[Expired] Recharge your mobile for Rs. 20, Rs.50 and Rs.100 for free from ->April 1, 2012

No Code Needed

Get your mobile recharge done free of cost just by sending an SMS. After sending the SMS, you will get one confirmation message from LM-Marktr whether your recharge is successful or no.

How to get free mobile recharge by Sending SMS:

  1. 1. Send an SMS to 8826671122 with the text "PLY A Yourname UniqueCode"
  2. In place of Unique Code, just write any random 6 digit unique number  eg. 123456 and send the message to 8826671122
  3. you get recharge of any amount starting from Rs. 20.00
  4. You may need to try unique code multiple times since if that code has been used previously by some other person, its not going to work.

It is not clear how this offer is actually working but looks like this is some kind of Marketing research activity. Already most of the readers have already recieved free recharge.So try your luck and enjoy free mobile recharge. TIP: You can try free sms services like way2sms or fullonsms to avail this offer There is already a hot discussion going on in our forum on this topic,

Please participate in that and share your opinion about this offer.

April 1, 2012

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449 thoughts on “[Expired] Recharge your mobile for Rs. 20, Rs.50 and Rs.100 for freeFrom Our Homepage

  1. kiran says:

    its fake !!! :(

  2. vishal says:

    nothing received it s totally fake

  3. kiran says:

    yeah … wats this offer kind of /??? pls admin explain ???????????? wats the concept /???

  4. ayush jain says:

    dont try 520310 as its tried by me

  5. john says:

    really..this works?!

  6. kiran says:

    ayush = lol ..
    john = no …

  7. admin says:

    Dear Reader, there is already a hot debate going on in our forum on this topic, lots of readers have already received their recharge. We request you to please read and participate in our forum discussion for more details.

    Here is the link http://freekaamaal.com/discuss/Thread-recharge-ur-mobile-free-total-free-for-rs-20-00-50-00-and-100-00

  8. Amit says:

    What ever code i try , the reply message i get is the code is invalid..!!

  9. sharath says:

    i got reply “tx for participating and registering in marketting research program..for prepaid users amount will b credited in 24hrs to 72hrs…..”

  10. ayush jain says:


  11. saksham says:

    i got rs. 20 recharge on three phones :)

  12. Amit says:

    @saksham , what is the unique that u tried..!!

  13. saksham says:

    @amit- 642248, 854638

  14. jay says:

    tried many numbers nothing seems to work – is it fake

  15. jay says:

    waste of money

  16. Ptk says:

    ayush jain thanks bro

  17. Ptk says:

    send 10 sms i assure u will get success
    use way2sms

  18. Falguni says:

    i got Rs.10 talktime,not bad.

  19. Anshul Rajput says:

    PLEASE help none of the codes are working

  20. v v k says:

    yes, It s a fake… i have given a 100 trails.. but nothing is here

  21. Kusthan Masthan says:

    How sending an sms using way2sms.com will recharge my mobile? Will the sender name show my mobile number to the destination?

  22. jigar says:

    i cant belive i got bal of 20 ty

  23. jigar says:

    code i tried was 354055

  24. kartik says:

    Can anyone please tell me how much would I be charged if I send a sms to that number ?

  25. Jassi says:

    It Work …. Nice

  26. Anshul Rajput says:

    PLEASE some on help,not gettng the recharge

  27. Rohan says:

    not workin 4 me

  28. Rohan says:

    whats the exact sms
    in place of yourname , do we need to write our name

  29. Anshul Rajput says:


  30. joseph says:

    not working tried 50 times, waste of time and money. if they want to give free recharge why the hassle. How do they gain from harrassing people;

  31. Abhishek says:

    i got rs 20 recharge

  32. Ptk says:

    guys i think its not working for bsnl.
    It worked fine for airtel and idea.
    use way2sms

  33. kartik says:

    ABHISHEK can you please tell us all how you typed the format and sent, so we might get cleared

  34. Anshul Rajput says:


  35. Anshul Rajput says:


  36. Rohan says:

    nahi hua

  37. Jain says:

    Yess… I got 10 Rs… Try sending random nos … Try hard :-)

  38. kartik says:

    ok i got confrimation but not yet recharged . the sms said you would be recharged within 48hrs to 72hrs for prepaid mobile . then how are the others getting the recharge so fast ??

