[Expired]Get Pendrives Memory card at never before – Memory Card & Pen drives at Rs.99 only from ->May 1, 2012

No Code Needed

Here is another super sale from shopclues.com , today they are giving huge discount on  Memory Cards and Pen Drives, You can get 8GB SD card or 8GB pen drive at just Rs.99.

Just select the deal page link of your choice and buy these Memory cards and Pen drives at never before prices.

  1. Strontium 8 GB Pollex Pen Drive (Black/Red) for Rs.99
  2. Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 4) for Rs.99
  3. Strontium 8GB SD Memory Card (Class 4) for Rs.159
  4. Strontium 16GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 6) for Rs.329
  5. Strontium Pollex 16GB USB Flash Drive (Black) for Rs.319
  6. Strontium TNT 32GB Pen Drive (Black) for Rs.849
  7. Strontium 32GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 10) for Rs.1449
  8. Strontium 16GB SD Memory Card (Class 10) for Rs.569
  9. Strontium 32GB SDHC Card (Class 10) for Rs.1399

Apply promo code SCSM99 to get the discount and buy these pen drives at unbelievable prices.

Deal Credit:Sontu from forum

May 1, 2012

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100 thoughts on “[Expired]Get Pendrives Memory card at never before – Memory Card & Pen drives at Rs.99 onlyFrom Our Homepage

  1. Dinesh says:

    not working.. getting error while checkout
    Cart is Empty
    Your cart is empty, so you cannot proceed to checkout.

    • dhara says:

      i also agree i also can’t do any body plz help us…

    • arp135 says:

      It’s working now. I already made a payment with net banking payment option. 8 GB pen drive of Strontium company. Superb Deal.

    • karanj says:

      its working,,\
      please try again

    • SUBHAJIT says:

      IT IS WORKING I GOT IT AT 99+ 30 RS.

    • St.Jimmy says:

      After you checkout, and you get the above said error there is another option to checkout in probably the top of the page where your selected product will also be mentioned along with.
      Checkout from there and you’ll get what you want.

    • vivek says:

      try again an again
      ho jau gaa
      mai v bahut tym laga k kita c
      prfr to press continue shoping than chek out on top of left side

  2. amit says:

    Strontium Pollex Series 16GB USB Flash Drive is of 502 not 319 rupees???

  3. Ashu says:

    COD available or not??

  4. Saurabh says:

    No COD option.. :(

  5. amit says:

    arre ye pen drives and memory cards are not of the same prises mentioned here. do we need to apply some coupon??
    please reply

  6. amit says:

    arre wo to bad me dekhenge. lekin 8gb pen drive to 276 ki hai not 99
    how to get in 99?

    • Rohan says:

      @ amit – first add the strontium 8gb pendrive to ur cart @ 276….
      Then, after applying ur shipping details,, they will ask for the coupon code. Apply Code – SCSM99 there & the price will come down to Rs. 99+30

  7. Vikas says:

    i managed to buy 1

  8. amit says:

    vikas how did u buy at the prises mentioned here?
    is 8gb pen drive of rupees 276 or 99?
    please do reply

  9. Manas says:

    Ye… sare cheaters hai…. jhooth bolte hein… item cart mein add hi nahin hota…. bas site pe click badhane ka taika hai…. nonsense

    • samrendra says:

      are dimag nai hai to kyo bakwas karte ho, dekha to karo thik se, sab kuch dikha hua hai waha site par.
      put SCSM99 in coupan code n price will reduce to rs 99 plus 30 rs per item shipping cost. and buy only one item as coupan will be applied on one item only.
      and yes clear ur cache if u ae not able to add item to cart
      . i already bought 1 pen drive n 1 micro sd card for Rs.129 each in the morning .

