Food makes everyone happy. To celebrate a day of love with more happiness is exactly what we look for. Tantalise your food buds with the most scrumptious food in town within your budget. An intimate feast, a meal for two coming up! Show your care with an edible gift this valentine’s day. Redeem the Valentine’s Day Coupons to enjoy the meal without worrying about the bill.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale Enjoy the food, Order in or dine in, choose according to your mood.

5. Customised Items: Calendars, Mugs, T-shirts, Pillows etc

As I say leaving a personal touch shows thoughtfulness. This might help you connect with your partner on a level closer than you thought. Every time they get a glimpse of it, you’re bound to think of your significant other, something to appreciate them by. Eventually, it puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? A coordinated gift with your partner. valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

6. Accessory Box

It is the ultimate Valentine Steal Deal. Perfect hand-picked items to give to your partner. From necklaces, to earrings, rings and bracelets, Paytm offers it all. Attractive watches, accessory kit and grooming kit, deos and power banks for men.valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale7. Wrist Accessories 

Make his or her hand look royal with an attractive watch and a well-groomed look with the help of a grooming kit. Add a stylish wristband to enhance the look.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

8. Electronic Products

Products like Phone Accessories( cables, and covers), Power Banks, Earphones etc to remove technical barriers between you and your loved one. Every gadget will be as new as a crisp bank note. Hair straighteners, curlers and pendrives at these prices don’t harm anybody and are surely used in our daily life.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

9. Trending Clothes

Celebrate the big day with the Spykar Sale for staying under budget and still in style. Now, when your partner wears it, all he/she can do is think about you.
valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

10. Face to Embrace

We all know girls like to groom and look perfect. So, this valentine’s day why not treat your friends or girlfriends with the same. Use the Nykaa Valentine’s Day Offers to enhance your beauty and look perfect for the celebration of this day. A party or a date, make-up can never go wrong!

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

You simply have to put in a little effort which can result in a great Valentine’s Day and score an extra few points in the eyes of your partner. Valentine’s Day Offers around the corner can make it better. You don’t need to drop huge sums of money to give a wonderful, heartfelt gift. It’s the gesture that counts.