  39. Pravesh says:

    Thanks a lot freekaamaal….Just read this and tried..I got recharge of 50 Rs……….Thanks a lot…

  40. sharath says:


  41. praveen says:

    i got 10 rs recharge for first time. second time 0 rs.

  42. ankita says:

    ye got 20+10 recharge…

  43. Naved says:

    Got A Message “Thank you for participating in Market Research your mobile will be recharged. For Prepaid users with in 24 to 72 hrs. For Postpaid users the adjustment in next bill cycle.” I Have Tried PLY A Naved 155376

  44. eswar says:

    i got only 10 rupees for my bsnl after 30 trials everyone else of bsnl uses got 50 still its a nice post!!!

  45. Rohan says:

    just type a sample message here

  46. sharath says:

    PLY A SHARATH 290033

  47. Rohan says:

    it says code not valid everytime

  48. kartik says:

    naved i got the same as you had said but many are saying recd recharge, is that another sms ? with immidiate effect can anyone throw some light to my doubts plz

  49. kartik says:

    i tried again but it says your number has been recharged but not yet got any amount might be within 24hour to 72hour I would be getting it. lets see !!!

  50. Thank you for the info.
    Its working but have to try so many times, and the trick is classy to use Free sms service.

  51. ankur says:

    thanks for the info….i got 2 recharges of 20 each on my numbers….

    thankyu very much……

    its really true

  52. Naved says:

    I didn’t get any recharge still but i tried my luck once again and i got a message that your mobile no. is already rechaged. so for those who have received this message ““Thank you for participating in Market Research your mobile will be recharged. For Prepaid users with in 24 to 72 hrs. For Postpaid users the adjustment in next bill cycle”

    Need Not to try their luck with same mobile no. doing this you will only losing your money.

    Hope this will save money for some users.

  53. kartik says:

    not yet got any recharge but just Got A Message “Thank you for participating in Market Research your mobile will be recharged. For Prepaid users with in 24 to 72 hrs. For Postpaid users the adjustment in next bill cycle.”

  54. kartik says:

    naved same here , we will get to know soon if its fake or real

  55. kartik says:

    might be they are just taking our number for their marketing advertising to disturb us during work :)

  56. kartik says:

    within 4tries I got clicked but not got any recharge just a confrimation message from them thank you for paticipating blah blah blah

  57. aastha says:


  58. Shivam Shady says:

    I tried on three number in which 1 got recharge of Rs20(Realince) n remaning two(Airtel & Uninor) got a confirmation msg :|

  59. Naved says:

    it is turning out to be fake

  60. Naved says:

    Anybody from airtel network who had recharged their no.??????????????????????

  61. Jassi says:

    send through way2sms to save ur money 2 . k … all d best

  62. AZAD says:


  63. Honey singh says:

    yepiee…..!! got recharge of 100 rupees..!!

  64. kartik says:

    not recd any recharge, but anyway thank you freekammal admin for sharing this piece of info

  65. Dhiren says:

    Friends try using first or last 6 digits of ur cellphone no! it surely works 4 me!

  66. deepak says:

    i got rcharge of 10 rs. In my docomo no. in 10 trial

  67. nitesh says:

    I also got some confirmation for recharge but the amount is not mentioned their.

  68. Jain says:

    got 10,20,10 for 3 different nos.. didnt get 100 .. Sad :-)

  69. babar raza khan says:

    I got the recharge of Rs 10….Thanks free ka maal

  70. pinky says:

    which 3 nos jain

  71. pinky says:

    konse nos.

  72. ===Rajat=== says:

    guys share successful no.s so that pattern be obtained….pls

  73. sharath says:

    i got 10,20,20,10,10,50 for different 6 nos…didnt get 100..:(:D

  74. ===Rajat=== says:

    tried 74 msgs……..not working…………..

  75. ===Rajat=== says:

    sharath pls type all codes…………

  76. I have Vodafone and Got recharge of 10.. Thanks

  77. aman says:

    just got recharge of 20 for my vodafone…via way2sms..type random nos…

  78. sharath says:

    @RAJAT ,sab msg through way2sms kiya.pata nhi kosda code pr recharge huha ha..i tried 78 diff codes fr 6 diff nos..