  10. amit says:

    arre but agar ye bhi juth bolte hai to ye free kaa maal ke admins without checking post kyu kar rahe hai?
    mera cart me add to hui 8gb pen drive but 306 me
    maine order cancel kar diya
    admin how to get above pen drive in 99
    do reply

    • samrendra says:

      are dimag nai hai to kyo bakwas karte ho, dekha to karo thik se, sab kuch dikha hua hai waha site par.
      put SCSM99 in coupan code n price will reduce to rs 99 plus 30 rs per item shipping cost. and buy only one item as coupan will be applied on one item only.
      and yes clear ur cache if u ae not able to add item to cart
      . i already bought 1 pen drive n 1 micro sd card for Rs.129 each in the morning .

      and yes add coupan code in capital letter SCSM99.

      log dekhte sochte baad me hai pahle kuch bhi bakwas likh denge

  11. AYUSH says:

    I agree with ALL OF YOU eXcept VikaS … How did he managed to buy ???

  12. cupidious says:

    Guys i had talk with shop clues….Keep patience..Its valid till 4th may…. & There is technical prob…They are working on it

  13. vishal says:

    buddy coupan code apply karo u will get pendrive at rs129 including all tax

  14. Ramesh says:

    Guys its working now, apply code during check out and it works, shipping charges also applicable so, it will be rs 129

  15. amit says:

    cupidious what cc people r saying? and secondly ye konse prises me milengi?

  16. amit says:

    which coupon code to apply??

  17. Ramesh says:

    look at the image above, use coupon code SCSM99

  18. deopa says:

    arrey bha log saath mei coupon bhi to diya hai apply karne ko – use it to reduce the prices.

  19. namita says:


  20. spiderman says:

    Got 8 GB memory card for 30 Rs (Only shipping cost) by applying 100 Shop clues !

    Got 8 GB pen drive for 99 Rs (Due to their site error, they haven’t billed shipping cost)..

    Nice deal..

    • panku says:

      hey ,how did u get micro sd card in just rs.30 and pen drive in 99..i have paid 129(99+30)..please tell…

  21. P.K.Arun says:

    Thanks for this deal, Successfuly ordered “Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 4) for Rs.99″.

    8GB pendrive deal is not working..

  22. freedeal says:

    ebay coupon giveaway
    visit http:// goo . gl / R9VT7
    remove spaces from url

  23. Ramjan Rao says:

    shipping charges 30 rs extra..bought one…than FKM

  24. varun says:

    does this site delivers the product???
    coz i didnt received the delivery date yet

    • samrendra says:

      very quick this is my third deal from this site, both time i receive product withi 7 days, or say 3-4 day after deal closer. u can also vist their facebook page.

  25. prasad says:

    Dont use password.
    login without passworrd

  26. Rascalz says:

    Hey Guys,
    is working
    Just apply the Promo Code SCSM99 while chcking out..

    DONT add more than one product!!! at a time..

    Every order is unique and seperate/per product to get that for 99/-

    Thanks :)


    Rascal ;-)

  27. Google says:

    suceesfully placed order of 8gb pen drive ……thnx

  28. Boopathi says:

    I have registered the pen drive Rs.129(+shipping charges)

  29. Mrigank says:

    Thanks for the post ,purchase one use code SCSM99 at time of checkout final price Rs=129 includes shipping.

  30. Girish says:

    Bought 8gb Micro SD card at Rs.129. Great deal from Shopclues and thanks FKM for sharing it :)

  31. euro says:

    is diz a geniune site to buy??

  32. Hemanth says:

    Hi admin, I placed an order from http://www.dealsandyou.com, order number: 509218. I purchased it on 11/4/12. To get a 50rupees recharge. Even I have submitted a form after placing the order. But I didn’t get any confirmation mail from you. However, this is the third time I’m contacting you. It’s okay if I don’t get a 50rs recharge. But god sake please respond to the inquiries.

  33. nicky0288 says:

    it will cost 130 , i manged to buy a 8 gb mico sd card

  34. suja says:

    I have logged in and every time i check out for 16Gb SD card it says “your cart in empty ”
    Admin, pls look into it.

