[Expired] Bumper LOOT: Get Rs.50 off coupon on any purchase from Snapdeal [Can be used Multiple times on Same Account] from ->February 19, 2012

No Code Needed

snapdeal Rs. 50 off on any purchase


Here is Snapdeal Rs. 50 Coupon without any minimum purchase required. This offer has been associated with the launch of Snapdeal Mobile WAP service by which you can buy deals via your mobile. But currently this page is opening from desktop computer as well. So hurry and grab the discounts now….


How to Get Rs. 50 off from Snapdeal on any purchase:

  • Click here to go to the Snapdeal mobile page
  • Add the products / deals over Rs. 50 to your cart
  • Now use coupon  SDMobile and you will get 50/- discount instantly pay remaining via credit,debit, or you can avail cash on delivery without any shipping charges.

This is by far the best offer from SNapdeal as you are getting COD Facility + Free Shipping and no minimum purchase.

NOTE: All products below Rs.50 will be of Rs.0 by applying the above coupon code and for other products you will get Rs.50 off

TIP: Go to Products Deals -> Perfume & Beauty  and then select  "SKIN Care" category. There are many products which are below of Rs.50 so you can get them all for free.

Hurry Now before everything gets out of stock


Some Recommended Products:

Offer Credit: naved from freekaamaal forum

February 19, 2012

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348 thoughts on “[Expired] Bumper LOOT: Get Rs.50 off coupon on any purchase from Snapdeal [Can be used Multiple times on Same Account]From Our Homepage

  1. pinky says:

    its not working

  2. rahulamu says:

    shipping charges or not

  3. sach says:

    its working and i am using it……………..use fast

  4. Helper says:

    DONT Be greedy use only once….
    If you order they might cancel all the orders……

  5. Rexon Fernando says:

    I hope that they found out:
    I’m getting the following now.
    Service Unavailable – DNS failure
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

  6. Manoj Kumar says:

    Server Down

    • admin says:

      Dear Reader, Snapdeal Website is working fine, please use the above link..We have checked it just now and everything is fine

  7. amit3880 says:

    I am on Ordering spree.. Ordering like anything..! :

    Snapdeal ka diwala niklane vaala hai agar vo sabki order honor kare to.. for sure.. :P

  8. harsh shah says:

    I hav ordered more than 12 products for free or nearly 1 or 2 rs.
    Awesome post… thanks FKM

  9. amit3880 says:

    I am now tired of ordering many products…
    i quit :)

  10. amit3880 says:

    The PC website shows that the shipping charges 30 Rs for order less than 75 /-

    But the mobile Website dont consider this shipping charge :P

    Hurray … Enjoy…

    If we are lucky… we will get the products…!

  11. Lavesh says:

    ordered 25 products

  12. joginder says:

    not working for me ….can anyone suggest products

  13. Akash says:

    Great Deal just bought Park Avenue deo @ 15

    155- 50(SDMobile) – 90(my sd cash) =15

    :) FKM roxxxxxxxx

  14. PAVAN says:

    shld we do only through mobile?

  15. PAVAN says:

    not applicable to the product..thiz iz wat im getting

  16. Jain says:

    Ordered around 30 Products .. will they ship it ? :-)

  17. karan says:

    give some of the products which r free plz

  18. Aravind says:

    its working, thanks

  19. karan says:

    link plzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. harsh shah says:


    This is gillette vector razor link… it’s free

  21. saurabh says:

    why spend a single paisa?
    buy “Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Soap 75 g” at Rs 0/-
    click on the link http://www.snapdeal.com/m/product?zonePageUrl=delhi_south_west&offer=42948

  22. priyanka says:

    i cannot apply this coupon on any of the products, when i apply the coupon, it says “This Promo code is not applicable on this device”
    please reply asap wid the solution before all the products get sold out

    • admin says:

      Please use the Mobile version of Snapdeal website and not the desktop version. Link has been given in the above post

  23. ishan says:

    some more free product links please…….!!!

  24. karan says:

    thanks again

  25. anonymus says:

    they will not send the product . if they do so
    company hi loot jayegi

  26. Paul Coelho says:

    30+ items purchased

  27. karan says:

    links plz cant find any deals below 50 how do u all find it

  28. admin says:

    Go to Products Deals -> Perfume & Beauty and then select “SKIN Care” category. There are many products which are below of Rs.50 so you can get them all for free.

