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10 Delicious Street Foods that you Must Try in Delhi

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In Delhi, you can get any type of food of your desire from street chaats to international cuisines. That is why Delhi is called paradise of foodies. If you want to enjoy the best delicacies of Delhi in an affordable price range, then street foods are your best bet.

Here is the list of 10 best street foods you can try in Delhi for a Mouth-Watering Treat :

1. Chole Bhature

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Chole bhature is originally a Punjabi dish that is loved by everyone in Delhi. The dish is a combo of fried bread made from white flour and the chana masala. The green chutney, salad or pickles are served additionally to make the dish more irresistible. To enhance your experience just order Lassi alongside with it and you will be good to go for the whole day.

2. Aloo Parantha

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As the name suggests this dish is a combo of Mashed potato and bread. So, firstly the dough is stuffed with the spiced mixture of mashed potato and rolled into a bread than cooked on a tawa (pan) with ghee. This dish is served with butter layer on top and chutney, curd or pickle to give the best flavour to taste buds. You can visit paranthe wali Gali in Chandni chowk to have a delicious treat for yourself.

 3. Aloo Tikki

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The mouthwatering combination of fried potato, spices and chutneys make a perfect snack to soothe the taste buds as this will let you enjoy different flavours with each bite.When in Delhi do try BTW’s aloo Tikki.

 4. Biryani

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Once a royal dish, biryani is now easily available in streets of Delhi.  This dish is filled with proteins and exotic spices that serve as a complete meal in itself. It is served along with raita (flavoured curd) for the best taste. If you feel like you are too lazy to step out just order your favourite biryani with biryani blues and get it delivered right at your doorstep. Use Biryani Blues coupons for special discounts.

 5. Gol Gappe

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Gol gappe is such a delight that you just can’t stop at just one. You will find a golgappa store at every corner in Delhi. If you are someone who wants a more hygienic and untouched version than try golgappas from famous outlets like Haldiram.

 6. Kachori

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At most kachori outlets you will find that they are being prepared right in front of you, that is why they are so crispy. The potato gravy and crispy kachori serve as an apt combo for foodies.

 7. Aloo Poori


Aloo Poori is a common dish that is easily available at many counters in Delhi. It is also made in many Indian homes occasionally. Do try the sooji halwa with this dish to have a complete Indian meal.

 8. Rolls

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There are many types of rolls that you can find in a street outlet like paneer role, soya chaap roll, chicken roll, veg roll etc.. They are very filling and indeed tasty.

 9. Samosa Chaat

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If you are bored with a regular samosa than try the famous samosa chaat of Delhi.The precise mix of samosa, papdi, curd, red sauce, green sauce and bhel will give a tangy, salty and sweet taste at the same time.

 10. Kulfi Faluda

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If you have tried all these spicey foods now it’s time for dessert. A kulfi faluda is chilled kulfi topped with sweet vermicelli flavoured with rose water. In Delhi, you will find kulfi faluda of many varieties.

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