Free 4 GB pen drive from Rockwell Automation [EXPIRED] from ->June 23, 2011
No Code Needed

Rockwell Automation is doing a promotion by giving away free 4GB Pen Drives across the world including India.The pen drives you receive will be filled with 3 GB data from Rockwell automation and at the back of pen drive they have their logo printed.Your pen drive will be shipped by SHIPPING DEPARTMENT of ROCKWELL AUTOMATION via DHL Express and you will get an confirmation email after 25 days giving all the details of your courier like DHL airway bill no. etc. Please note that this offer is for corporates only , so while ordering give the name of any company you know along with your shipping address or the best alternative to order free pen drive at your office address.

How to get your free 4GB pendrive:

  1. Click here to visit ordering form for free pen drive  [LINK IS NOT WORKING]
  2. Now choose Option 3 :I am not interested in membership and fill the form.
  3. In state/province colomn please select "none" option as you will not get any Indian state.
  4. Please select " Send me the Heavy Industries CRC"  radio button and submit the form.

That's all !! you will get your pen drive delivered through International courier within  4 weeks.
[UPDATE as on 15th July 2011]: The order page is not working now and it seems like they are not sending any more promotional Pen drives

June 23, 2011

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71 thoughts on “Free 4 GB pen drive from Rockwell Automation [EXPIRED]From Our Homepage

  1. Reema says:

    Lets see if it works… Hv ordered just now. Waiting eagerly for the courier details mail

  2. Priyank Khandelwal says:

    Even I have done the same , Lets hope we get the free pen drive :)

    btw, has any one got the pendrive, pls do let me know…

  3. ds says:

    all are lying, its not possible to submit the form without entering state

  4. Ganesh says:

    Its possible. Just select none in state column, and fill rest of the form. Its fine.

  5. kunal says:

    ALL WHO HAS GOT THIS, how many days before they had applied ?

  6. sampath says:

    should we have to give the company name along with shipping details or in the company option

  7. ABHAY says:

    yeah.. it truly works.. i hav got one…

  8. deep says:

    we will get full full 4gb to use or only gb

    • admin says:

      Pen drive will have around 3GB of data from rockwell bt you can easily erase that data and use whole 4gb for personal use

  9. kirit says:

    I required free pen drive
    my work in commercial design & Multi color designing…

  10. eemmkkay says:

    where does it say on that page that they are giving away pendrives?

  11. Priyank Khandelwal says:

    by the way, for all those who have got the pen drives, how long it took for the pen drive to come??

  12. Mridul says:

    @abhay- when you ordered it and tell me what company name you entered?

  13. Shivani says:

    asks for state….wat to do
    i have selected none as my option still no luck

    do let me knw how can i do thi

  14. khushboo says:

    mera pen drive kab aayega

  15. ABHAY says:

    @mridul… i added aira as the company….
    @other users….. dont consider this post as a useless….. i hav postd this article many days earlier .. and i know this works.. !!!!

  16. sumit says:

    can anyone tell me any companies name known ?

  17. Sachin says:

    Hey guys

    i just ordered for a pen drive and hope i’ll get it soon.
    and wish that all of you who had requested for it, also get it sooner.

    all the best guys.

  18. Pulkit says:

    i also ordered but still not get my pendrive………..Hi gurls……are you enjoying this free stuff

  19. htttt says:

    wtf not working ….i registered 60 days i didnt get any pen drives

  20. Mridul says:

    admin i ordered the pendrive accidently two times and hen my brother also ordered it from the same address so my pendrive will come na?

  21. ViPul says:

    I just ordered this pendrive but by the name of my father in his company .
    Hope it will arrive soon .
    Can you please upload a pic of this pendrive ???????????

  22. Anu says:

    Hi, when i am ordering this pendrive it is asking for state …. but in that my option is not there is it only for US people or Indian’s can also apply??

  23. hurabbas says:

    what will i write in pin code????

  24. i also want one……

  25. could you plz send me a sample of a 4gb pendrive

  26. Pranav says:

    Hey admin, u’r doing extra-ordinary job..

    just tell me wat to write as a company’s name as I m a student and not working..

    Will samsung or anything as u suggested in post above REALLY work?

  27. Preeti says:

    What to write in job title ….as i am a student and dont knw anything abt the job titles?

  28. Sir as i hav registered 2 weeks back wen i m gonna get dat pen drive. I m going 2 join d post of SYSTEM ENGINEER in INFOSYS. So i need. Pls tel me m waiting 4 ur response

  29. ankur says:

    jst registered my self….today is 5th july 2011…we will get this aftr hw many days…is it 4 months realy????
    …does any1 got this ….if yes must write ur comment…

  30. M Abid says:

    Dear Sir as i have been registered 3 weeks for pen drive but i have not recived any call or mass on my email ID. plz tell to me, what r the status.I m waiting 4 ur reply.

    • admin says:

      They will check your form and if your address is of a company will surely get a reply from them after 25 days…

  31. rajeev bhushan says:


    i hav ordered more then one month ago but i hv not recevied yet..

    this truly or fake.

    if this is truly then pls send me immediately.


  32. siddharth says:

    the page is not working now..

    Why any idea ?????

    I think its a fake.

  33. Chandar says:

    i have ordered one month ago not rcvd yet;

    Is this working or fake

  34. Vipul says:

    Now the promotion for free flash drive has ended . Whoever registered shall receive the pen drive .
    The company ended this promotion bcoz the supplies were limited and they ended .

  35. rajeev bhushan says:

    dear sir

    once again i requested you pls send me pendrive.

  36. PRIYESH says:


  37. PRIYESH says:


  38. Rockwell automation says:

    First of all, I would like to thank you for writing a blog on our service.
    Secondly, we are sorry to inform you that we wont be able to send out any pen drives to person/s or company/ies who registered on our page. We were not running any sort of promotion on our website.

    Those who have registered will get the data on a dvd instead of a pen drive

    Thanking you for your kind support.

    David Nathan
    Rockwell Automation, Online Support , Asia

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  40. maulik says:

    i have to order but i m not getiing its trye or fake

  41. prachi says:

    its fake…..i din’t get any pendrive…………….

    • admin says:

      As I already told they have changed their policy due to so many registration and now they are sending free DVD with Rockwell content on it..Hope you’ll receive your Free DVD pretty soon

  42. Dharmesh says:

    Abhi tak DVD bhi nahi mila! It’s completely fake and foolish offer. They are collecting our data only.

  43. venkat says:

    I have order free pen drive last month, but still now no response from website to mail.
    Please help?

  44. Manjeet says:

    What can i fill in company and job title because i am a student.

  45. RAJEEV BHUSHAN says:

    almost 2 months ago i hd ordered , but did not recvied yet

    so pls send immediately.

  46. venkat says:

    Please help me! I had free pen drive order 2 month back, but still now i did not receive it…

  47. vimal says:

    at least 2.5 month that can not get pen drive than send me

  48. DEEPAK SHENOY K says:

    almost 2 months ago i too had ordered , but did not received yet. Admin help is EXPECTED.

    • admin says:

      Hi Deepak i think you have missed one post on FKM where we wrote how Rockwell has cancelled all the orders when they got to know that people are only interested in free pen drives and not in the manuals & materials inside it

      • DEEPAK SHENOY K says:

        But the Company Announcement says “Those who have registered will get the data on a dvd instead of a pen drive” But
        I didn’t get even the DVD 4get about the So called PEN DRIVE!!!! Admin kindly help us in this regard, since you can only help us in this matter!!!

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