  29. priyanka says:

    Paul Coelho on how are u applying the coupon?? when i try to apply, it says this coupon is not applicable on this device

  30. priyanka says:

    admin please reply ASAP

  31. priyanka says:

    arre great offer to theek hai, lekin mujh se to kuch purchase hi nahi ho raha :((

  32. ptk says:

    guys just called snapdeal for a query they told me that there is some problem with there servers and system
    they requested me not to order anything using the mobile site for next 24 hrs

  33. priyanka says:


  34. ptk says:

    karan bro its true i would suggest you to please call snapdeal

  35. venky says:

    I think we shud call them, I don’t think they will deliver these orders.

  36. Naved says:

    Thanks for posting my offer to home page.. I wish everyone should use this..

    Boss maza aa gaya na offer se and I think i deserve double bonus because this coupon code will applicable on each and every order no limit of order per account

  37. venky says:

    If they delivers, SNAPDEAL will be bankrupt in couple of month.

  38. ishan says:

    are use cod option….!IT IS ALWAYS SAFE

  39. Manoj Kumar says:

    Has anybody called Snapdeal and told abt this…………..??
    Or else they will become diwaliya….

  40. Amit says:

    Hey.. i can order more than one order from same account ?? is it okay ?

  41. Rexon Fernando says:

    Order above Rs.50 (like Rs.51, 59 orders). Then they should deliver the products.because we paid something Re.1 or above.

    • Aamir says:

      i agree wd u, the sould atleast deliver those product , for which we’ve really paid , even if it’s Re1 only !!!

  42. Pinky says:

    Now they removed Pantene 80ml shampoo and put 170 ml product with higher price. so grab the offer quickly.

  43. Tarun says:

    This is mind blowing offer

  44. gaurav ahuja says:

    i talked on customer care they are saying that only one product will be send and rest of the product they will cancel u can also conform on calling snapdeal customer care service :(

    • Aamir says:

      i.e. 1 product /- account ????

    • Pinky says:

      You mean Only one FREE Product?

      I paid for every products for Rs.1 to 25 with offer

      • gaurav ahuja says:

        @ priya i also paid through credit card but they are saying u will get call in next 48 hrs regarding the refund this is only for new users+ u can purchase only one time+ nd u hv to purchase through mobile :(

        • Pinky says:

          Yes.I purchased through my mobile with net banking. If they don’t send the products then we can file a case against them in consumer court for cheating. They confirmed the order copy to mail and mobile.

          • gaurav ahuja says:

            i think they will send only 1 product which u hv orderd first u can conform by calling on this no. 01145371100 and ask frm them “when i will receive the product”

  45. Manoj Bansal says:

    Thanks a lot FKM.. Really enjoyed this offer :)

  46. saurabh says:

    given 100 orders.

    at the last page, just click on “continue” and then “back” button , as many times as u want !

  47. ptk says:

    saurabh you gave 100 orders and buddy wasted u r time .
    guys I had already told you that they are aware what is happening.
    Once again request you to stop placing order else u would only waste u r money and keep on fighting on refund of money if any.

  48. Pinky says:

    I paid using SD cash. Wait and see.

  49. rocker123 says:

    Not working anymore ..
    Giving a Tomcat error on payment page :(
    Just placed 30 orders

  50. rahulamu says:

    kya aapne confirm kara ki koi shipping charge nahi hai

  51. Abdul says:

    I ordered 10 products but 11 th one site goes to APACHE error.. so they found out the thing..

  52. Amit says:

    LOLL.. Ordered 101 Products xD

    LOOOLLXX… Took 5-6 Minutes.. lets see what we get :D :P :P

    If we get out products, the snap deal bik jayega :D

  53. RAJDEEP says:

    EXPIRED FRIENDS, now technical staff WAKED up, :(

  54. Aamir says:


    Dear XXXXX, Thanks for your purchase on Snapdeal.
    Order Id: 362903448
    Order Placed On: 2012-02-19 19:51:03.0
    Amount: 0

  55. Tejasv says:

    Fantastic Offer..!! FKM you rocked…!!!

