Free sample of Saffola Masala Oats thorugh SMS from ->March 13, 2012
No Code Needed

Here is another freebie for all of our free stuff fans, This time its Saffola who is giving free sample of their masala Oats- to get this freebie all you need to do is send one SMS to 53636 and wait for a call from their representative.

How to get Free sample of Saffola Masala Oats through SMS

  1. Send SMS "Saffola Oats" to 53636
  2. Instantly you will get one confirmation message stating "Thanks for your SMS, Our Saffola Masala Oats customer service representative will call you in the next few days to get your details"


Freebie Credit: Priyanka from Forum

March 13, 2012

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74 thoughts on “Free sample of Saffola Masala Oats thorugh SMSFrom Our Homepage

  1. Amitgoel3 says:

    no sms received and 2 rs deducted foolish fmk

  2. Rohba says:

    Ordered One just now…Thanks FKM

  3. monu says:

    Worked like a charm..and got confirmation message now waiting for call from their representative

  4. Akkie says:

    got the sms

  5. RJ says:

    yeh working…THNX FKM

  6. Vamsi. G says:

    It says Internal Server error, didnt get confirmation message 

  7. Krishna says:

    sent msg & got confirmation….waiting for call….thanx FKM

  8. Hema Bonthala says:

    Better to mention the SMS charge as well since it is a special number. For Airtel Customers it is 3rs/-

  9. Sumit says:

    I also sent the msg and waiting for call…..
    I am thinking this is valid offer, so pls do not do any changes

  10. priyanka_rockin says:

    yes sms charges apply! i think its 3rupees for all operators….

  11. pmp says:

    msg not delivered ….isn’t it fake……….?

  12. Anilpatil_2005 says:

    yes its working…..thanks Fkm

  13. Aditya says:

    can i sms from way2sms?

  14. Deep says:

    dear admin
    i know a lot of free sample offers.. but how to post it on freekaamaal..??
    and what will i get on posting offers..???

    • Ankurgohit says:

      Go to forum and register

      Then go to the type of offer which you want to share
      then click on add thread and add the details

  15. Dharamehta4 says:

    i also did not get any call or message from them.. what happen to it…

  16. pmp says:

    still        no conformation  call .it’s a fake & funky deal……………very bad ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  17. Ca Nishakoetcha says:

    no call received waiting for 3 days

  18. priyanka_rockin says:

    i got confirmation call from their representative to get my address, they said it’ll reach within 10-15 days workin days !

  19. Natural Gp says:

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  20. Nachi says:

     no call received, they begs our money…

  21. bablu says:

    today received the call from safola asking for name and address.

  22. Tanushree says:

    I recd a call to confirm my address.

  23. Ankurgohit says:

    Got the call today

  24. Alok says:

    Just received a call from a lady confirming address. Thanks free kaa maal

  25. Raman JI says:

    today received the call from safola asking for name and address.

  26. sonika says:

    me 2 send my msg and got confirmation… finally waiting 4 d call…. :))))

  27. Tarana Hussain says:

    i recived the call

  28. Natural Gp says:

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  29. Nevuridilipreddy says:

    got the call…waiting for the sample…thanx fkm

  30. Rupesh surana says:

    Nice Got d Call , Wating For This :)

  31. Shivani_shringarpure says:


  32. Dharamehta4 says:

    can any one tell me from which number they call for confirmation….

  33. Welcome says:

    Hi! Guys Get Rs.99 instantly in your account
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  34. Preet Kirtan says:

    got call 15 days back till now i have not received the sample dont waste money by sending sms.

  35. Katre Mandar says:

    i think this is fake

  36. Lakshmi says:

    Did anyone received the Sample??.I just got the call 20 days back…But no sample till now……….

  37. Drnonaent09 says:

    it showed invalid no….waste of money

  38. Amitesh Gupta says:

    got call 16 days back till now i have not received the sample dont waste money by sending sms.if any one receive it, please inform me from which courier it is coming…….. 

    • Anjali_reddy21 says:

      u will get the sample for sure, i did get my safolla healthy heart package (basmati rice,oats, healthy aata mix ) after filling details online on their website after a month or so , so since u have already got the call , just relax  u will get it ,but takes some time.

  39. Narasimharao says:

    Today received the call from safola asking for name and address. 


  40. Bhavna Pruthi23 says:

    same here its ful on fake n faltu , they jus charge money 4 sms nothing else……..

  41. Bhavna Pruthi23 says:

    after sending msg rply was” invalid key. send help 4 help, mate  2 find ur partener “,,, nd aisdae hi or bakvas…….  hey krishna wt u got in ur conformation msg….Type your comment here.

  42. Kaashaane says:

    i received my free samples of saffola oats today , thanks freekaamaal

  43. Dayal Pant says:

    got call 25 days back till now i have not received the sample dont waste money by sending sms.if any one receive it, please inform me from which courier it is coming……..

  44. Nevuridilipreddy says:

    received the sample today…

  45. namita says:

    Is this offer still working?????????

  46. Ayushi Goyal says:

    awesome product…i likes it very much..masala maggie and knor soupy noodles are my fav. but i have to think before eating because of maida…saffola masala oats tastes jus like maggie and its healthy too..both the flavors are yummy….waiting for saffola masala oats to be available in market..u guys made my day..thanks a lot for dis product…

  47. Kanchan says:

    Received 2 samples of Saffola masala oats yesterday.

  48. Anwer says:

    got call 20 days back till now i have not received the sample …..

  49. Mayur says:

    Received my sample yesterday…

  50. Prashant_ralia says:

    hi friends
        yesterday i got 2 samples. i got call from saffola near about 20-25 days ago so i can say that it is true that saffola is giving samples truly. please waith after getting call from saffola.
    take care
    prashant ralia

  51. Devendra says:

    received the samples today …thanks FreeKaaMaal :)

  52. Preet Kirtan says:

    i got the samples it is awesome.

  53. Tanushree says:

    received the samples & the taste is awesome…

  54. Tayyaba says:

    received my sample,yummy 8)

  55. sent   sms  ,did  not  get  a  response ,why  do  companies  not  bother  to  respond ? they  lose  credibility   &customers  dont  use  the  products  hence

  56. Nirmal74 says:

    i did ot get any call from saffola till now
    nirmal shah

  57. Shahyesha504 says:

    not received any call yet 20 days past.

  58. vishal says:

    didnt recive call from last 30 days what to do admin?

  59. Tharun says:

    From 3 days didn’t recieve any call…what to do…when will i get

  60. Tharun says:

    the person called me took my address 7 days ago…. and said i would receive in 7 days… its past more than 7 days… when will i get???

  61. Vishal says:

    I called Safolla Tollfree 1800222248. and they told it is only for south indian states. but they will send me sample as service gesture even too.. guys u can also call this no and get ur oats ;-)

  62. Rohith says:

    Why the hell they publicize so… They do not rely on the things what they say…Responding at a snail’s pace… disgusting

  63. sai says:

    i have received call from company person but not got any sample…..why????????

  64. nivedita says:

    till now i dosent receive m sample its now 2 mnths… i think its all fake………. send m sample thnksssssssss.

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