– A new way to get all P&G free samples at one place from ->October 2, 2011
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I don't think I need to tell you about because if you are on FreeKaaMaal you must have heard or got lots of free samples from this site. So why i am talking about this site again, it is because recently P&G has launched a new avatar of called . This new portal is having almost the same features but a new design and look. I have no idea why they have launched a whole new site and bought a new domain if they are doing exactly the same thing. But who knows may be they have something big in mind.

free sample of all p&G products

What this new portal is all about:

  1. Free Samples: is one stop for all your free samples requirement. If you  have seen any new product from P&G and want to try it before buying .Visit this portal and order free sample .
  2. Latest Trends: Not just it, along with free samples, it will have regular articles  where renowned panel of experts  shares their opinion on grooming tips and home care.
  3. Expert Consult:The Consult section brings you everything you ever wanted to ask about problems that you face everyday. Whether it concerns your skin, hair or makeup, they answer it right here for you.
  4. Forum: is having a forum where you can meet and talk to like minded people. Connect with people and ask them your personal problem or get advice.

This website has launched recently and that's why not many people are active in forum. About free sample, currently there are only 3 product samples are available for new users.

  • Olay Sample
  • Pantene
  • Head & Shoulders Shampoo, 90ml

Soon samples of following products will be available on :

  • Gillete
  • Ariel
  • Herbal Essences
  • Pampers
  • Oral-B
  • Duracell Battery
  • Whispers

We will update you as soon as new samples are available but for now try free sample of Olay,Pantene and Head & Shoulders.  Remember that if you have registered and ordered on then use the same UserId and Password to login on

Click here to Visit and Order free sample of lots of P&G Products.

October 2, 2011

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126 thoughts on “ – A new way to get all P&G free samples at one placeFrom Our Homepage

  1. piyushk61 says:

    If we have ordered from already,
    then can we order again from this site.

    I dont think so.

    • admin says:

      Both the sites are same….so you cant order if you have already ordered samples from

  2. Chiku says:

    Give it a try with a different e-mail address …..

  3. vijay says:

    Hello Admin, how can we order again. If you read the T&C of P&G,it is strictly illegal because clearly its been written that one sample per household. I request you to go through the T&C n give us proper feedback.

    • admin says:

      Yeah it is written that you are not allowed to create multiple account and i request you to please follow it and refrain yourself from creating different account with same address but yeah you are always free to order samples to your friends or family’s address..

  4. Piyushk61 says:

    we can use different e-mail address..
    but where will we get a new address???

    we need a different address too…

  5. vijay says:

    Admin, i request you to delete this freebie because people will not look in to the details and may be will get in to trouble of any sorts like litigation n for the betterment i think this post should be deleted. this is just my point of view.. you have every right to post in your website, so please do not take otherwise or negative.

  6. shah urmil says:

    i wont free samlpes of pg..

  7. jinendra says:

    hi admin when i click on olay free sample tab there is no option how to get free sample please help me

    • admin says:

      If you are having trouble in ordering free sample through Facebook please use direct link given above to order..

      • babji says:

        i have not recieved my free samples till now where as i ordered on aug 13 and now it is oct5th what to do and how can i get my free samples

  8. ankit says:

    i want to know will there be any kind of charges while receiving the free samples……
    like courier handling or shipping charges etc…..
    please anyone let me know soon…..

    • admin says:

      You don’t have to pay any shipping or courier charges…these are free samples and will be delivered at your doorstep free of cost …just like other freebies on

  9. ankit says:

    thanx a lot for your kind info……

  10. Karan says:

    I Got The Gift Certificate (Rs. 64/-) From For “Revolution 2020 Book” Thanks

  11. ankit says:

    hey admin,
    while going through the terms and conditions i found that it is noted that any kind of taxes and delivery charges are to be born by the member…….
    i would kindly like you to advice me on this that what kind of charges are there…….

  12. says:

    We like the work you do on your website.. Very unique and up to date..

