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[Expired] Send free fake SMS from any number to any number [Tips and Tricks]

If you remember few years back when there were not many free SMS sites available , we had one feature common to almost every site of that time , feature of sending SMSs from any number to any number, you just had to choose the Sender's Phone No. and receiver's phone no. and your message would be delivered instantly but this feature is not available anymore mainly due to security reasons but today in this post, I will tell you how you can send anonymous SMS to your friend's mobile using Internet. By  anonymous I mean that you can use any mobile number to send the SMS  rather than your own number.

How to Send free anonymous SMS from any number to any number:

To send anonymous SMS , first you need to sign up on On registration, you will 25 free credit that can be used to send 25 SMS free of cost from one number to another in India or anywhere in the world.To send your first free anonymous message follow the below steps:

  1. Visit this link and register on
  2. After registration , password will be sent to your mobile, enter the password and login into your online account.
  3. Now click on "Send  SMS  to number " tab in right side of your account.
  4. Just enter the Sender ID, where you can write any number rather than your own mobile number. Don’t forget to add ‘91’ before the number into both text field.

This is really a great website to play pranks with your friends  but can be very dangerous sometimes as you can do much more than just sending anonymous SMS with this trick , for example you can update wall post of any of your friends using this trick . How? Let me tell you.

Now a days everybody is using Facebook Mobile text service to update their wall status.If you have tried this service then you must be knowing that to update your Facebook status you need to send your wall text to ‘9232232665".Now with SMSGloblal , you just need to send a text message to Facebook number(‘9232232665) from your friend's mobile number and which you can easily do using your SMS global account.

NOTE: It is a great trick but misusing this service can cause serious trouble to both you and your friend ,so I request you to please avoid misuse of this service


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