10 Extremely Bad habits Indians need to avoid Right Now

India is a land of limitless potential, the potential comes from the fact that the people live in it have a lot of endurance, perseverance, intelligence and much more. India is now on the path of being a superpower, the world is looking at India as its next delivery hub of unexceptional talent, innovation, invention, technology and growth. However, as the ‘citizens of a country which is mother of all civilizations - Ruth Shady’, we must ensure a discipline in our daily habits. Here is the list of Top 10 extremely bad habits which we Indians need to avoid right now.

1. Late coming

This has become a signification of our work behaviour. We often get late for everything, we get late to office, school, college, delivering projects and much more.

2. Littering

We literally litter a lot, this has given a bad impression of India to the outside world.

3. West Fascination

For some, western influence is more impeccable than the basic family impression. We love to have pizza and burger instead of the world famous tikka, Saag, curry etc. We need not to blindly follow any Indian or western way, first compare and understand the essence of a practice and then follow it.

4. Eve Teasing

This is not only prevalent in India but it is a worldwide issue, only a few handful of men are responsible for this disgusting act of letting down the comfort of a women.

5. Respect for status

We feel a bit twitchy to greet an elderly person who is doing something which some consider as a low profile work for ex : driving a rickshaw, guarding a gate, driving a bus etc. however we take immense pleasure in greeting a guy with a good car, job etc. We need to respect everyone despite the kind of work they are doing. Its hardwork and age which need respect, glitter of status is just a hoax.

6. Preferring English over Knowledge

The application of English is not to display the knowledge but to put people with different languages at one common platform so that they could exchange their thoughts. We generally consider a fellow with an amazing accent and fluency to be a highly knowledgeable person in comparison to a brilliant guy who have a vast amount of knowledge and a genius level of intellect but can only speak any language except English. This is rather obnoxious, and the stereotype of considering knowledge of a well dressed English speaking person over a brilliant yet simply a non-English speaking person should be avoided.

7. Apathy

The lack of concern for a person in trouble is somehow seeded with the past absurd policies of law where a person who helped another fellow citizen will be dragged in some legal works and formalities which would last long for years. This led the situation to a point where people would not show any interest in helping a fellow citizen which they do not know. However, the law was changed and improved, but people developed the apathy.

8. A drunk drama

Getting drunk or not is a personal choice but making a drama after getting drunk is generally found in most alcoholic beverage consumers. While some select to remain decent while ‘enjoying the moment’, some make a nuisance out of the notion that they are drunk. Abusing, self-praising, trying to indulge in a fight are the common symptoms.

9. Car Driver/ bike driver

Imagine a family of 3 (husband, wife and a small kid) standing in a traffic Jam under the hard sun and a person in a full AC car still honking on them. This happens, and this happens a lot but it is wrong, some car owners make mistakes and still blame the auto-rickshaw, cycle, bike or any other fellow on the road owing a vehicle below his/her car value. We must respect every one as the person who is putting up a small stall is working 14 hours on an average to feed his children. On the other hand, some biker are exceptionally great rule breakers, from riding without a helmet to driving wrong side should be avoided.

10. Breaking Traffic Rules

Some drivers do not care for a red signal, one way, passenger limit etc. Majorly the traffic jams are caused by the the wrong overtake or wrong side driving by Indian drivers on road.