Free Samples of P & G products from ->October 29, 2010
No Code Needed is back again with lots of free product samples ,  this time samples of  Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Olay, Gilette, Pampers, Whisper are up for grab. To get these  samples all you have to do is register yourself on their site and verify mobile number, once done  you are good to order product samples. On top of this they are also offering discounts on combos of these products as a part of P&G Utsav promotion. So go ahead and enjoy this offer.

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October 29, 2010

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115 thoughts on “Free Samples of P & G productsFrom Our Homepage

  1. Bhavesh says:

    I Love these Products

  2. i like this is very good in use\

  3. imtiyaz khanusia says:

    i like olay totel efect is very good in use

  4. Rafik Khanusia says:

    There is no option of P & G Products

  5. vijay says:

    I Love these Products

  6. AMIT says:

    i just got these today, happy !

  7. KAT says:

    This pg site is great.

  8. Priya says:

    i ordered all 7 samples.But i got only 5 in the following order:-
    1)First a box with 4 samples
    2)secondly a blue packet with Ariel.
    I didnt receive Pamper n Head & Shoulder yet.
    All the products Which i received are very good.

  9. pooja says:

    I just love all the products thank you

  10. irfan says:

    Nice to hear Positive feedback from your side ..i hope u will receive rest of ur samples soon too

  11. irfan says:

    is a very nice……. hope u will receive rest of ur samples soon too

  12. anu says:

    i tried to order at P&G but there is some address issue :( i mean i live in lucknow but still they are saying that it cannot be delivered :’(

  13. Pallavi says:

    I love this site. We recd the free products & my all frnds also. All are so happy. Thankx………………..:-)

    • admin says:

      @Pallavi , thanks for appreciating our work and also this site, if you have any ideas to improve our website , then plz let us know through our contact us page .

  14. Poonam says:

    I like all P&G Product. Its emazing, but olay tube is too small (8 gm)

  15. neetu says:

    hi, i have recd my 4 samples out of 7 & they all r v gud & useful..thanx 4 giving these sample products.

  16. trapti says:

    i like all the samples. olay is too gud to use and panteen is just awesm.

  17. hamza says:

    i recieve 5 samples but did not recieve the sample of ariel.plz reply

    • admin says:

      I have ordered P&G sample long back and i did receive the Ariel sample, i would suggest you to visit their website and try to contact their customer care…

  18. RANJAN says:

    so many times,i tried and tried,but all the time it lost the connection,mujhe lagta hai,maal-e-muft,dil-e-beraham,sab khatam ho gaya,logo ko mil gaya,aur kuch bacha nahi hoga,chalo,paisa de ke kharid lenge,bye guys.

  19. Vinay Garg says:

    I applied for the product on Feb 22, 2011, but could not get any response till date. Waiting for the samples……..

    • admin says:

      Usually it will 4 to 6 weeks for samples to arrive….So i request you to plz wait for some more time and if your problem still persist then you can contact the customer care number given at the P&G website..

  20. jayesh r.shah says:

    n-402, vishwas city – ii, r.c.technical road, ghatlodia, ahmedabad – 380061 gujarat

  21. Vinay Garg says:

    Dear Sir,

    I got only Pantene, H & S and Gillete.

    What about other 4 samples?

    Please reply

  22. dilip says:

    plz send me your free. combo pack
    34/35 nandigram soceity Opp gajera school Katargam Surat

  23. I get this product. I Like this product very much.

  24. rabia says:

    i did not get samples till now yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • admin says:

      lots of people have received sample of P& G products, usually it takes 4-6 weeks i request you to wait for some more time or otherwise contact the customer care at P&G website.

  25. rabia says:

    thx admin

  26. YESHA SHAH says:


  27. Sona says:

    Very superb site i PG…
    But i received only ARIEL…

  28. rabia says:

    sir g i didnt rec any samples till now its more dan 1 and half month yyyyyyyyyy

  29. anju says:

    send it soon ..

  30. anju says:

    i forgot to give the address

    Comment Deleted

  31. prabha says:

    i aslo did not get sample till now

  32. kamlesh prajapati says:

    I have not received free sample till date.

  33. KAUSHIKA says:

    I applied for the product , but could not get any response till date. Waiting for the samples……..plz sent p & g product free sample plz

  34. KAUSHIKA says:


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  36. hi i requste you please give me trial pack

  37. admin says:

    Good News !! today one of our reader has received some samples of p&G , so keep your hopes up guyz, you will also receive your pack soon !!!

  38. aastha says:

    i have got all but has anyone got duracell free sample yet. i have not got. i ordered it many days ago. how many duracell batteries are they giving admin do u have any idea, is it only 1 battery.

  39. Kunal Kumar says:


    I registered myself a month back and applied for PG products which i have been not received yet. I received the mail from PG but there is no way of tracking status.

  40. maddy says:

    I hav got Olay,shampoo,ariel…but waiting for gillette products..anybody got gillette..

  41. mamta says:

    ihave not got the free p&g sample product

  42. samiksha says:

    PLZ tell me,Is P & G offer existing right now? can i order today…

  43. YESHA SHAH says:


  44. Tushar Pawar says:

    ihave not got the free p&g sample product

  45. chhayalmodi says:

    ye you can order p&g product

  46. naman patel says:

    i apply for 75 days ago but still i have not get. But 15 days ago i wrote email ( today i got reply from that as follow,

    “””””””We apologize for the delay. We are presently overwhelmed with your responses. We will serve you shortly and let you know once your samples are shipped. Sorry for the inconvenience.””””””””

    So my advice it that, who not get their sample , email them with your sample reference IDs.

