Life in the Fastlane – Indian Bullet Train at 350 km/h

The Project of India’s first bullet train is back on its track of revival after it went on halt in its initial phase. The bullet train project would probably get all the permissions and clearances till the end of this year and Ahmedabad – Mumbai corridor will be the first one to feel this sky rocketing speed.
There has been some speculations that, once the Digital Project Report is proposed, this project would go on a full swing mode. The final study of this project will be done in collaboration with Jaica which is obviously a Japanese firm. 


There has been several issues of concern in this project but the fact is ,Technical feasibility is the first and foremost thing of concern in our country and then comes the land and cost concerns.

Specifications of Bullet Train between Ahmedabad – Mumbai Corridor : 


tumblr_m4amm5vHho1qj73e2o1_500   The train would cover about 520 kms in distance.


the-flash-o   It would be operated at 350 kmph of speed.


post-30964-I-got-nothing-but-time-gif-Img-sy0f   It will take about 3-4 hour to reach Mumbai in the bullet train. 


hstd1kJ  Currently it takes 8hrs to reach Mumbai from Ahmedabad.


GagaStop   There will be 7 halts between this corridor.

6.Project Cost

giphy   Approximately it would cost Rs.60,000crores for completion of this project.

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor is expected to cost Rs60,000 crore. It may be soft loans from Japan or China, but the railways could do better to put this kind of money to upgrade tracks to a standard of 200kmph (credit maher). On the other hand, it would be a pride for India if this project is implemented perfectly.

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