  56. Jaswal says:

    U r ri8.same with me.not working anymore

  57. Pinky says:

    It’s working now …

  58. ali says:

    admin but they se delivery charge lagega plz confirm

  59. ptk says:

    lolza people ordering 100, 70, 30, products…….logic use karo bhai log.

    • Rohit says:

      Snapdeal is one of the most trusted website in Indian E-commerce market and I am pretty sure they will honor these order..or atleast they will honor 1 order per user…

  60. Pinky says:

    They will cross 1,0000000000 order today . ha ha

  61. ali says:

    please confirm

  62. ankur says:


    check this out….they are saying they will charge flat 50 rs for cash on delivery

  63. karan says:

    plz post the deal available for re 1 or 2

  64. Abdul says:

    Now the site don’t have any products below Rs. 50 in skin care tooo

  65. prafulla says:

    website is still working

  66. sushil says:

    Best hai boss best best kabhi nahi dekhi aisi deal i m purchase 29 product thanx to freekaamaal

  67. rocker123 says:

    I am sure these orders will be cancelled

  68. Kapil says:

    Abhi tak kuch bacha nahi hai..
    aur doston snaldeal bankrupt nahi hoga..yeh sab internet marketing aur investors ko attract karne ki gimmick hote hai.

  69. Aamir says:

    hopefully within 24 hrs the scenario would be crystal clear !!!!!! i hope 2 moro we’ll share ur thoughts regarding, those products(if any) will be shipped ….

  70. suresh says:

    I have no worked so hard till now.I f they are cancelling these orders at least they should give some hardship allowance..it is almost 3 hours work…..no cash..sdcash will do

  71. censuresh says:

    what a relief !…..at least we can take some rest now..no more orders

  72. Ram says:

    How to get confirmed wheter my order placed/confirmed

  73. basant agarwal says:

    i ordered about 200 to 300 products for free……………..:)

  74. aman says:

    watch this guys

  75. devendra says:

    abe basanti dusro ke liye bhi kuch choor de bhai

  76. dragondost says:

    HTTP Status 400 -

    type Status report


    description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect ().

  77. prince says:

    My city not showing :(

    Damn :X

  78. reddy says:

    OOppps Still working fine

  79. aman says:

    Service Unavailable – DNS failure
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

    Reference #11.161ad4d2.1329664861.3de125d

  80. Abdul says:



    5000 * 50 = 2,50,000
    2,50,000 PRODUCT * RS.50 = 1 CRORE 25 LACKS (minimum)

    are they fool to loss 1.2 crore reply need from admin

  81. karan says:

    guys buy coupons bcz that cant be canceled

  82. Aamir says:

    i’m sure all of our’s shipping status would b showing this : Processing
    Est. Shipping Date: Feb 28, 2012

  83. prince says:

    someone please suggest me deals , good deals please jaldi batao koi plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  84. reddy says:

    instead of wasting time on buying products

    just buy coupons and restaurant deals and take printouts ,they dnt loose anything on these deals so they wnt calcel your order

  85. shahnawaz says:

    lolz…. m pege back submit kar kar ke 20-30 order place kar chuka

  86. Rocky says:

    hey i ordered 10 products and got 2000 sd cash in my account,.,,,,,,,…..
    Thank you freekaamaaal……………………..yuppieeee,,,,,,,,,,,

  87. neha says:

    Can any one call up snapdeal customer care and know about the truth?

  88. Shweta Agarwal says:

    not working showing error

  89. ramesh says:

    ha ha haan i ordered 20 using same acoount

  90. As Vaid says:

    Great offer yaar, I have already ordered more than 25 products and also purchased some deals / coupons for offers in my Area for getting awesome discounts on dining and other such deals. Just love the offer from Snapdeal. BTW, I am keeping my fingres crossed, just hope that they deliver the products that I have ordered, coz. I have also utilized what ever SD Cash I had available in my account.

  91. noatia says:

    still it’s working ya………..u buy deals if they are not sending u parcel then

  92. ASDF says:

    Whoever Used SD CASH could net get the deals and it would be cancelled within 48 hours however who has purchased by paying some amt, ie 2,3,5,10 rupees there order will be proceessed alongwith less than 50/- items.

