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Earn points for posting Content and Redeem those for Shopping at your Favorite Websites


244 days ago, we have launched our first version of forum just to involve our readers in the effort of finding good freebies and offers, within a span of few months that small community has grown into thousands of shopping/Freebie lovers, but with large user-base comes problem, problems like spamming and which lead to bad user experience. After listening to  feedback from many of our readers,  today we are launching a new and rewarding version of forum. A brand new forum integrated with all the tools possible to assist you in finding best experience in finding best deals/offer, coupons and freebies seamlessly in one place.

What's New in this Forum:

  1. Earn points and Get Gifts: In this forum, we have introduced one point system where members will get points for different activities like posting deals,sharing freebies, writing reviews and tons of other ways and later on redeem those for various gifts at our Reward store.
  2. More Freebies: Our reader can get tons of more freebies, It will be a place where one can share and talk about Freebies , So from now on if you encounter any freebie don't forget to share with other and get free points.
  3. Deals & Offers: Along with freebies, it is a place for online shoppers too, where members can posts good deals and latest offers and help others in saving some money.
  4. Discount Coupons: While surfing internet, many times we come across very good coupons but from now on if you find any discount coupon , don't forget to share it with other readers of FreeKaaMaal and get rewarded for your work.
  5. Product and Website Review:Had an horrible experience with some online shopping website? then share your story with us and get your voice count.
  6. Contest : Everybody loves participating and winning prizes in contests, So this will be your place to find and share all the details about latest social media contests.

How to Earn Points in Forum:

In this new forum, you will be rewarded for various activities ranging from posting new deals to writing reviews. Share good stuff and we will make sure you get what you deserve. Following are some of the ways by which you can earn points on

Registering on FreeKaaMaal forum 50 Points
Posting a new deal/offer or freebies 1 Point
Writing review about products or website in our Review section 1 Point
Deal, Offer and freebies that gets to the home page of 25 Points

1 points is equivalent to 1 Rupee, that means if you are having 300 points , you can use it for buying products worth Rs.300 from our partner websites.

How to redeem points for Gifts:

You can easily convert your forum points into gifts but there are certain things that you need to remember before you start redeeming your points:

  1. New users or users which are redeeming points for the first time, need to have a minimum of 250 forum points for their first gift.
  2. Once you have redeemed your first gifts, there is no restriction on the points you can redeem. Whether its 10 points or 1000 points. Just fill up the reward claiming form  and we will ship your gift.For more information please check out this reward store page here .

Register Now and Get additional bonus of 20 points:

For today only, till 12:00 Midnight, we are giving our users additional 20 points for registration. That means all those readers who will create account on our forum will get bonus 20 points in addition to 50 registration points.  

IMPORTANT: All the readers need to create new account on this new forum irrespective of whether they were having account in our previous version of forum or not.

So what are you waiting for, Visit FreeKaaMaal Forum now and get your free 70 Rupees for registration.

VISIT FreeKaaMaal Forum Now and Start Getting Rewarded

December 27, 2011

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33 thoughts on “Now Earn points for sharing content and Get Gifts for free – FreeKaaMaal ForumFrom Our Homepage

  1. narinderyadav says:

    THANX ADMIN………….:-)

  2. shankar says:

    Thank you very much admin

    will do the best

  3. @ admin
    i hv successfully registered on Freekaamaal Forum But dont know how to know my points?

  4. ok i hv 71 !! thanx a lot

  5. Sagar says:

    how can i post a deal??

  6. sauhard says:

    geting 1 -1 points for 1 thread will take so much time
    Will u give any offer like on newyear,holi,diwali,xmas to get more points???

  7. sauhard says:

    Deal, Offer and freebies that gets to the home page of 25 Points

    i didnt understand this???

    • Mayuresh says:

      It means that IF your submitted Freebie news is worth (i.e Something VERY great FREEBIE OFFER) then it will be Displayed HERE on freekaamaal homepage AND 25 points will be credited to your forum ID. :)

  8. DEEPAK SHENOY K says:

    I 2 joined n congrat8 4 d gud initiative taken 4 us :)

  9. swatsss says:

    how to see admin my total points? i cannot see

  10. ashish says:


  11. Jatin Sapra says:

    Yet to get my product I ordered from GreenDust via you. Took part in that DealsAndYou referral offer of you.

    Many emails, no reply.

  12. Tejasv says:

    nice..freekaamaal..its a good system!

  13. Rakesh Kumar says:

    admin Do we have any points for referring and please tell me how to post an offer or freebie?

    • admin says:

      currently we are giving just 1 point for referring friends, but soon it will be increased and about posting deals and offer.
      Just visit our forum, register there and post content by clicking on “new thread” button at the top right corner of the page

  14. Vinil Mehta says:

    then why i get only 50 points for registration???

    • admin says:

      All the members will get 50 points for registration only but yesterday we were running one launch offer and that’s why all the members who registered last night has got 20points extra

  15. Amit says:

    please help guys! i redeemed 1000 points to zipcash voucher..and i have created a zipcash account seperately…but how will tps connect with zipcash.? they have not asked me about my zipcash user id or anything!?? please panel station will know my zipcash id??
    admin or tps users…reply soon!

  16. sauhard says:

    pls increase points 4 referring friends

  17. hey admin
    m new on your form
    doesn’t have knowledge about that
    plz tell me
    how to post discount coupon
    i have many 1 time use coupon
    m i get any point for that if i post
    m also want to share the freebies
    i got with the help of freekaamaal
    how can i post thse
    hope for an early reply

  18. ilu1257 says:

    Hai Admin I registered in forum yesterday.. But I have only 70 points in y account why is it so..???

  19. vaibhavko says:

    i didnt receive any point yet :( . How to check admin ?

  20. KALYAN BASU says:

    83/13 Tanti paralane, hawrah-711104. p.o.- santaragachi,p.s.- shibpur .

  21. priyanka says:

    @admin, i never get points 4 writin comments???

  22. priyanka says:

    @admin, even i’m referring to the forum only….i daily write comments on the forum posts and deals vut nvr get points for those???

    • admin says:

      There is no points for writing comments or participating in discussion as of now. You will get points only when you post deals/offers/Freebies in their respective forums

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