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Top 5 Websites to find Internship opportunities in India

TOp internship websites in IndiaHi everyone FreeKaaMaal brings you this time a collection of cool websites which list Internship openings available in India. As, we all know Internships are of great importance because it give a firsthand understanding of an industry and also help the intern to get a fair idea and gain value experience about the industry. It gives an opportunity to develop skill sets which help to perform better in jobs!! So, let’s take a quick look at the websites which gives you information of current openings for internship.

Twenty19  offers students and companies a platform to connect for internships and projects.This website also provides information on a plethora of opportunities that students can take part in to gain practical exposure and enhance their profile. The portal is absolutely free of cost for the students as well as colleges. Twenty19 has a range of student opportunities like internships, projects , tech-fests, scholarships, business plan contests, cultural and symposiums, conferences, volunteering opportunities, summer internships etc.

 If you want to know about all the scholarship you can apply too,or college and their fest or competition and contest you can take part in or fellowship or workshop, here is a portal which will help you.Let Me Know covers latest internships, scholarships, competitions, conferences and events in the fields of business, technology, entrepreneurship, arts, culture and social innovation

 This website provides internship details for MBA Internship, BE / BTech Internships, MCA Internship, Graduates Internships, Summer Internships, This portal offer free registration and contain thousands of internship opportunities to choose from .

  HelloIntern ,launched by some IIT Bombay folks in year 2006, this website helps interns find the right apprenticeship opportunities with companies. The portal provides information about internships at various location in India and also shows the stipend offered. :

 This is another website which has thousands of internship opportunities from various sectors like engineering,management,medicine etc.Although it is not so famous among students and designing is also not attractive but it is worth giving a shot when you are desperately looking for some internship opportunity in India because many times there are internships that you won't find anywhere else.


Do you know any other website which you think should be here  then do share with other readers of FreeKaaMaal by posting comment below.

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