  93. Sabby says:

    Thank you so much, It worked, a Garnier Men deo costs me Rs 35. :P

  94. Abdul says:

    2 think will happens

    1. we wont get anything (or )

    2. snap deal will bankrupt.

  95. ASDFE says:

    JUST NOW CONFIRMED FROM SNAPDEAL CUSTOMER CARE..all those who ordered more than one item will not get their products delivered.as many members booked at a time,itz hard for them to refund money(if used SD cash or online money transfer),so don’t expect your money back..hahaha

    • gaurav ahuja says:

      no they said me they will refund the money if u hv bought more than one item ur 1st order will be delivered nd for cod they r cancelled all the orders ha ha ha hope ill get 3 products from my different phone nos.

    • Aamir says:

      Thank God, i just paid Re1 only :-)

  96. Gaurav says:

    mene 3 chize mangawayi hai free me….mene abhi ipad wala koi offer tha wo purchase kiya to…to SD ne 50 points diye..
    to mene promo se 50 rs off kr liya baki payment points se kr diyaa………..yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  97. AAA says:

    Everyone will get their orders

  98. Paul Coelho says:

    Dear Friends,
    Just order 3 products from 3 different ids and spent 10/- only for such items if got even one of those its be good since used10/- only.

  99. GDFD says:

    your orders r cancelled u will u will get call from snapdeal in next 48 hrs …..

  100. Gaurav says:

    kyu bhai

  101. kaushal says:

    yar utna mat luto usko

  102. kaushal says:

    I have ordered about 60 products and when i talked to their customer care they said your all orders will be dispatched

  103. KJHKJ says:

    Here is the input from Snapdeal care guys …they vl cancel each and every order purchased through PC…they are tracking customers path from where buying done pc/mobile…so its waste of time guys…those who ordered from mobiles hav some choices of getting products

  104. Shivam says:

    How to solve tomcat error

  105. Mehul Gupta says:

    Awesome deal hai yr.. ordered 18. :)

  106. Mehul Gupta says:

    looking for someother stuff now :)

  107. Mehul Gupta says:

    are you sure we will get?

  108. Pinky says:

    Guys! Don’t waste your time.
    Good night.

  109. Shefali says:

    Its not working now.

  110. Ram says:

    is it working now???????????????????????????

  111. Rahul says:

    Ordered 20 …Hope they will deliver them…. :)

  112. Shahrukh Khan says:

    Hey ordered 50 products for me….and i have told snapdeal to give all the orders…i said them that dont cheat with people ..i will pay for the whole orders…Thanks…

  113. Rahul says:

    I think offer is expired now……

  114. manish modi says:

    500 Items book karwaye hai 110 id pe .. kuch to dega snapdeal..
    kitne cancel karega..

  115. Shefali says:

    I WAS RIGHT . ITS EXPIRED around 10:45.

  116. Ram says:

    allllll are just getting f*cked by me…

  117. Rahul says:

    It’s still working guyz…. :)

  118. Bubyee says:

    mera 1rs ka condom abhi nahi ayyaaaaa

  119. Akhil says:

    NOw The game is Over Just now stopped working Coupon Just now they realized .I placed totally 850 orders………………….. all are under processing


  121. gaurav jain says:

    its over !!! Code no more working !!

  122. Akash says:

    So finally “Invalid Promo Code” thank god :)

  123. SNAPDEAL says:


  124. sd says:

    party is over

  125. dealdude says:

    not working my first order and say that invalid promo

  126. RAJDEEP says:

    I think they will process our orders, inspite of that they saved a lot of money for testing their mobile website…
    So. all should be happy and no need to worry all orders will b processed.
    might b per account only 1 order is processed.
    let finger crossed

  127. Rajnikanth says:

    Yennaa Rascala Mind ittt!!!!!!!

  128. Dealer says:

    Invalid code :(

  129. user says:

    @snapdeal………it was your company technical fault………please show us terms and conditions…..
    we all have order numbers and confirmation and snapshot ready……..

  130. user says:

    @snapdeal…..you cant jus run away saying that promo is over………………..it was your fault………..we are not demanding for orders we have placed….but request you to provide with some other freebie….as we all tried hard to save you from crores of losses by informing you by calling customer care……..

  131. Rahul says:

    EXPIRED…..I can sleep without any interruption now……….. :)

  132. Jitin Kukreja says:

    Code not working!!