  13. namita says:

    Hi admin,

    I am facing a problem whenever i just tried to register on p&g new site they are not sending their authentication code and without that i can’t register successfully. why???????

  14. Akansh says:

    Hey everyone I have seen complete steps to get that sample if you having any trouble

  15. ninad m.g says:

    don’t worry in the initial it might be happen. But try now it work. They will also send the authentification code to your email id :)

  16. Arvind says:

    Registered one month back but not got the samples yet. Are they giving samples or collecting data.

  17. Raj says:

    Link for free spice sample posted in forum doesnot work. Is it fake.

    I got Atlier Cologne sample today. There are 5 small bottles -(10 ml) but 3 broke unfortunately.So Admin Atlier was not fake.

    • admin says:

      Thanks a lot Raj…could you plz post some pics on our forum..and as you have received free sample..i will soon post it on FKM home page

  18. Ravi says:

    The Atlier Cologne has been removed from Facebook. The offer doesn’t exist now. My friend too got the 5 small cute bottles. I did not like the Vanilla flavour Cologne. After registering they send a confirmation e mail and then have to wait for a month and then it is delivered through post and not by courier also the bottles are made of glass so while shipping chances of damage are high.

  19. Jyoti Jhawar says:

    P&G should hire more people to speed up the despatches. If there is a vacancy I am willing to work.

  20. randi ladki says:

    admin ye sample kya hai

  21. ankit says:

    dear sir ankit here
    ye p&g wale sample nhi send kar rahe , pls sample send karwao pls sir

  22. JAY says:

    stock updated…… now , airel is also available……

  23. Amit says:

    Admin, I have been posting this link to you since the 2nd of Nov that Ariel is now available but you have not responded. And now more people have posted the same thing. This is not fair.

    I am really disappointed. I should get a recharge.

  24. Aayesha says:

    I got all my samples today. And for ariel they are sending 3 packs of ariel. isnt that great! :)

  25. Aayesha says:

    They are also giving pampers and gillette fusion free samples now :) i ordered mine today

  26. Aanvi says:

    What is the facebook page of P& G? I have not received any samples I registered in Sept. Has anyone got anything really?

  27. shreya nayak says:

    i received the head & shoulders, pantene shampoo and the olay today….thanx! but it has arrived after a very long time..over than 2 months.

  28. basant agarwal says:

    hiiiiii admin,
    free kaa maal is a wonderful site but i want to know is there any other site similar to p&g and s&t which can give us samples for free

  29. shah faisal says:

    Hi admin,

    Some new samples have arrived at

    These new samples are Ariel, Pampers, olay white

  30. vrush says:

    I have requested for free samples on there web site before 4 months but didnt get it till now? I m wondering if they really sends us sample or not?

  31. indrajit paul says:

    last nov 2011 i registered for free sample , still now i didn’t get ,
    so when i will get free sample

  32. Ramesh Sharma says:

    Please tell us about more sites like which deliver free products.

  33. jignasha says:

    I had fill survey form for Gillette razor but due to some technical error on ur website or page i could not order the sample. worst thing i again relogin but i could not order the sample.
    It doesnot reflect in my account list also

    Please help me out

  34. Pravin says:

    It happen with me also As happend with jignasha

  35. JAY says:

    it’s gr8…..

    recently i received ariel too ( 600 gm )

    1 month back i received pantene , H&S , olay….

    now waiting for fusion razor :)

  36. RIDDHI says:

    WHAT TO DO ?

  37. rabia says:

    admin ,i have applied for da products frm p&g improving life but didnt got dem now i hav ordered frm reward me but still waiting for dem y

  38. Dinesh says:

    I have registered myself on free kaa and get message, authentication code has been sent to my mobile no as well as on email id. However, I have not received the same.

    Can you please guide me to get authentication code once again as i am not able to find the option to get new authentication code.

