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Hot & Cool websites [27th Jan'11]

Internet is a fun place and there are lots of unexplored things out there that everyone ought to visit. Every week in FreekaaMaal Hot n Cool websites section ,we introduce our audience to various well known & not so famous websites and make them more productive. Following is this week's discovery, all the below websites are free to use. Check them out and enjoy. - hot and cool websitesIt is a online community of all the Indian ladies living around the world.This is a place where you can share everything, truly speaking there is nothing that cannot be discussed, whether it is how to drape a sari, or where to shop for payals in Mumbai.With thousands of  members from India, U.K., U.S., South Africa, Dubai, Singapore and Australia today, the website is not just a resource for Indian women but also a place for forming emotional connections. Women share their ideas, provide tips, ask and answer questions on beauty, diet, nutrition, cooking, health, wellness, movies, TV programme, fine arts, pregnancy, parenting, marriage, relationships, career, money matters, religion and spirituality . - Cool websites on FreeKaamaal.comMany of you have faced trouble with official Indian railways website like server down,Service not available , please try again are common  on this site ,So if you are frustrated with all these problem then its time to check, this is a fantastic website developed by some folks from Chennai. You don't need any registration to check information like seat availability,Train running information etc. Try this awesome website next time before log in to IRCTC is a Google initiative dedicated to your parents and grandparents.This site is designed with only one goal in mind "To help kids teach their parents about computer basics " .It contains more than 50 basic how-to videos to send to mom, dad, your old college roommate, your neighbor or anyone else who could use a little help with tech tasks—whether it’s how to copy & paste to how to share a big file. Wrap up your video with a custom email and off it goes! The recipient will receive your message and a link to the video(s) you selected. - hot and cool websitesSuppose you are in a situation where you stumbled upon a good website of free music download , you liked this site but now wondering whether their exist any other site like that or not, Don't worry  next time you face this situation try – a site that helps you find alternatives. Now forget scrolling through countless search results – SimilarSites makes finding content related to your current search absolutely effortless. Simply enter a web address and instantly you will receive high quality results – based on content examination rather than popularity.

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