  35. uttam says:

    hey its working i ordered 1..thanks fkm

  36. Raja says:

    Good deal but they will cancel the orders and refund very late…

  37. cupidious says:


  38. euro says:


  39. KumarAjay says:




  40. priyank says:

    ordered one 8 gb microsd
    working perfectly….
    thanks fkm

  41. KumarAjay says:

    Mere Se Toh Shipping bhi Charge Nahi Ki…:) Just Rs 99


  42. worked for me
    successfully placed an order of 8gb sd card
    lets see how much time they will take for delivery.
    thanks to fkm

  43. devil says:

    @admin how to know abt the conformation abt the order…..plz help…

  44. samrendra says:

    this is the 3rd jaw dropping deal i bought from shopclues.com, thanks shopclues and thanks freekaamaal.com, u were the one which gave me link to shopclues.com

  45. Amit Srivastava says:

    I have ordered 16 GB Pen drive without any issue and Coupon code is same for all. And the total cost is 319+30= 349 (30 rs of shipment).

  46. Akash Kedia says:

    Ordered One.. Its working

  47. ---Raj--- says:

    I don’t know why i am getting this error message… ??

    1. Ensure that the right coupon code is applied
    2. Some discount coupons are applicable only once
    3. Promotional discounts differ when you choose Cash On Delivery
    4. Refer the terms and conditions of the coupon

    when ever i am applying the coupon code its showing the above errors… :(
    I am not able to purchase those products… :( :( :( :( :(

    • ---Raj--- says:

      It worked now.. but after pursing pendrive its showing me as :
      [b]“This coupon can be used only once. You have already applied it.”[/b]
      What to do now?

  48. Ramesh says:

    Not able to apply discount code to 8GB pen drive from strontium….however discount is applicable to other products….but i want to buy 8 gb pen drive only….

    somebody plz help!!!!!1

  49. asif says:

    not working.. getting error while checkout of Strontium 8 GB Pollex Pen Drive !!!
    Cart is Empty
    Your cart is empty, so you cannot proceed to checkout.

  50. vaibhav says:

    hey everyone i purchased 8gb pen drive in just 99 only..no shipping charge but when i am purchasing 8gb micro sd card it shows that this coupon can only be used once ..what does that mean.???

  51. Sanjeev says:

    Website looks genuine. Lets see.

  52. zoya says:

    i ordered a 32gb pendrive, after the balnce got deducted from my bank a/c it showed transaction incomplete…wat to do?

    • ali says:

      hi zoya..contact the site through email or call mentioning the order id..they will surely refund the money

  53. freebies says:

    branded perfumes at just Rs 50. visit here for more details

  54. raja says:

    stock SOLD OUT

  55. i placed another order with diff. id
    micro sd card
    who said sold out?

  56. Somesh says:

    Worked for me. Ordered 3 pendrives- 2 16gb & 1 8gb. Thanks a lot. FKM rocks \m/

  57. Sanjeev says:

    This may prove a fake one. They do not respond on chat, phone or mail.

    Suggest you hold your purchases to avoid being cheated.

  58. ravi says:

    its too late………frnd

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  60. Dip says:

    All the products are Out of Stock.

  61. qazx says:

    FAKE FAKE FAKE…. Got a mail… saying o]your order is refunded… but havent got any money credited to my account….

    • Akshay says:

      very true bro….guyzz dnt buy from shopclues this time they making fool they not even refunding

  62. vishal says:

    wat u guys do wid memory card???? ;-(

  63. qazx says:

    store memories

  64. Amit Srivastava says:

    My order was placed correctly on 1st may and money deducted, but still I cant see any shipment detail.

    Did anyone get any shipment detail…..?????

  65. vijay says:

    My pen drive has been dispatched hope got it today or day after

  66. Navneet says:

    This is bull crap.. I recd this mail seconds ago and when I am logging to buy, it states Sold out.. What the hell…

  67. nitinraman says:

    i want to tell you all that THIS OFFER TILL 4 MAY IT MEANS TOMORROW!

  68. today i got an email that they are going to refund my money. wtf is this?

  69. priyank says:

    received my 8gb micro sd 2day….bt instead of microsd they have sent microsdhc

  70. alpesh says:

    not working.. :(

  71. raj says:

    i orderd 8GB micro sd card on may1.received on may8..very nice site

  72. gaurav says:

    coupon is not working

  73. gaurav says:

    hey can i get this product dliverd in my village of punjab ??

  74. saurin says:

    tell me When this offer Come agin????
    i need to buy strontium pendrive because its nice company…….

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