  39. Mahesh Potdar says:

    I have received 3 samples from reward me (P&G)

  40. Smi says:

    I received 400 gms of Ariel today. I think the courier person has taken away a 200gm pack. As the quantity side of the name tag is ripped off. How do I confirm if its a 400 gms or 600gms pack send by P &G? My shipment no 33S15T13202339 .

  41. Ankita says:

    Ashana must contact you.

    Why the math below Admin, its irritating.

  42. anjali says:

    i have order for samples 2 months back but i don’t got it…… is this site fake….or what………

  43. Thanks for free sample

  44. deepak says:

    hi admin, i filled more then a 40-45 days yet did’nt rcv any hamper fromp & g ???

  45. Dishant says:

    my city is not mentioned in the city box of address forum so i selected a near-by city, but i have mentioned my city’s name in the address field and pincode, so will it be delivered???

  46. yogita says:

    hi,,,,,,,,,its now more than 2 month, i havnt reveive samples yet.
    i just want to check that are you people really giving free samples or itsjust for the publicityof your website,,,,,,,,,, if it is so…then its really very bad becz you wasted time of customers………

  47. shital says:

    I have requested for free samples on there web site before 4 months but didnt get it till now?

  48. Juve says:

    i want dis….

  49. mahendra gurjar says:

    i want this….its work well…

  50. Lathavalli says:

    shivjai & co.,
    1/1-454-4 grace complex

  51. Sandeep kumar says:

    pless send the sample sandeep kumar House no 2163/5 vashist clony kurukshetra 136118 (m) 9355334848

  52. Msonal_99 says:

    this is fake site

  53. SwOrd says:

    received my Gillete Fusion razor from…super shave

  54. alfred says:

    Does we have to pay for the free sample
    like ny extra charge

  55. divya says:

    this is not a fake site

  56. Dipti says:

    Is it really free? Do we need to pay taxes and shipping charges for this?

  57. Dipti says:

    Do we need to pay taxes and shipping charges for this?

  58. Rohit says:

    no deepti, its completely free provided if they send you anything

  59. prity says:

    pls send

  60. vijay says:

    i booked my order on 16-05-2012, but till now you didn’t send my order. When u send my order.

  61. Navin says:

    first 1 one sample received but any sample not received ..

    pls forwad me address : – 57/6 pardesh pura indore contact no. 9753057250

  62. Rikynti says:

    Me and my sisters are in nuclear families but staying in the same compound ,thus having the same address. will our orders of free samples be sent or rejected? Why, if rejected.

    • FreeKaaMaal Team says:

      As reward me delivers sample on per household basis so chances are they might sample only 1 qty of each sample to you. It can be to your address or yours sister’s

  63. fatima says:

    i dint get samples till nw

  64. bharat says:

    Finally today i recevied my samples thank u to the reward me team as i was very much exited to receive this samples i hope i can order more products

  65. priya chetan chawathe says:

    Bal-krishna socity,shivai nagar,naupada thane (w) 4000602

  66. nisha says:

    yahhh…yuuup…that it is very true site..i got all free samples…so thanku so much…

  67. DEBKUMAR SOM says:

    Admin, I have been posting this link to you since the 29.12.11 that some products is now available but you have not responded. And now more people have posted the same thing.
    I am really disappointed.

    Brand Order ID Ordered On
    Olay Total Effects 98D52S132514617758148100 29-12-2011
    Head & Shoulders 98D52S132514626426467500 29-12-2011
    Pantene Pro V 98D52S132514629272989300 29-12-2011
    Ariel 98D52S132514639316273300 29-12-2011
    Olay Natural White 98D52S132739743541207100 24-01-2012

  68. syed says:

    Product: Head & Shoulders
    Order No:97S89M134432300453469400
    dear admin i have not recieved any samples from august 6 wats the problem ?????????

  69. simmi says:

    i received the olay total effect today….thanx! but it has arrived after a very long time. Through courier pack opened tha or stappel kiya hua tha. kya isa hi send karte ho. ya courier valo ka kam hai

  70. Vindh says:

    Hi I have place the order today let’s see when we receive the sample

  71. A.P.SINGH says:

    Hi I’M Waiting For my free reward………..

