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How to sit in front of computer – Laptop Ergonomics

I spent most of my time in front of laptop and I am pretty sure there are many among you who sits for extended hours too .To help people like us Vodafone Spain created some videos which offers simple and actionable tips on how you can maintain a correct posture while working on a laptop thus avoiding pain and tiredness.These videos point out some of the minor changes like making sure your screen is level with your eyes, sitting closer to your desk to stay upright etc.The most interesting thing about these videos is that it will not only tell you how to maintain good posture in home or office but also while travelling .Watch these videos and try to implement some of the techniques in your day to day lives


How to maintain correct posture in Home or Office


How to maintain correct posture while Travelling

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T May 24, 2011   |   Posted By - FreeKaaMaal Team