  133. ramesh says:

    guys snapdeal will process all the orders.trust snapdeal it has never cancelled any order till date from its birth.they will carry their reputation this time also

  134. ls says:

    PROMO SDMobile BANNED finaally ,,


  135. deepaprabhu says:

    thank god i ordered only one, no greedy guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Zareena says:

    Name Initial Letter Key chain for Rs.29/- Only FREE HOME DELIVERY


    • Akhil says:

      Snapdeal Should order L letter keychain Because they got full of loss if they proceed like that without cancelling orders

  137. sam says:

    m waiting for durex condom……aa jaye to maja aa jaye

  138. anonymus says:

    i ordered 1000 products . will they deliver me the products? Please tell me.

  139. Akhil says:

    IF they cancel orders from us they should provide some SD CASH FOR EACH ORDER WE PLACED OR ELSE I will file case on consumer court cheating Customers

  140. ramesh says:

    i placed 51 orders exactly utilised max of my time from 7.30 till expiry.how can some guys place more than 100 some even saying 1000

  141. Aritra says:

    is it over? :(

  142. Rahul says:

    Koi tpo reply karo yaar…..15 min lge tric likhne me….. :P

  143. Mahesh says:

    Ab yeh deal katam ho gyi hai bhaiyo. koi fayda nahi bakwas karne ka.
    Aana hoga toh aa jayega nahi ayega toh dekhenge kya karna hai. waise snapdeal will honor i think
    Ab baari hai lootne ki PEPPERFRY ko :) maar lo sab :)

  144. Snapdeal.com says:

    snapdeal if you deliver all my order then i will change my name to “Snapdeal Sibbal” :D

  145. Atinder says:

    not working for me

  146. mahesh says:

    i talk to the the custoumer care of snapeal.
    he says that you have to pay rs.30 as shipping charges.
    the shiping charges was not shown in m.snapdeal.com
    some body please reply

    • Jain says:

      No need to pay shipping charges if they not cancelling the orders for sure.
      1)It was indicated in the website “Shipping Charges : 0″ while we placing the order
      2)If you check myorders sections, there also its showing shipping charge as zero on all the purchases

  147. Sam says:


  148. Pravesh says:

    is the offer still on???
    its telling me invalid promo code!!

  149. amruth says:

    got expired?

  150. nitin says:

    @rahul, teri trik se to ek hi product bar bar order kia ja skta hai, what about other products

  151. abhijit says:

    plz mark it as expired ADMIN; coupon is not working ……..

  152. abhijit says:

    mark it as expired

  153. ramesh says:

    i think only fkm viewers were lucky to see this.no other site posted this.and if that was true we all receive our orders.

  154. ashish says:

    it is stop working

  155. PK says:

    SNAPDEAL.com has sent me just two condoms instead of 10 pc. pack

  156. jklb says:

    Coupon code no longer works

  157. nisha says:


  158. jon says:

    if i am not getting products also no worried……
    coz i have bought many deals in my city n that also got SMS confirmation at the same
    let’s wait for the products will they dispatched or not

  159. ayush jain says:

    not working now it has been declared in forum

  160. ashish says:

    deal expired

  161. Yankee says:

    Not working now??

  162. Ravi says:

    I am not able to order … it is saying invalid promo code

  163. Ravi says:

    It is saying “Invalid Promo code”

  164. SHIVAM says:


  165. Shailesh says:

    They cancelled my all order .

  166. user says:

    Admin remove this from featured as i t is expired. And bring something new. Also put label expired.

  167. kareena kapoor says:

    what about order status

  168. shantanu chatterjee says:

    poor guys, how can they ship 850 products to one person without any payment, use your mind, they are canceling each and every order citing out of stock, you all have wasted your time.

  169. Chirag says:

    Admin – This is bad, people using so cheap language is not at all acceptable.

  170. Rahul says:

    Any news from Snapdeal frns????
    Are they going to ship our orders or all ll be cancelled???

  171. Akhil says:

    IF snapdeal Cancelled orders We all used promo codes we have right to ask sd cash for all orders cancelled or they should give us flat 50 off promo codes for each and every order. WE have order number and snapshot ready ………..

