[Expired] Free sample of Olay Natural White ‘All in one’ fairness cream from ->September 30, 2011

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After a long gap, here is another free sample of skin products from the house of P&G,Just few minutes before Olay India has started a promotional campaign on Facebook where they are giving free sample of their new All in One Fairness Cream – Olay Natural While.

About Olay Natural White:

This new All in One Fairness cream from P&G gives your skin a look that you always wanted , have a look at the following benefits:

  • Nourish your skin
  • Keep your Skin hydrated
  • Reduces the appearances of Dark spots and dullness
  • Protects from Sun and Leaves you with a natural fairness that glows

free sample of Olay natual white

How to Order your free sample of Olay Natural White fairness cream:

  1. Visit Facebook page of Olay India
  2. Click on the ” Olay Natural White FREE Samples “ tab on the right side of Olay India Facebook Page
  3. A promotional page will appear showing the benefits of using Olay Natural White, Just click on the Free sample link on the top right
  4. A order form will appear , just fill up the form and your Olay Natural White Fairness cream will be shipped to your shipping address soon.

Order your free Olay Sample without Facebook:

If you are not having Facebook account and still want to order this free sample , please use the below direct link and fill up the form to get your free sample of Olay Natural White

Click here to order free sample of Olay Natural White without using Facebook.

Check out the latest commercial of Olay Natural White featuring Katrina:

Freebie Credit: Anu from FreeKaaMaal forum

September 30, 2011

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74 thoughts on “[Expired] Free sample of Olay Natural White ‘All in one’ fairness creamFrom Our Homepage

  1. anu says:

    thanks for publishing my name as well as my freebie,when will i get recharge

  2. khushboo says:

    this is also very good. and want to use this.

  3. Archana says:

    Hey Admin, this is great, you’ve given the direct link to a form. I’m glad about this. Thanks. This is an excellent site.Keep up the good work.

  4. Archana says:

    Admin please post the link for the Sunsilk 7 day trial kit. I don’t have a Facebook Account.

    • admin says:

      Sorry Archana, There is no direct link available for Sunsilk challenge..you need to have a FB account to order free sample…

  5. Nitin Sehra says:


  6. shruti says:

    hello admin..thanx for uch nyc freebies here.itss d best site.i wanted to share an offer but i logined but could not understand where to posst it.plz help or should i post it here itelf only??

    • admin says:

      Thanks for appreciating my work… If you want to share free stuff please post the same on FreeKaaMaal or if you are having trouble creating account ..then as told by Priyanka..just use Contact us form to share freebie..

  7. priyanka says:

    u go to ‘contact us’ tab on the right side of the page at the top, then provide ur name n email address, then post ur freebie details there to admin so that he can respond to u!!

  8. Sameer says:

    Hi, the link for he Olay sample is not accepting any input of name and other details.

    • admin says:

      Link is working perfectly ..if you are having trouble filling the form….mail me your details so that i can fill up the form on behalf of you…

  9. ayush jain says:

    the sunsilk seven day challenge has got over no need to order it

  10. aastha says:

    thanks i admin, i really appreciate ur hard work.. 1 thing i wanna ask widin how many days will i get the olay samples… any idea.. bcoz pg says 15 days and it takes 4 months to arrive

    • admin says:

      This freebie campaign is different from pgimprovinglife.com and I am sure it will be handled by some other agency so you can expect your sample within a month or so…

  11. ankit says:

    may i know the quantity admin and that is it for boys also.. plz rply

    • admin says:

      Quantity is not yet known..but don’t worry … it will be good as P&G always give sample of good quantity…and Yeah it is for Boyz also.. so give it a shot..

  12. Archana says:

    Thanks Anu for sharing this offer with us.

  13. TAYYABA says:

    thank you so much admin for shairing this freebie…

  14. Your Name... says:

    i have just applied for the olay free sample. however i have not got any reply as yet by mail. how do i know if i will be getting a sample.

    • admin says:

      They are not sending any confirmation mail but don’t worry you will get your sample for sure..P&G has done these time similar kind of giveaway in the past and everybody got their sample….

  15. mona says:

    Hi admin,

    thanks for your great job, I have a doubt will courien man take all my samples?, i am not getting any waited for 2 months.

    Is there any possibility to do so?

    please tell me.



    • admin says:


      Sometimes companies do not deliver samples to every town in the country so it may happen that you might not be getting any sample at all but possibility of courier man taking samples couldn’t be ignored in some cases..could you please tell me what samples you have ordered in last month? Then I might help you…Plz feel free to contact me…

  16. Bhupinder Pal Singh rinkukingson says:

    i ordered listerine mouth wash, bingo snacks, zapak freebies, fiama di wills gift hamper, himalaya gift hamper, sunsilk seven days challenge kits which i never get but expect these i have get all the products sample which i ordered on ur site.

    Bhupinder Pal Singh

    • admin says:

      @Bhupinder I am glad that you receve many freebie from FKM but about the above stated free sample , I want to tell you that Listerine and Bingo Snack will take time..so please wait for few more weeks and you will get your sample for sure..