  79. Vishwajeet Kundu says:

    i got only 10. but still cool…

  80. ===Rajat=== says:

    my today 200 msgs r over but recharge unsuccessful….

  81. Rahul says:

    Not getting any reply….

  82. mahesh says:

    hey its working i got balance of 20

  83. NAvin says:

    its working :) :)

  84. GAURav says:

    it is NOT FAKE. i got a cnfirmation msg saying thnkk u n ur fone will b recharged in 72 hrrs fr prepaid. else amount will be adjusted in nxt bill cycle fr postpaid user.

  85. ramu says:

    it’s working …i got Rs.10 credit .within 10 min….

  86. princerv says:

    yes…i got Rs.20 recharge…thanks admin…it really works for me.

  87. shahnawaz says:

    :) i got a top up of 20 Rs

  88. Rohan says:

    is it working on airtel???

  89. GAURav says:


  90. Anybody from aircel network who had recharged their no.?????

  91. Sneha says:

    got a recharge for Rs.20

  92. princerv says:


  93. 9414356064 says:

    I got recharged my phone with 10 Rs. balance. It works. :)

  94. Vivek says:

    i also got rs. 20 recharge….

  95. princerv says:


  96. ASHISH says:


  97. Got the balance twice… you are rocking Free ka maal

  98. Deepak says:

    i got 50 rs recharge on my bsnl no. Thanks admin

  99. nitin says:

    got 20

  100. Honey singh says:

    um nt gtin d recharged amount on ma airtel no.. um receivin thank u msg bt d balance z nt credit.. can any1 temme y its nt workin 4 airtel tamilnadu..

  101. Nazar says:

    i have recieved Rs 50 talktime used unique code 554035 thanks for this information…..

  102. ---Raj--- says:

    Wow…. Thanks Admin…. I got Rs.50/- in just 5 Times…. Thanks again…
    I was thinking it was fake but its not fake.. its true…. :)
    Yeepeeee….!! :)

  103. Rohit says:

    i got in 6 sims 10-15 rs thanksxxxxxxx

  104. nitesh says:

    yea its working….thanks admin

  105. Nishant says:

    Hey Everyone… All those who couldn’t get their numbers recharged,let me tell you this is perfectly genuine and i got around 15 numbers recharged with values 10,20 and 50.

    Here are somethings that may be informative to you:

    * You may have to try multiple number of times,in some i hit the correct code in 4-5 times and in some it took 35-40 attempts.
    * Don’t try easy numbers like 123456, 456234, 987321 etc.. try complex and non-chronological sequences.
    * Use a girl’s name and there is probabiity of a higher recharge amount (this was interesting)
    * You can use way2sms or fullonsms.com for sending sms to that number.
    * If your number is ported,you’ll get an acknowledgement confirmation but your number will not be recharged,(i think the automated system selects the operator by your number series)
    * Once your number is recharged,you cannot try for another recharge.

    So don’t panic,keep trying,its always a win-win situation!!

  106. Nishant says:

    and ofcourse once a code gives you successful recharge,it won’t work again for any other number of any circle

  107. nitesh says:

    yes try complex nos..

  108. Rohit says:

    it stop nowwwww…..

  109. Mohit Verma says:

    it works like magic..

    thank you finally much needed 50 rs recharge for free.. I am loving it.. :)

  110. Nachi says:

    Finally got 50rs, but received a message your 50rs recharge will not recharge at time, you will get recharge at 24-72hrs.

  111. DILPREET says:

    I got Rs 50 recharge on my vodafone punjab

  112. yogesh says:

    I got Rs 50 recharge on my vodafone punjab

  113. test says:

    they are charging 1.2 Rs per sms. Its a trick

  114. Ankur says:

    its working! :P

  115. srikanth says:


  116. ayush jain says:

    not working……………………

  117. ayush jain says:

    tried atleast 35 -40 times not worked…………

  118. Rahul says:

    I got 50+50+50+20+10+10 in 6 different mobile no. But now it stopped as I am not getting a reply when I am sending sms from my 7th no…

  119. Milan Mitra says:

    My mobile got recharged with Rs.10 in first attempt (within 5 mins.)…. thanks freekaamall.com

  120. MADDY says:


  121. ===Rajat=== says:

    yupppie my both no got recharged………………………..

