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Send More than 160 character SMS to anywhere in India for free

There is no dearth of free SMS sending websites in India which gives plenty of options to users but  unfortunately  they all have one limitation, you cant send SMS of more than 160 characters. Not anymore,now a days there are some websites which allow users to send free SMS of more than 160 characters and on top of that you won't see any crappy ads in your Inbox . Find below two of the most famous free SMS sites to fullfill the need of people who believe in Bigger is better. allows you to send Free 260 characters sms anywhere In India without any advertisements. It is also India's first free messaging portal to support 260 character's long sms.If you want to send SMS to your love ones without letting them know that you are sending this SMS from a website tthen this is a perfect choice as sender will be your mobile no. and not the website address.

Key Features:

  1. FREE SMS TO ANY MOBILE :Send Free SMS to any Mobile network in India.
  2. FREE EMAIL ALERTS ON MOBILE :Get instant email alerts for your gmail, yahoo accounts on your mobile through sms.
  3. TRACK ANY MOBILE LOCATION :Track Any Mobile Location Anywhere In India
  5. Send Ad Free Sms Upto 260 Character's Long To Any Mobile.

If 260 characters are not enough for you then try, this online SMS website allows you to send 440 chracters SMS to any number within India. Alongwith this, there are many more features of this service that makes it unique:

  1. Support of 440 characters
  2. Scheduled SMS
  3. Group SMS
  4. Bulk SMS
  5. Phonebook with search and group support.
  6. Delivery reports of both Scheduled and Currently sent SMS.

Even though this website offers 440 chracter SMS but there are some turn-offs with this service- like there will be a small ad of 80 chracter in the footer of message body but good thing is that if you send SMS to individual person then He/she wont get any Ad , they usually put Ad in Bulk SMSing.Overall a good and reliable service to save your mobile balance.

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