Enjoy all deals Between Rs.50 – Rs.75 for free on SnapDeal [Expired] from ->September 28, 2011

No Code Needed

Snapdeal is giving flat Rs.75 off on everything on their site. Just Use CODE SD75 on Snapdeal.com and get Rs. 75/- off on any purchase, on all deals. That means all deals between Rs.50 to Rs.75 will be free of cost for you and for other  deals get Rs.75 off. Truly a great offer as there are  no hidden T&Cs and No minumum purchase just apply and enjoy free deals. Also you can use the same code multiple times to purchase deals so no need to create separate IDs or account.

NOTE: Valid only Sep 28th and Sep 29th 2011

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Freebie Credit: Mr.Vicky free Forum

September 28, 2011

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28 thoughts on “Enjoy all deals Between Rs.50 – Rs.75 for free on SnapDeal [Expired]From Our Homepage

  1. Mayur says:

    Dear Admin,
    Do you really think there anything less than even Rs 100 on snapdeal?
    With due respect to you let me add that this offer is against the USP of FKM…

    • admin says:

      i understand that this is not exactly a freebie but Mayur there are many deals which are less than Rs.75..i myself just purchased one deal for Rs.60 from SNapdeal Mumbai..

  2. piyush says:

    100 % Right Mayur……………..



  3. Senthil says:

    It is directing me to payment page as soon as I select the Buy now option

  4. Sakshi says:

    Got 4 deals for Buffet in Mumbai including IBIS and also 2 deals in Bangalore including Buffet for Two @ Rs. 250 only…

    Thanks admin and thanks Freekaamaal.

  5. vikycool says:

    @admin : please change title from 51rs-75rs yaar . . because it doesnt work for 50rs deals from beginning :(

    • admin says:

      Just checked and this coupon is working fine on deals below Rs.50 too…just purchased one deal of Rs.49 for free.. One important thing to notice is that..there are some deals on SnapDeal which doesn’t have the option to apply Coupon Code..so for those deal you need to pay amount..but no. of such deals are very less so in turn a good offer for deal lovers..

  6. vikycool says:

    i was the one who posted this freebie and thanks for giving me 50rs free recharge offer . . but i didnt receive any mail regarding that as u told ?? can u please mail me again at viky_cool17@yahoo.co.in :). . Cheers..!!

  7. vikycool says:

    @mayur : u cant buy products with this deal . . better offer comes up sooner or later . .wait for that. . but for local food , entertainment or fun deals between 51-75rs can be bought for free for as many times which u cannot do at any point later . . i have bought 100 vouchers of various deals in chennai for free which are really cool :). . so nly i posted it . . hope it helps all :)

  8. vikycool says:

    @admin : i have replied to both sir :)

  9. Raj Mishra says:

    :( Sorry boss… I searched a lot for less than 75/- products but there is no any product which is less than Rs.150/-…. all products are only more than 150/- so i think its not free for me… i m from Siliguri… May be there were no product is available in Siliguri less than 150/-…!! Bad for me… :’(

  10. vikycool says:

    @raj mishra : mm bad luck den :( . . wait for sometime . . they might cum up with 500off on 1k soon . . u’ll have better deal den :)

  11. vikycool says:

    @admin : i did not get top up in my mobile :( . . still no increase in balance . . but i got a mail from ur side recharged successfully :( . . please verify and do it again :)

  12. vikycool says:

    @admin : Thanks a lot :) . . i got recharge . .hopin to share many more freebies :)

  13. Divya says:


    I am not able to find any deal in Bangalore for Rs.75 which accepts coupon code.

    It will be great if you can share few deals for Rs.75 or less in Bangalore, Mumbai, and other major cities where majority of freekaamal users stay. Without that, this is not of much to freekaamal users. Thanks,

  14. ninad mg says:

    how to use coupon

    • admin says:

      Just find any deal and click on “Buy Now “button..after clicking enter your Name,mobile number and press “continue” button..on next page you will see the option to ” Apply Coupon Code” on left side …just apply the above mentioned code and Get flat Rs.75 off on all deals..

  15. ninad mg says:

    i am not getting it

  16. ninad mg says:

    thank you i got it

  17. Amit says:

    ne deals in Mumbai less den 75rs..?? ne1 out here..

  18. Arun Agrawal says:

    The offer has been extended for tomorrow i.e. 30th Sept 2011…

  19. shajee says:

    Today and tomorrow its nearme75 to deals near you and its ONCE per user.

  20. vikycool says:

    @admin : deal is back live again till 30th october :) :)

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