  122. ===Rajat=== says:

    guys use ist no as 3 n last two no’s same like 11,22,33…

    i tried it 6-7 times n got successful…

  123. love free kaa maal
    recharged my 5 no
    nd got
    50 in voda
    50 in idea
    50 in reliance
    50 in airtel
    10 in aircel
    use 3 as ur first no
    nd tried 5 of ur no is odd and 1 even
    best of luck buddies

  124. Inderjeet Kaur says:

    plz dont try this is fake

  125. faizan says:

    I received 20 rs recharge with in 5 min . but how to get 50 or 100 rs

  126. wilson says:

    JUST gave 3 tries…. and i got 10 rupees top up on the 3rd try…. hehehe…..!

  127. JYOTI says:

    Iam using wayto sms but ech time iam its saying plz enter valid mobile number

  128. vennela says:

    Hai Admin.. ….anybody plz tell me is it working for BSNL or not????

  129. Suresh says:

    I hve got an sms.. but they have not mentioned the amount of recharge.. ?

  130. ALOK says:

    Got 100rs recharge on my docomo number. Use a girl name to maximize your chances of getting the recharge and use way2sms to do it for free. Enjoy……..

  131. Akash says:

    freekamaal roxxx jus got recgarge of Rs20 Thanksssss

  132. Suresh says:

    how do u peoples know the correct amount of recharge you got ? do they send the amount you wont also in their sms ?

  133. akash says:

    got recharge of 50 rs…

  134. pinky says:

    yupppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i got 10 recharge

  135. Kaladhar Battepati says:

    This is a risky little game!!

  136. pinky says:

    no yaar

  137. dhara says:

    i tried and get 10 rs recharge on videocon number thanks free ka maal

  138. chetan says:

    thanks recharged 3 mobiles

  139. Rohan says:

    still working

  140. Rohan says:

    still working?????????????

  141. fasks says:

    rohan , did u get any balance added ?

  142. ayush jain says:

    its not working now !!!!!!

  143. Rohan says:

    not worked 4 me

  144. dipesh says:

    hey guys its not working plshelp

  145. dipesh says:

    its it working for dolphin/trump nos

  146. vinil says:

    i use fullonsms once but didnt received anything.dont know why ?May be later in a couple of days i may get some amount in my mobile

  147. Abhishek says:

    i got 20 rs..bt that ativated a VAS service in my account..whch cost me 5 rs daily..until i found out the cause and de activate..so b aware

  148. ankit says:

    i got 20 rs recharge..

  149. Nishant says:

    its troubling with airtel nos. getting confirmation msg but recharge amount not credited,for other networks its working fine…sometimes troubling with uninor too..

  150. i think not working now
    unable to send sms from aircel
    in airtel and vodafone got only msg
    that your account cedited in 24 to 72 hours

  151. aalok says:

    got message that they will recharge my mobile soon

  152. mohit says:

    yeah………….its interesting…….do fast…..

  153. mohit says:

    noo itsss all fake….hehehehe

  154. ===Rajat=== says:

    itz working f9…but delay in recharge as more n more people are trying…………….

  155. baskar says:

    I got the confirmation msg,but till now i didnt get the recharge.wt to do ?

  156. rohit says:

    TOTALLY FAKEE……i hav tried around 20 codes but got reply for only 1 msg that the code is invalid what about rest 19…..its a totally fake post they dont provide any recharge

  157. Piya says:

    Did anyone get the recharge??? i tried 20 times but just to fail.. ADMIN plz highlight if someone has revied valid recharge or update the post!

  158. Subhanker says:

    IN MY DOCOMO NO I WAS VERY LUCKY as i did it on the very first time but now i have to guess 8 time before i sucessfully did it now waiting for my free recharge

  159. Nitesh says:

    No more free recharges…… offer has expired……………………………

  160. Nitesh says:

    Admin keep posting for similar offers………

  161. William says:

    I got only confermation msg,whn i tried again msg comes that Sorry! Your mobile number has already been recharged once

  162. Nibras says:

    Hey any1 got recharge ? I recieved Thanks for . . . . .
    But no recharge yet . . . .after 8 hrs

  163. AAVNEESH says:

    ATTENTION EVERY ONE…………….8826671122 number Airtel- Delhi ka hai. Mere 3 airtel number per alredy recharged likh kar aa raha hai…………………..FAKE hai. PLZ dont send any SMS to this number as it cost 1.50 per sms. They are making FOOLS OF EVERYONE. I have 3 airtel 1 idea 1reliance 1 docomo 4bsnl.Tried on every sim. Message aa raha hai “recharge in 48 hours ” lekin kuch nahi hua.

