How to Screw Life in your 20′s

Everyone in his/her life wants to be a famous, rich or a valuable person but not everyone have that zeal inside to overcome a few barriers in the journey for being successful. You must change a few habits to be a person of great success.

1. Wake up Late

Wake up as late as you can because you have all the time to work while most of the other people has completed half of their work by then. You can imagine yourself how you utilize your time between 10PM – 2AM.


2.Do not Read Books
Books are written for dumb people because they are the one who do not know much about this world or life or anything that is not worthed, according to you.

read book

3.Say “YES” to Everything
Say “Yes” to every single thing that other say’s, this will let you to be a part of someone’s else’s plan because you do not have one. Ultimately you will realize that you have chosen a thing that is Not Worth Fighting For.

ok, yes

4.Don’t ever care about your Body & Mind
With great mind comes great knowledge and with a fit body comes a Killer feeling for the lifetime. Thus, you should have a lot of Junk food and never bother to do a bit of Workout.


5.Do not value Money
A penny saved is a penny earned is only for mean people but one day they would have saved enough to buy a bungalow (credit maher), while you would be searching a place to keep a new refrigerator in your 2 BHK appartment.

rain money

6.Only Love-shuv
Start chasing your love instead of preparing for your entrance exams , you might end up marrying a rich “Daddy’s Angel” , I believe not everyone is so damn Lucky.


7.Sex is the only thing
That feeling you have while having sex last as long as you do not see another hot girl. Get addicted to it, you will soon find that you have screwed up your entire life.

lust 1

8.Don’t Self Educate yourself
Never try to learn from your mistakes as you won’t even try to recognize them. Self Exploration and Self Analysis are the activities for dumb’s , right?


9.Never try to make a change
The best option to screw up your life is to never make a change, it's so damn easy, you don't have to work a bit for this.


10.Go with the Flow
Do what your friends are doing, it is the simplest way of not hampering your mind to think what’s good for you.


On a funny note, try to do somewhat opposite of the above points, you might help yourself from getting up “Screwed”.

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