    Snapdeal What will you do now

  172. Rahul says:

    Any Update from Snapdeal???

  173. borad ca says:

    @admin i have purchase many items in same account that can be valid or not?

  174. VIJAI says:


  175. shaiesh says:

    they cancelledddddddddddddddddddddd my all order

  176. mahesh says:

    please read it all
    agaar woo order cancell kar raha hota to saara maal out of stock kyon hota
    saara maal out of stock hai iska matlab woo koi bhi order cancell nahi kar raha

  177. Smriti says:

    code expired :(

  178. ramesh says:

    called snapdeal custumer care they said all orders will b honered.am lucky didnt remember how many orders i placed

  179. Praveen Vishnu Shamain says:

    Had placed three orders from three different accounts. Today, received a SMS/E-Mail with shipping details (through BlueDart courier).

    Thanks, FK.

  180. ramesh says:

    does any ones status changed

  181. DEEP says:

    Friends snapdeal have started CANCELLING all the order placed from 19th from 0.00 hours of 21st Feb 2012.
    The mail reads as follows:
    “You are receiving this notification because one or more items in your order 361580835 have been cancelled. We at Snapdeal deeply regret the inconvenience caused to a valued customer like you, and extend our heartfelt apologies.

    your order details

    You are entitled to a refund amount of Rs. . It takes anywhere between 1-3 weeks for bank to process your refund. To view details of your order, click here. For any further concerns, call 011-45371100 (24 hours, 7 days a week) or write to help@snapdeal.com

    Sad News for all those applied for it!!! What a fools we are na?????

  182. jaimin says:

    my orders are getting cancelled. lets see if they cancell all.

  183. sach says:

    i ordered 13 things and today got mail which consist of 9 orders cancelled….going to get 4 things…and cancelled orders are removed from order status ….. :(

  184. Paul Coelho says:

    THey are Started Cancelling orders my 4 Orders has been cancelled till now @ 1-30 am on 21-02-2012.
    But 1 good thing whoever paid some amt ie 1/- to 10/- they will honor that orders and they will be dispatched soon but all order upto 50/- are cancelled.

  185. Navpreet says:

    Out of 175 Orders….
    Just got 13 canceled :(
    All were Pantene 80ml Shampoo..

  186. gaurav says:

    hellooo guys all u hv booked on snapdeal using promocode SDMobile plz check ur email id which u hv rgstd while buying they cancelled all the product and they r saying that products are out of stock :(

  187. Amit says:

    lol they cancled the orders :))

  188. saurabh says:

    snapdeal have cancelled the order. here is the snapshot of their email.

  189. saurabh says:

    snap deal has cancelled the order and send the apology email. with a “REFUND”

  190. saurabh jaiswal says:

    snapdeal have cancelled the order with an apology email. and “REFUND” of the money.

  191. Rexon Fernando says:

    Snapdeal cancelled most of the orders.
    If anyone paid through netbanking/debitcard, then 3 paid items will be shipped.

    I ordered 26items. They are going to ship 3 paid items only.

  192. shiv says:


  193. MB says:

    All my orders have been cancelled by snapdeal without any reason :(

  194. jon says:

    everyone ordered have been cancelled……….i have checked my account now…….

  195. Surendra Bhilwal says:

    Kamino ne sare order cancel kar diye :
    ( :( :( :(

  196. jon says:

    but i hope they cannot cancelled the deal……heeee heeeee coz they have send sms already with verification code

  197. jon says:

    let them cancel my order still i have purchase a deal free of cost for Rs.649/-

  198. Mahavir says:

    They canceled all free orders. 1 order which i paid is showing in orders list.

    they just deleted all orders from Account Info.