  47. mukesh rao says:


    I registered myself a month back and applied for PG products which i have been not received yet. I received the mail from PG but there is no way of tracking status.

  48. Dhanu says:

    I delete my authentication code from my mobile , please give me a way to recover the code

  49. Ankita says:

    I ordered all the seven products of P&G 20 days back bt dint receive ny of dem tl yet :-(

    • admin says:

      Yeah!! now a days they are having some problem in delivering products..i got one product after 45 days of ordering

  50. kaushika says:

    I applied for the product on Feb 22, 2011, but could not get any response till date. Waiting for the samples……..

  51. saud says:

    i have received my duracell batteries after 2 months 8)

  52. vaishali says:

    w r not recd free samlpes of p & g products . its 3 month gone

  53. Respected Sir / Madam,

    I love this site. We recd the free products & my all frnds also. All are so happy.


  54. elizabethe says:

    Guys I received my free sample after almost 60 days.. Have patience and mail them a complain nd also put a complain on der website..

  55. sheetal says:

    Friends u will definitely get the samples… but it will take more than 2 months… So have patience and wait for ur same… :)

  56. yet not received samples

  57. maulik says:

    i want to need 4 gb pen drive how to register i m for it

  58. anu says:

    i have
    ordered all products 50 days back,when i will get them

  59. bkg says:

    i have not received since 2 months a single sample and also write them many times and they said that we will send them………..but still waiting.

  60. bk graj says:

    if you dont get samples write to ashna and than you will get the samples…………..

  61. sara says:

    Hi admin,

    Is PG improving life sample are still available. Can i order it??? please reply immediately…

  62. Seer says:

    What is Ashna’s email address? I registered but it says service not available in your area even though my city is mentioned in the list. I wrote in the contact you address but there is no reply. I tried to re register but problem is the same. Please suggest.

  63. bk graj says:

    fill the form again and select the your city, the trick is put any of your city’s pin code which is valid in p&g form. it will reach you with wrong pin also.

  64. tanu says:

    hi admin.
    plz send the free sample

  65. Sushma says:

    Thanks BK Graj, they have accepted my request with a wrong pincode. I am so happy.

  66. Meeta says:

    There are only 3 products they are giving since a long long time. When will they start givng Duracell, Ariel, Whisper & Pamper. P & G has so many other products they can even start giving to members.

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  68. anu says:

    actually i kept “@” symbol in my password then the website accepted but the website changed to in this website my account is not opening with”@” in my password plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  69. Admin says:

    Anu! please send one email to their customer care at only can solve your problem…Hope this helps!!1

  70. Aayesha says:

    I got my free pantene today !!

  71. moumita says:

    they really send free products

  72. Amit says:

    Admin I’ve sent you the link to a freebie, you haven’t replied.

  73. hetal vora says:

    i requested for a semple of Head & Shoulders,Olay, & Pantene Pro V @ 5-10-2011 but still i haven’t received

  74. Amit says:

    Rewardme is giving Pamper Diaper 2 pack sample and Gillette Fusion shaving razor. Check out the site for the sample.

  75. Amit says:

    Admin, I have revealed these samples are available but I have not got any recharge voucher neither have you replied. Please reply.

  76. Jay says:

    Sent sample request 0n 21.9.2011 but not received anything.

  77. Jyoti says:

    When is the last day to submit entries for the Ariel Shine Challenge? Has anyone won yet?

  78. Rajat Arora says:

    requested 4 sample 5weeks back.. but not recieved sample..
    marked mail but haven’t got revert. wat 2 do??

  79. A & J says:

    Booked samples 3 months ago, no news from them. Their products are good but service is pathetic.

  80. Maxyjockey says:

    Excellent P & G……….i recieved 3 samples

  81. Maxyjockey says:

    Means 3 * 3 samples…

  82. I have ordered PG samples and also at the same time my friend has ordered in August. But we did not received any samples till November. Then we wrote to pg life improvng for not sending the samples then they gave us DTDC tracking numbers. After tracking these numbers we found that samples have already delivered in September. However we have not received the same.

    After fight with DTDC we have not yet received these samples. DTDC couriers peoples are using these samples and are not giving to person. DTDC is a cheater compony.

    So what to do in this case ??? pls help me out

  83. anup says:

    I have ordered for free samples of P& G on 16th may2012.Last Saturday I received a packet containing Wella hair colour and empty gillette fusion rapper . I informed this to the courier company BSA on their phone number-41616161 that I have received empty pack of gillette fusion. The customer care manager Mr Sudhir told that they have received all samples in very bad packing and most of the material was falling from the packets. He assured me that he will look into the matter as he has received lot of other complaints. But till date this company has not contacted me again.

  84. Rahul says:

    I am so happy to write this I had recived total 6 samples out of 7 and all are very good on quality basis.
    Nice products …..

  85. vaishali says:

    today i got gillet

  86. Ajay Suthar says:

    Nothing is coming free, ordered 5 products but not get anyone

  87. Bharathi Sarkar says:

    Can i request for the samples of Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Olay, Gilette, Whisper & Pampers Active XXL size,

  88. dev says:

    samples of Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Olay, Gilette
    send me on….10/a nrushihpark socity near vijay nagar cross road naranpura ahmedabad 13
    gujarat india tnks…hope u send me soonn….

  89. charu says:

    i want 2 get sample of olay,pantene ,head and shoulder ,,but they are not available yet,,so when i get those sample..rply

  90. kirti says:

    i did not get auth code. i send message to 9223347100.but they send msg that your not registerd no. plz help me

  91. animesh says:

    i did not get auth code. i send message to 9223347100.but they send msg that your not registerd no. plz help me
    charged rs 1.5

  92. Anju mehrotra says:

    how to get free samples of p&g products.

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