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In India we have many survey sites which gives you money or some kind of rewards for completing online surveys but most of them force you to invest money initially for membership. Today we are introducing one survey site called Star Panel which is a new entrant in the online survey market and good thing is that you don't have to invest money in it. Just Sign up and start getting survey in your mailbox.

About Star Panel: It is a product of Star India Pvt Ltd and most of their survey will be about your favorite TV shows, Characters,advertising etc.Here you can:

  1. Express your opinion on TV shows, characters, advertising and a lot more.
  2. Answer questions regarding current topics in simple surveys at a click of a button.
  3. For every completed survey, receive a financial incentive that you can either keep, redeem as Movie vouchers or donate to charity. (click incentive for more details)

How it Works:

  1. Register on Star Panel ( Click here to Register)
  2. Choose number of questionnaires you want to answer every month (between 1 to 6)
  3. Receive questionnaire
  4. Give your answer
  5. Collect incentive

The incentive/reward you get from completing this survey will be in the form of Cash or Gift cards. If you want cash then money will be transferred to your account through PayPal account. Incentive will be based on the length of the survey and you can withdraw money only when your account balance reached minimum of $3.00.

IMPORTANT: This survery website is from Star Group so you can be assured of the privacy of your data but if you are looking to earn quick money by doing survey then this might not be the good choice as the frequency of survey is very low. Chances are in a month you might get just 1 or 2survey. So don't expect too much from this website but as per their representative they are working and frequency of survey will increase soon.

To read more about this site and review of some of the participants Check out Facebook Fan page of Star Panel

Click here to Visit Star Panel and Register Yourself

September 26, 2011

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34 thoughts on “Star Panel – Earn money by giving opinion about your Favorite TV ShowsFrom Our Homepage

  1. Mridul Mittal says:

    admin its a very long time since you have posted play and win facebook contests
    please post them!!

  2. mnsi.dey says:

    I have registered in this website long ago..They do not send surveys each month…In around 3 months I got only one survey..Which gives only 0.5 dollar…

  3. DevilKANAN says:

    I’ll try this one too but with my experience till now, The Panel Station is best out of all I have tried…
    They give instant points and redemption is also easy and at Rs.100 only…

  4. mike says:

    i think every body have to try its provide regular survey and you can redeem at 1000 points which are equal to 50$ pays u through check.i m using it and have near to redeem. kainat283

  5. mike says:

    if you want more source of online earnings keep visiting freekaamaal forum as i have 500+ websites name which r only for indians to earn money online and most important they are free to join.

  6. vishwas raj says:

    Thanks a lot for publishing my post

  7. Piyush says:

    now registration on thepanelstation is now open for all.
    Every one can register and its the best site i have ever seen.

    I got rs.1000 in just 3 weeks.

    But there is a trick to register on that site, and that trick costs money.
    So i dont think that any one will spend money for registration.

    • anu says:

      how u get 1000 rupees by doing only surveys or anything else and how much amount of money we need to pay for a trick to register there
      can we register by paying only ,i heard that we can register free of cost also
      please help admin if u can

  8. khushi gopalani says:

    Hi Admin most of these surveys pay through Paypal account can you guide me about that?

    • admin says:

      creating account on Paypal is very easy just visit and follow the steps given on the website…plz note that you need to have a bank account along with PAN card to create a account..Let me know in case you face any problem

  9. kamini says:

    I don’t have a PayPal account. Do they ask for money is there a catch. Do they pay by cash/ in Rs.

  10. namita says:

    Hi Admin,

    Can u tell me the way to register on site panel station as i also want to earn through surveys.

  11. etash says:

    i am unable to post in free forum section thats y i posted giorgo argmani fragance.go to thr face book page,like it

  12. etash says:

    sorry its http:/

  13. DEEPIKA MEHTA says:

    hello admin,

    i have difficulty in entering my phone number on clix research can u plz guide me how complete my registration form by giving some example on how enter country code, area code and number.waiting for reply

  14. anu says:

    admin please help me to join panel station

  15. Karan says:

    The link doesn’t work –

  16. rishpal says:

    when will i get the questions? or how it works? can cal 8082211343

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  18. Mayur says:

    Why did you remove the details about ‘thepanelstation’? Is there anything fishy about that website?

  19. Ritika says:

    hi admin,

    kindly guide me how to make an account on paypal. they are asking me creit card number which i dont have.

    • admin says:

      @Ritika , Due to some changes from Government side, now to open a Paypal account , you need to have PAN card along with Credit/Debit Card..without this you wont be able to create a new account on

  20. bhupen says:

    hi..this is rally great information for me boz i don’t know about Earn money by giving opinion about your Favorite TV Shows but i am undestand how it work for me.

  21. sam says:

    Please post like Rs.1 slippers from yebhi, i missed the offer, Dont forget to post if the offer is alive again….

  22. Wonda Hahn says:

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  23. vaibhav says:

    I want to increase my srveys on star panel plz give me any informaction plz

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