  199. Jain says:

    Today got mail from Snapdeal regarding the cancellation of all the orders I made.. :-)
    Wasted my 2 hours by ordering 50 products :-)

  200. KAMAL says:

    SNAPDEAL IS A BIG CHEATER……………….. Canceled al the order………………*******************

  201. KAMAL says:

    SNAPDEAL a big CHEATERS…. canceled al orders….. ************

  202. Experienced says:

    They have Cancelled all orders………

  203. Ajay says:

    Started canceling :)

  204. Rahul says:

    Hey snapdeal has canceled out all my orders …. Plz help some one sirf mere order hue hai hai kisi aur k bhi ?????I had ordered all products from my mobile … :(

  205. MB says:

    wat a unprofessional website….cant honour their commitments also…. code should have been restricted to one order ….. their code was defective in first place and customers wasted time and company benefitted by free testing at our costs of their trial version website…. very bad approach

  206. Aamir says:

    good news…. as most u have by now, u should’ve known the they have dispatched the paid products. for ex. in my case , i paid just Re 1 to get 1 shaving gel worth Rs51, and for the remaining products non-paid items, the’ve cancelled those orders … in the same way those whom so ever has paid even Re1 also, they’ll get their products !!!! however those guys who opted for cod, their orders will be definitely cancelled….

  207. namita says:

    no…….snap deal has cancelled all the orders even than we have no mistake it is shown in above add that u can place multiple orders so why they do so ……….at least one item should be provided from the bulk ordered items……………..:(

  208. rajdeep says:

    huh !! all orders are canceled

  209. anuj says:

    all my order is canceled :(

  210. anuj says:

    all my order is cancelled ………………… :(

  211. vikas says:

    All orders are cancelled

  212. dragondost says:


  213. prafulla says:

    They Have Cancelled all the order’s go check the order history in Snapdeal, till now it was displaying 60 orders pending which was ordered using the coupon, now it nothing :( Cheater’s

  214. shakir says:

    boooo………. they have cancelled the order’s

  215. Sumit says:

    Snapdeal cancelled my order after accepting the order.
    This is really pathetic!!!!!!!

  216. Abhijeet says:

    snapdeal cancel my order…….. :(

    i placed only 1 order….

  217. Shivam says:


  218. Aamir says:

    yippy! !!! 1 out of 6 products dispatched today….. the’ve shipped shaving gel worth 51, for which i paid just Re1 via debit card :-)

  219. Ravish says:

    They have cancelled all my orders.

  220. prince says:

    They said all the orders are cancelled :(

  221. Jain says:

    I am unable to see any posts after FKM updated their website.. Issue exists only for this topic only

  222. Bagmar_siddarth says:

    same problem

  223. Aanchal Bhatia says:

    not working now..

  224. Kartik says:

    the coupon is not working for any of the products and moreover shipping charge is rs.30 for purchase below rs.299 ! sheer waste of time

  225. EKTA says:

    Not working …. huh ! what to enter in the code ???…

  226. Amit says:

    AJAY, Why dont you just shut the f*** off? How lame you are?

    At-least he shared!! Its not his fault if we don’t get products!! He dont own snapdeal.. and the things he told it worked liked charm, we people did order many things… so please, shut up!! He never invited you to post or read his post. It was all your wish.

  227. Rocky says:

    its frendbee.tk

  228. Ram says:

    HA HA

    For ur kind info
    its not 12 yet
    then y did snap deal blocked order placing


  229. Shefali says:

    hahahahahaha Good one… nice joke…

  230. Pinky says:

    Then why the FK you are accepting more than one order. ha ha!

  231. Akhil says:

    BAD END Spend 1 hr in ordering 850 products

  232. RICKY POTTY says:


  233. Bubyee says:

    What is this Google ??

  234. Bubyee says:

    i have used one …if you want then let me knw

  235. Rahul says:

    When an Order was completed you were directed to order confirmation page [Thank you for your order or something like that].
    On that page Snapdeal was giving Order No.
    So now you are on page where you have entered your shipping details.(All of details are already filled up as details were saved in Cache memory of ur PC)
    On that page I again pressed Continue Button on page and BINGO a new order was generated on next page.
    So I repeated that process(pressing Back on Order Confirmation page and after that pressing continue button on shipping detail page.) again and again. and each time I did that a new order was generated.
    I hope every body understand this.
    I f any doubt than I will clear that :)

  236. rajdeep says:

    ya rahul u vr right bro, hope u get al ur products, bt dnt worry snapdeal iss me bhi earn kr legi. I’ll explain 1) courier company contract for orders in bulk,
    2) they purchase items in bulk quantity so they get at cheap rate.

  237. Rahul says:

    Very True Bro….I hope every one gets what they have ordered… :)

  238. rex says:

    haaaaaaaaaa………right they said they will dispatched soon

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