  164. AAVNEESH says:

    24 ghante ho chuke hai………………..per ghanta recharge hua.

  165. AAVNEESH says:


  166. AAVNEESH says:

    Dont use WAY2SMS or FULLONSMS as they are not working

  167. Nibras says:

    Hey i tried yesterday in two phones : one airtel one bsnl . I got the message : Thank you for participating . . . . . . . . . ,also i tried today with same phones and the same reply i got but no recharge ! ! !

  168. bhushan says:

    chodu banabe ka dhandha he……….sirf girls ko hi de raha he………..sale bevkuf samjta he……….. 100 rs ke sms send karo to 10 ka balance de raha he………….

  169. kartik says:

    The offer is fake, just got a confrimation sms on that day, that you would get recharged within 48hrs , but not recharged. totally fake but anyway thanks for the efforts taken by freekaamal admin. Some people here are not claiming the truth but bluffing I got 50 – 100 hahaha . anyway no offence, cheer up :)

    • nitesh says:

      Dear Kartik….. if u r short of good luck then inordinately u will claim it to be fake….But its true it was working till 24th evening…..And its true no one gives anything free in this world…this was a hack of some damn offer… Pls send an SMS to 8826671122 with the text “PLY” nothing else….u will have the details…do try it…

  170. priyesh says:

    my some frnds got recharge instantly but i got a sms saying you will recive recharge b/w 72 hours .

    Please help me

  171. nitesh says:

    Dear allll this offer was a hack which as of now in knowledge of company so they have withdrawn it from server…No more FREE recharges…..

  172. dipesh says:

    i also didt get the recharge

  173. jahn says:

    its still working. i got the confirmation sms after 8 trials. :D Don’t try this number 401889. keep trying your luck.

  174. nomesh says:

    its not fake guys… it worked for me and my friends… i got a recharge of 50rs 2 times and many of my friends got the same recharge amount. try hard…

  175. Prajesh says:

    yes i got it…………………

  176. Javed says:

    I never received any recharge only go the message………………….. its been 4 – 5 days

    • Mahesh says:

      Just now i sent SMS and I got following message
      “Thank you for participating in Market Research your mobile will be recharged. ….”

      Did you get the same?

    • jess says:

      same thing happened to me too.been 5-6 days yet they have not sent the recharge even though I had got the msg that i will get the recharge within 72 hours

  177. vijay says:

    Dint get any recharge though i got thanks reply… when i tried to give a another trial , got a msg ur number already in recharge list wait for 72 hrs. it has been a week gone still dint … i applied for uninor and airtel

  178. sanjay says:

    wow…… i got 100rs recharge

  179. saurabh says:

    got “thank you” msg @ 8th attempt ! lets see when do i get the recharge.

  180. kashyap says:

    i tried 6-7 times earlier when this offer posted..but failed all the times..!!! but today again reading all the reply i tried it once again. and i succeeded in 1st attempt. I wrote “PLT A girl’s name 375332″

    It is true..try any girls name and start code with 3 and total five odd digit and 1 even digit..

  181. Deepti says:

    Yes, you are right! thanx! I tried your trick and it worked! But now, lets see whether we really get any recharge or not!

  182. Pranav says:

    @ Kashyap and Deepti,

    This trick actually worked for me too.. hahaha.. don’t believe this..

    Is there any one who tried a MALE name and got their reply?

  183. hey is that still working……..??
    i got rs 10 recharge in 2 of my numbers………
    m tried it daily
    anyone recharged still??

  184. ===Rajat=== says:

    i got recharge again today…….itz working again…………

  185. hey admin posted by me that this one working again
    any points for me ??

