10 Interesting Facts About Internet That Changed Our lives.!

Internet has become a basic necessity of each and every person and thus it has many Interesting Facts which had changed the lives of people. Lets have a look on some really outragious facts that will blow your mind away.

1. There is full access of Internet all the way upto Mount Everest.

mt everest

2. Our productivity and efficiency actually decrease while we multitasking on all those open tabs.


3. More than 50% of internet users quit waiting for a video to load after 10 seconds.


4. Send postcards are the days of past now and you would not even beleive that we send about 204 million emails every minute.

email world

5. LOL…!! It used to be Losts Of Love before Internet.

lol image

6. There were only 623 websites on the Internet back in 1993 and now it is 957,669,880. The amazing fact is that it is increasing at a pace greater than 2 websites per sencond.


7. Some people beleive that Internet will lead to linguistic extinction as only 5% of World's 7,700 languages has made it to Intenet.

Global languages

8. Internet as a Legal Right – Finland was the 1st country to declare Internet as a Legal right in 2010.


9. People who use Social Networking Sites such as Facebook and Twitter waste about 10% of their entire life time on them. Privacy of their personal life is almost negligible.


10. The amount of people using internet atleast once a year is only 37.9% and people regularly using it is even lower.

The Internet of things market connected smart devices tag cloud

Internet is the ocean of possibilities and there as more deep treches you can explore. For example -type "askew" in Google search bar and see the magic.


Rishabh Sharma

Community Executive at FreeKaaMaal.com
Rishabh Sharma is working as Community Executive with FreeKaaMaal.com . He is a tech & travel Freak. Being a constant learner and an inquisitive person he use to surf alot on the tides of latest news of Technology.

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