  17. ankit says:

    pls suggest i can submit more sample for pgimprovinglife.then i get more sample,,
    pls explain i have only 2 numbers ,,

    • admin says:

      P&G send samples on per household basis..so even if you have multiple phone numbers..you cant order samples more than once bcz unless your shipping address is same…

      • ankit says:

        pls give me suggestions admin help me,,,,,,
        i give u rs 10

      • ankit says:

        pls give me suggestions admin help me,,,,,,
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,help me yaar
        my house in 6 member
        then give suggestions,,,
        unka kya kasor hai ki vo sample nhi mangwa sakte,,,
        kya unko jine ka koi adikhar nhi hai…………..

        • Rohit says:

          Ankit dost..isme tumhari baaki member kaa koi kasoor nahi hai…bas unhe P&G ke free sample use karne ka adhikaar nahi hai….

        • DevilKANAN says:

          Haaye… Ye jeevan…
          Kisko iska adhikar hai aur kisko nahi, ye to rab hi jaanta hai… :P :P
          Aur ADMIN ko Rs.10 ki ghoos dene ki koshish na karo… :P :P

  18. shi says:

    hey..it is not a problem you can order more than one on the same address…i almost got 25 samples at the same address.. :)

  19. Sud says:

    Is this Confirmed that they are really sending free sample, because my experience with facebook offers was not so good. For ex. Bingo, Gillette

    • admin says:

      The sample from bingo will come definitely so don’t loose hope..as per their T&C you have to wait for around 90 days…
      and this promotion is from P&G and they do deliver products…so give it a shot..you will get your sample for sure

  20. Sud says:

    Thank You

  21. JAY says:

    Hi, the link for he Olay sample is not accepting any input of name and other details.


    • admin says:

      Plz try again in diff browser or if problem persists send your contact details to me so that i can order one on your behalf..

  22. JAY says:

    YAH! You were right. I tried again in diff browser and I

    was able to fill the from. Thanks.

  23. URVI says:

    I have ordered p&g samples on 4th August 2011. but so far not received.

  24. saud says:

    you can order more than one on the same address…i also got 10 samples at the same address..

  25. busybug says:

    thanx for ur site updates, i got my free samples of headn shoulders n pantene shampoo, n i got my sample of colgate sensitive also. hopefully i’ll get olay natural white also.

  26. Arvind says:

    Admin, Was Atlier Cologne also fake.

    • admin says:

      If any offer is on home page of FreeKaaMaal then you can be assured of its legitimacy but if you find some freebies in forum or in comment…then nothing can be said about whether that offers is fake or not..

  27. Jay says:

    When will they start giving the samples. Also nothing from Ponds yet. They have taken data but not giving samples. How genuine is Ponds then?

  28. anu says:

    i have not got my p& g samples i get them order in august,colgate sensitive,nor receive my sunsilk kit also

  29. Christina says:

    Hi … Admin ..please send me the link to get olay natural white free samples.

    the link is not working

  30. DEEPIKA MEHTA says:

    i did not receive free olay sample.can tell me how long will it take

  31. anonymous says:

    Admin I had ordered for this sample on August but I have not yet received any sample.Are you sure they will send us the sample.

    • admin says:

      Till now no one has received their free sample but i think it would be better to wait for some more time as P&G is behind this offer before we come to any conclusion

  32. DEEPAK SHENOY K says:

    Admin, I too didnt reced of the same, i have ordered for it somewhere in 1st week of Aug. tired in keeping figures crossed!!!

  33. DEEPA says:

    Same of the mine case too!!! Really P&G is in tortoise speed that too in these days!!!!

  34. DEEPESH SHENOY says:

    I too didnt recd of the same, I think the network of P&G is very slow.

  35. K M S says:

    I too agreed with u all, P&G if only giving FALSE assurance!!!

  36. Laxmi says:

    Mine also not a deferential story with regard to said matter

  37. KLMS says:

    I thought that I am only the person who didnt recd it, But came to know that there are several fortunate friends are there like me. P&G just not kept the words said!!!!!

  38. raman says:

    Dear admin, when did the olay may send its sample….

  39. aastha says:

    is the offer still on… widout face book one/… plz rply admin

  40. sarla saxena says:

    received it in vapi gujarat, but its only a small sachet , not even a tube, PG surely disappointed this time

  41. Amit says:

    Got it..

  42. Shah says:

    I got two yesterday from the without facebook link….:)

    Freekaamaal rocks ……

  43. shreya nayak says:

    i got the sample! you guys are awesome. very happy!

  44. Archana says:

    Received the Olay satchet without Facebook link. The cream is excellent. Thanks Admin.

  45. subhashini says:

    I want olay natural white day cream

  46. sree ramya says:

    admin i need a olay free samples how to order i have a fb account

  47. Kaamini says:

    i want olay Natural white all in one fairness Cream.


  48. RAJA says:


  49. nithya says:

    i need olay all in one fairness cream it is so effective this is not available in markets please send when’ll i get.

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