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Life is What You Make It' is the story of Ankita Sharma, an ambitious and full of life youngster who has everything that anyone of her age would dream of. But, when life does a U-Turn on her, how does she cope up with it? Read this inspiring tale of the daunting human spirit.

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Summary of the Book Life Is What You Make It

How would you react if destiny shook the entire world around you and set you on a new path? What if it would put you in a place, which would change your entire course of life? The question is, would you run, fight or would you gladly accept life?

Sprawled across the early 80s, 'Life is what you make It' unravels all these questions through the protagonist, Ankita Sharma’s life.
Ankita is the most happening person in her college and she knows her way around. She is good looking, young, smart and has a number of boys who swoon over her. Life in college is a dream that every youngster sees and Ankita manages to gain admission to a reputed management school. All is well.
What follows next?
Six months down the lane, she is admitted to a mental health hospital as a patient. How did things take such a bad turn? Will she be able to lead a normal life?
Life Is What You Make It is a tale of the indomitable human spirit. It is a tale of how Ankita fights back at life, which has snatched her most precious years. This is a deeply inspiring and moving account of her life and the immense power that faith holds. It shows you how you can overcome challenges even if destiny pushes you back.
This book is a love story at its heart that kicks up questions about the perception of sanity and shows us that life is what you make out of it.
About Preeti Shenoy
Preeti Shenoy did her schooling all over India, due to her father’s regular job transfers. This inspired her to take up Sociology during her graduation. She started blogging in the year 2006 and soon got an offer to contribute regularly for Times of India and other popular dailies including Reader’s Digest too. She has also written 34 Bubblegums and Candies and Tea for two and a piece of Cake
Writing Style
Preeti Shenoy has an impeccable sense of carrying a story and keeps it straight and simple. She delves into the mysterious psyche of her characters and flawlessly pictures it. Her books have been widely read throughout the country


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