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Product Description

The Tata group presents Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2013 - open for all accredited B-schools, engineering colleges and other collegiate students. Here is chance to show to hidden talent to the World and a Chance to Win Lakhs of Rupees at prizes.

'Tata Crucible - The Business Quiz' seeks to bring together sharpest young corporate minds in India to take on the heat of the toughest business quiz in India. Youth is a key audience cluster which the Tata Group is focusing its communication at and Tata Crucible is one of the key initiatives towards this engagement.

Tata Crucible was started as a key initiative in 2004, a year which was christened as the 'Century of Trust' year to commemorate the death centenary of the Founder of the Group - J.N. Tata and the birth centenaries of two of its illustrious leaders - J.R.D. Tata and Naval H. Tata. It generated huge response as a high quality business quiz in the very first year and has now become an annual event. In a commissioned research Tata Crucible Campus Quiz has been judged highest rated ground quiz by the students of participating colleges.

The Tata Crucible Quiz is a team based contest (2 participants per team) and is held in 3 parts. Two back to back tracks - separately for Tata Corporates and Non-Tata Corporates, followed by National Finals. The third track is held for Campus students each year also followed by a National Final. Eight editions of Crucible Corporate version and Eight editions of the Crucible Campus version have been held so far to enthusiastic response.

Like every year this year too Hunt For Talent has begun, Register yourself to be one among few, to be a winner, to participate and learn and thrive.


How to participate in Tata Crucible 2013 Contest:


Thank you for submitting your entry for the Tata Crucible campus quiz

Your regional centre for the quiz is [City Name] and your registration number is [8 Digit Registration Number]


You need to take the printout of sucessful message page and show it as proof on designated center.

Entry & Eligibility

  1. Any two students of the same college / institution can form a team and participate.
  2. There is NO ENTRY FEE.
  3. Individual contestants will NOT be allowed to take part. Tata Crucible is a team event.
  4. Any number of teams from a college / institution can participate in the quiz.
  5. Competition is open to students from all disciplines.
  6. The event is not open to junior college / foundation students lower than the undergraduate category.
  7. Team composition cannot change once the prelim has been taken.
  8. Teams can participate only from the city where the college / institution they represent is located.
  9. If a team is from a city where the event is not being held then the closest city (by geographic distance) would be the location of participation.
  10. All teams participating from the same college / institution where the event is not being held will be allowed to participate from one location only (nearest geographic location).
  11. You can also register online. Click here to register.
  12. Entry forms should reach the designated city representative (see schedule table for details ) 24 hours prior to the event, duly attested by the college / institution represented by the team.
  13. All participants are required to carry valid college / institution photo ID along to the venue and produce the same on demand.
  14. The organisers retain the right to make any changes to the event, format, date, rules and in any matter related to this event, at any time before or during the event.
  15. Entry to the event is by invitation only and organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any application to registration and / or entry to the event proceedings.
  16. By entering the event venue and / or participating in the quiz, the attendees permit themselves to be photographed / videographed / recorded by electronic and print mediums for telecast / publication and other display usage of the organisers.
  17. Once you register for the event you indicate your acceptance that the decision of the organisers and quizmaster will be final and binding on all issues related to Tata Crucible and no correspondence in this regard would be entertained.
  18. All national finalists will be provided stay and return travel as per the organiser's rules only from the city of victory in the regional round.
  19. By registering for the event, you also indicate your acceptance that the organisers can send you communication from time to time regarding Tata Crucible or any other initiatives by the organisers.
  20. All tax liabilities where applicable will be the responsibility of the recipients of the prizes.


For source page of Tata Crusible 2013 registration, go here




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