Register on and Get Free GIfts worth Rs.100 from ->January 1, 2012
No Code Needed is a new online shopping site and as a new year offer they are giving every member free gift in the form of 100 clues. Now you must be thinking what is this Clue, so clue is nothing but reward points that members of get when they purchase or participate in any giveaway. Every clue is equivalent to Rs.1 which you can use to buy products from their website.

As a promotional offer, is giving 100 clues which is equivalent to Rs.100 to everyone who creates an account before 10th Jan2012. So what are you waiting for claim your Rs.100 worth of gift now
Click here to Visit now and create an account.

There are many products on thier website which you buy with these Rs.100 worth of clues, products like keychains which starts from Rs.50 onwars Check out here
NOTE: According to the Facebook page of you will get 100 clues within 24 hours of your registration.

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January 1, 2012

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74 thoughts on “Register on and Get Free GIfts worth Rs.100From Our Homepage

  1. Dhawal says:

    I did it but didnot got the clues

  2. rachit says:

    when i creat an account they not give any clue

  3. vinay says:

    no clues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even i did not got any clue :(

  4. priyanka says:

    pls read the post properly……they’ll credit ur acc wid 100 bucks only after 24hrs!

  5. AMIT says:

    No Clues…
    Don’t waste time…

    • admin says:

      As written above, you need to wait atleast 24 hours after creating your account.

      • you are making fool to people ,as you don’t have any products which is coming under 100, in fact you put your kitchen of 50,80 rupees out of stock,,isn’t it ??????
        so that no one could buy , & your site will also be published by people free of cost ..

        • Piya says:

          Buddy, I got it… and was seeing the they keychains in-stock too…. but instead ordered a wall clock..because found it more useful…try it.. i am sure it’ll work for u too…

      • Cheryl says:

        But ol d keychains worth Rs.100 are out of stock

  6. Avinav says:

    Pls admin give me the link of products which is under 100rs.

  7. priyanka says:

    @admin, will thr b any shippin charges??

    • admin says:

      It is still not clear whether there will be any shipping charges or not. Please wait, we will update about this by tomorrow

  8. Mahtab says:

    how to get 100/- gift certificate code ?

    • Piya says:

      Hey Mehtab!

      Admin gave a link for signing up on ShopClues…. Ones you register…u get a personal account and 100 Clues Bucks will be added to your account in 24hrs from registration. You can use them as Rs 100 to purchase anything from their site… and all items are Free Shipped.. Claim Yours!!!

  9. Saswat says:

    Received 100 clue bucks. But it will be a waste if redeemed for key rings. So, instead of key ring i ordered this Intex Mouse wort Rs.139
    At checkout selected Cash On Delivery and used the 100 clue bucks. So, the final came down to Rs.39 only.

    Thanks a lot FreeKaaMaal.

  10. Saswat says:

    @ Admin,
    how can we increase our clue bucks?

  11. nitin says:

    it’s not even opening up now

  12. Freekaamaal says:

    All the products are now out of stock(below 100rs.)

  13. Saswat says:

    yup, they have only one of each stock.

  14. Piya says:

    I Got the Clues Bucks too.. Thanks ShopClues and FreeKaammal!! I ordered a Wall Clock, they have a really nice collection with them…. guys stop ordering just the keychains, instead browse through the site..u’ll see a lot interesting stuff for yourself….

  15. priyanka says:

    i signed up yesterday, today i’m not able to login into my account….wats d prob??

  16. Piya says:

    Hey Priyanka, I hope you remember your password correct… I mess with them many a times… I created an account a day before and i can log in… Hope you can too, if u remember ur password correct. :)

    • priyanka says:

      piya! i surely rmemeber my pswrd, bt still dono y i’m nt able to login,,,,,also i clickd on ‘forgot pswrd’ n sent an email to my email acc to provide a link 4 rreactivation, bt i din receive any email 4m them??

  17. Rajat Arora says:

    unable to login….
    koi h jo help karee….

  18. ayush jain says:

    i got my shop clues in3 hours only so guys wait for email and check account

  19. ayush jain says:

    but nothing is available

    • Piya says:

      Ayush, go ahead.. explore the site… there are so many more things to buy… I can suggest you about the Wall Clocks and Mugs.. that i personally bought through the site… great collection…

  20. ANIRUDH says:

    Thanks Admin. I ordered Visting Card Holder (Rs. 150) .. 100 paid by clues & rest 50 online. Free Shipping

  21. Saswat says:

    They have free shipping on most products. Or may be on all too.

  22. karan says:

    please post the link for Designer Wall Clock

  23. gayatri says:

    very clever. 1st u give 100pts, make all products below 100rs as out of stock n then mesmerize us to buy above 100rs. such a waste of time. just a keychain costs u around 100 bucks? n tht too out of stock huh

  24. Admin says:

    Stock just has been updated!! Try using your clues now

  25. priya says:

    it is totally waste of time 100 clues but there is no point in buying some low quality products which is over 100 Rs. Website always shows Out Of Stock MSG for the goods which are below 100 Rs..Hush..What they think it’s easy to make people fool?

    • Punam says:

      priya, did you buy anything?? I bought a Black Sheep Mug, Its really nice one qualitywise and funky too for myself… i guess these people are fair enough in there deal… i Got 100/- off paid only 90 bucks :)

  26. shreya nayak says:

    received two key rings which i had ordered. very fast delivery. but all the products below rs. 100 are of no great use. anyways, thanks!

    • Piya says:

      Hey shreya,

      Gud to knw tht you got your order on time too … i guess these guys are doing amazing job isn’t it??? I told everyone in the forum that many of under-100 stuff doesn’t hold much usability… so, instead use your clues on some useful stuff.. they have some really nice diaries, computer accessories, wall art, home decor & more under 500!!

  27. Ankur says:

    i ordered a product worth rs 100 by using the 100 points and i got 100 clue bucks again

  28. Piya says:

    Stock Updated Guy! pick up your keychains under 100 before it gets sold out!!!

  29. ayush says:

    yes the happily unmarried keychain is available now thanks i have ordered one

  30. kaushal says:

    Hey today got a one mouse

  31. Aravind says:

    Got a keychain and a magnet (I used 2 email ids). It’s kinda stupid , and DEFINITELY noit worth 50 and 100 rs. But then , free stuff is always good. Thanks freekamaal! :)

  32. ayush says:

    wow what a fast delivery,got in 2 days

  33. healthkart says:

    Got a keychain
    100 Rs off on 500 on
    Code – TruptiL777Z2T35

  34. Rita says:

    got a beautiful magnet worth rs 100/- :P completely without paying a paisa… :D

  35. Rupa says:

    I’ll be eagerly waiting for the free ka maal gifts…. Thank you!!!!!

  36. Rajrani Singh says:

    Jaldi de bhi de na…… chalo start the free ka gifts ki barsaat….

  37. SHRUTI says:

    Please can anybody post the link of keychains.I tried alot but it is opening only the RSVP page

  38. Mayur says:

    Received key chains yesterday. Free ke hisaab se theek hai but certainly not worth buying for 50 bucks…

  39. Great deal open to all.
    Thanks for sharing.

  40. Piya says:

    The site is live now…

  41. kanika says:

    please some one give me his/her account details who has not used his/her 100 bucks yet…… asap

  42. prakash says:

    23 mahal 5th street madurai1. near thirumalai nayakar mahal.

  43. minesh shah says:


  44. nandhu says:

    Register log in

  45. anupam goel says:

    Anupam goel

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