  72. Athinarayanasamy perumalsamy says:

    Dear sir
    I had received the following free samples from P&C.
    1.Gillatine 5 blade razer.
    3.panten shampoo
    4.head and sholders shampoo
    5.Oly face greem
    Thank you very much.

  73. payal sura says:

    my order is dated 10th aug 2012
    i have no your free sample in our address for your convayance like one month but alredaly two month went.

  74. heman says:

    I had received the following free samples from P&C.

    Oly face greem
    Thank you very much.

  75. ad says:

    I enquired at feedback form at rewardme. they give me the details of the awb #s. but aramex site is showing those to be delivered to me….!!! But till date I have not received anything…ARAMEX has stolen them all.I am again enquiring the matter with aramex…..Please guys ask for the details from reward me….problem is that rewardme never share the awb once they are dispatched from their end. Now after enquiring after so many days I have come to know that all has been delivered to me… and half month back……Please guys raise your voice against aramex……the thief. Be it a free stuf….but we shall not leave aramex.

    Even registering complaint to aramex site shows no progress, I have informed the same to the rewardme site to…..all people are requested to check your order status through reward me contact us tab, then u will come to know that every sample is shipped thru aramex and all of them are delivered to ur name but nothing has reached you, all are stolen by aramex people.

    Attracting the attention of admin of this site.

  76. simmi says:

    Hi Admin,
    I did not receive my sample till now and i orderd that sample in june.From june to till date i did not receive any sample so this is fake advertisement because it’s about 20 weeks and till now you did not deliver my sample.

  77. jayapriya says:

    i have registered and requested free sample of olay, and i got it after 1 month, and second time, i requested for some other samples except olay, becaz only one sample allowed for each product, but now, i m entering to my account, it shows, please update with valid pincode to deliver samples, but the pincode is absolutely correct. it was already delivered one sample. but now. it shows like it. how is it possible. what can i do?, i think they are faking.


      Hi jayapriya you might entered the same cell phone number, with this number they findout and said already delivered one sample. Please give some other cell phone number. Dont use the same cell phone number in the same web site. Use different email id with different cell phone number. I got 4 sample set from P&G (4 head and shoulder shampoo, 4 panteen shampoo, 4 packs of 200gm ariel soap powder and 4 sample pack of olay.

  78. shubham says:

    watz the problem???? y the pin code is not accepted….even after being absolutely corrrect?? wats the matter??/ are they trying to fool us?? is it jst done purposely i guess……………..

  79. tabbo says:

    admin,when they will update the free samples?

  80. sushil kumar john says:

    i belive in a only one products the name is p&g

  81. Chetan says:

    hey guys i just registered today on but i ain’t able to proceed further. anythinh i click takes me to my account page. i am eagerly waiting for the ariel sample. plzzz help me

  82. prassu says:


  83. aravind says:


  84. Arjun Debnath says:

    I am a registered member of Reward me website but they did not sent any free sample by showing excuese that my pincode is not available for sent sample. Now i wanted to know if my area is not available for sent items then why registered me.

  85. Arati tawri says:

    I have received the sms from the shipment from which u have send me the parcle on 22 dec but till now i had not get the parcle. So please do the necessary and send the parcle again

  86. pinky says:

    Hi , still i hvn not recived by free sample

  87. charu says:

    i want 2 get sample of olay,pantene ,head and shoulder ,,but they are not available yet,,so when i get those sample..rply

  88. shraddha says:

    i got samples :) thnk u rewardme :)

  89. Shivani Chauhan says:

    how to go on this site..?

  90. padmanava says:

    i got 3 sample of P.&G & in gd condition .but took 1 month

  91. Sumit Tyagi says:

    do they charge for parcel service??

  92. nisha says:

    I have ordered free samples one month ago till nw i didnt get any samples. When i vl receive? Wat is the statxs?

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