Lenskart Clearance Sale: Get Vincent Chase Sunglasses at just Rs.199 from ->March 14, 2012

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Lenskart.com is running one clearance sale where you could sunglasses worth Rs.1000 at just Rs.199. The prices at which Lenskart is selling these branded sunglasses is Rs.299 but by following the below method you can get them at just Rs.199 each.

Get Sunglasses at just Rs.270:

If you are planning to buy only single sunglasses then you can use 10% off coupon and get the same at just Rs.270.

  1. CLICK HERE to visit clearance sale page
  2. Add sunglasses of your choice to the cart
  3. If your total cart price is below Rs.499, just apply 10% off  XTRA10 and buy sunglasses at Rs.270 each

Get 2 Sunglasses at just Rs.399 (Rs.199 for one Sunglasses):

Remember in this clearance sale, if you will buy buying two sunglasses then you just need to pay Rs.499 and good thing is that you can get additional Rs.100 by applying Lenskart  coupon code from freecharge.in :

  1. Visit freecharge.in and recharge your mobile to get Rs.100 off coupon of lenskart or Apply Coupon Code ATR100on499
  2. Now visit clearance page here
  3. Add any two sunglasses of your choice and once your total cart value is Rs.499 appply free charge coupon code to get Rs.100 off.


Offer Credit: Malu bhanushali & Pawan from forum

March 14, 2012

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13 thoughts on “Lenskart Clearance Sale: Get Vincent Chase Sunglasses at just Rs.199From Our Homepage

  1. Mzabiu says:

    hey this is sold out!!!!!

  2. Rupesh4020 says:

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  3. Shivva17 says:

    Can you please give 100rs off coupon if possible?

  4. meow says:

    Just asked a rep. You cannot apply freecharge coupon on this deal.

  5. Mr Sanju says:

    yes u can.. Have ordered it with my free charge coupon.

  6. Shailendra says:

    hey i also need Rs.100/- off coupon pls help

  7. Shailendra says:

    i am also told that no coupons apply on these sunglasses by online chat rep

  8. Zishan4u says:

    guys no need to apply the other coupon.. i got that delivered but 499 is sill a steal price.. i bought this product before also and got it for 1000 now i get 2 for 499… what else you want???

  9. Mr Sanju says:

    The coupobs works.. 
    heres the screen shot of my order details

  10. Natural Gp says:

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  11. Mr Sanju says:

    okay Today I ordered again 2 more sunglasses.. and it didnt accpted the freecharge coupons,,
    lol.. was lucky the first time it got accepted.. :)
    nevertheless.. its a great deal.. :)

  12. varun says:

    non of the coupan is working.

    i was trying to use 100 off on puchase of 499

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