  186. Anu says:

    It has worked for me …. I got a recharge of Rs20. you can try sending free sms from sites like way2sms… liked it

  187. vishal says:

    Its working i got recharge

  188. Hims says:

    After sending massage…how much time will it take to recharge..i got massage that your mobile will be recharged…..though its not recharged yet…

  189. hemant says:

    Hey everyone… its 100% true… i have got Rs50 recharged on my airtel cell….. got in 7-8 attempts and i also send msg from ways2sms…. so try your luck….. good wishes

  190. kickass(real) says:

    got 100 rs. recharge :-)…………..thanx i.f.s

  191. Aritra says:

    I got rs 20 recharge, within 5 min of trying..

  192. Pravesh says:

    Awesome!!!! Got 75rs recharge…!!! Thanks a lot freekaamaal!!!

  193. Supi says:

    fake things… waste of time

  194. Naveen says:

    Thanks FreekaaMaal, yesterday i got Rs.20 and today i got Rs.50 rechrg instantly……….
    u r doing a fantastic work…..keep it up!

  195. siddarth says:

    great .. got instantly 50 rs.. too good]

  196. aman says:

    i got rs 50 recharge… yippiiiii…. :)

  197. ---Raj--- says:

    Thank…. But got only 10+20+20+20+20+10+200 recharge in my different service providers…

  198. Aritra says:

    got another rs 20 on 1st try

  199. Deepti says:

    yay! i got rs. 50 recharge on aircel network n that too using way2sms

  200. Ankur says:

    It was fucking awesome. I got 50+50+50+20..
    I can’t believe it.. :)

  201. chutfucker says:

    they will double money from ur acooount uuuuuuu loollsss :)

  202. chutfucker says:


  203. Arjun says:

    will they deduct money????

  204. Lavesh says:

    an important update about this
    try daily and you will get recharge daily
    I got 50 rs on 1st day and 10 rs on 2nd day

  205. bhanumittal says:

    anyone get recharge on ported no.

  206. rocky says:

    not replying…”,’!!

  207. elumalai says:

    i got 50 rs today but no reply message came .once i checked in balance it is confirmed that 50rs credited.

  208. raj says:

    i think recharge will happen only once per day.
    Got Rs20 in less than 2mins :D

  209. Ashu says:

    Guys!!!!!!! beware as this is marketing Policy… they are deducting balance per week….. one of my mobile balance is reduced by rs.150, as they activate all value added service… now i have negative balance…. i think u have to ready for change sim

    • ---Raj--- says:

      Thats not possible buddy… i m working in a Vodafone call center as a Quality… and i know how to deduct the balance… there is no authority to deduct the balance in there hand….. So, that the all services are activated by your own…

    • Chetan Ruff says:

       u r right

  210. poonam says:

    hi, I participated on 1st feb …..got confirmation about the free recharge which said…u will get free rechrge within 24 hrs for prepaid numbers and for post paid it will b adjusted within 72 hrs.i am using uninor number but till today i haven’t received any recharge….. can any one help…….
    it sems to b a fake site or means of fooling people…

  211. poonam says:

    i want my recharge at any cost……its not easy to get unique code…but i did it….now not getting the recharge wat does it mean…tell me

  212. aman says:

    i got another 50 rs recharge on 2nd day….. yippppiiiii :)

  213. Ritu says:

    Got 50 rs. recharge but balance reduced by rs. 90. what is this.

  214. BHARGAVI says:


  215. ===Rajat=== says:

    I got Rs 50 again….

    guys i got Rs 20 + Rs 20 + Rs 50…

    three recharges on same no…

    thnx free ka malll…..

  216. aksh says:

    i got mesg but still waiting for recharge

  217. mohit says:

    i got recharge of rs50….!! thnx…for FKM..!!

  218. md says:

    50+50+10 thanks ..:)

  219. Mohit Kumar says:

    MNP number not recharged, so guys send sms only without porting number.

  220. vin says:

    thanks Got 50 ;)

  221. rikki says:

    my balance is redused by rs.60.00

  222. meena says:

    not getting rechrge wht to do?

  223. zubair says:

    I got Rs.10 Recharge!

  224. rupendera says:

    mera toh free main he hua 20+20+20+20

  225. Atul says:

    Hey guys see what i got..send a wrong format message to that number and the reply was
    Sorry!This is an invalid format.
    Kindly send in a valid format
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