[Expired] DermiCool Prickly Heat Powder – (150 gm) at Rs 19/- with free shipping from ->March 30, 2012

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Ebay is back with another Rs.19 deal, after Haldiram’s Bhujia Sev  at Rs 19/- now its time to have DermiCool Prickly Heat Powder  at Rs 19/-. The MRP of this Dermi Cool Powder is Rs.60 but today you can grab this at just Rs.19. Follow the below steps and take home this DermiCool Prickly Heat Powder – (150 gm) at Rs 19/- with free shipping

DermiCool Prickly Heat Powder – (150 gm) @ Rs 19/- with free shipping

  1. Click here to visit DermiCool Prickly Heat Powder – (150 gm) product page at Ebay.
  2. Add product to the cart
  3. At the checkout pay Rs.19 through paisapay

NOTE:This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet.You can only purchase a single quantity of the featured product. In case of multiple purchases, the order will be cancelled and the total amount paid will be refunded.

Offer Credit:Jasmeen from forum

March 30, 2012

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57 thoughts on “[Expired] DermiCool Prickly Heat Powder – (150 gm) at Rs 19/- with free shippingFrom Our Homepage

  1. Amitgoel3 says:

    admin i want to buy a branded backpack for my college and workplace so is there any deal for it the brand can be adidas,fasttrack,puma or nike my budget is 1000 only

  2. Mihir_sanghvi says:

    if u order more than five he doesn’t delivers few orders

  3. Pescarangan says:

    Ordered  in a new mail id. But when we can again use our old ebay id for buying these items from Sankalpdeals. Can any one clarify please.

    • Jasmeen says:

       well you can use your old ids to buy any other deal from ebay, but for the super deals only new email ids can be used.

  4. Ptk says:

    guys dont order more than 3 as I had done last time but they give me refund for 2 and delivered 2 so dont order more

  5. hoshang says:

    i have two account…..cannot buy from both of them…..

  6. Praveen says:

    ordered 5

  7. guest says:

    oh my god, the numbers r just running. how is everyone getting all the mail ids or ph nos. few people order 4-5 items…..

  8. Vikasbhalla says:

    Has anybody received lux soap from the seller, as i thing there has been some forgery going on as the seller has provided the shipping information, but the order cannot be tracked from bluedart website, kindly do remember the emai id and ebay ids so as to get the refund. i think now the seller is not sending the items but providing the shipping information to ebay and the buyer. kindly do track the previous orders

    • Noatia says:

      ya same case here……..may be ur right…..i have received an sms and confirmation mail at the same but not deliver upto date…

  9. Pescarangan says:

    I just read in one of the forum that Sankalp is cancelling the earlier orders. ie the Aluminium Foil order was cancelled, Lux Order hasn’t been shipped yet etc. Is it true?

  10. Jasmeen says:

    thanks admin for giving the offer credit to me. but i have still not got points in my account.

  11. Ashu236in says:

    ebay.in just stopped to create new account as they are not verify code entered by us.

  12. SAISWAROOP says:

    Received Lux ORDER!!

  13. Testindiazone says:

    I had tried a lot for this product but could not able to order this “Dermi Cool”

  14. Ptk says:

    lux will come dont worryyyy

  15. Saibal Basu says:

    I have received the LUX soap.

  16. Sugumar M says:

    @87c5657d263a667f11abf475d6182ade:disqus   Vikasbhalla.u r wrong.
    We can track in the Bluedart by using the reference number given by the seller. i got my lux soaps too.

    • Vikasbhalla says:

      my friend i am not able to track the lux order on blue dart  through the reference number provided 

  17. Malkit_Singh says:

    BUY ONLY 15 this time can sell easily in 2 months. recieved my 35 soaps of lux tomorrow already sold 7 of them at 350/-, Red lable 30 orders has been dispatched i can trace them on blue dart, waiting for my 30 packs of haldiram bhujia deals and always ready with 20-25 new ids.

    • Gaurav Takkar says:

      what a business model… whr do u sell these things?

      • Malkit_Singh says:

        i have a shop of mobile recharge i display these goods at my shop and sell in 10-15/- less than mrp people will take it so fastly as they dont got those disounts in there respective kirana stores.

    • Shubham says:

       I guess for every id you need a new mobile number, right?

      • raghav bhartia says:

        do they send on same postal address, thats the main point

        • Shubham says:

           Probably Yes I guess.. because they get 10000+ requests.

        • Malkit_Singh says:

          yes no issues till now approx i have made 350+ orders till date out of which only 5 has been cancelled 3 of aluminium foils and 2 of haldiram bhujia rest 345 orders has been honoured.

      • Aritra Mukherjee says:

        no need, you can use same mobile number for as many as id you want. but to order  large amount, you need that number of ids. 

        • guest says:

          no, while buying as guest u need to give different mobile no. today i tried myself giving the same mobile no. but it didnt accept. said tht the given no. is already in their records. we don’t need a mobile no. for registering though. 

      • Malkit_Singh says:

        no mobile number is required its ebay not snap deal

    • princerv says:

      ohh my God…please teach give me the little trick Dear,i want to buy 2-3 quantity only everytime for personal use.how’s u do dt?

    • raghav bhartia says:

      hi, r they sending on same postal address?

      • Malkit_Singh says:

        yes no issues regarding the postal address, even i can give some items as a freebie to the blue dart courier guy, as a result he deliver my product first in town as well as call me when he is going to come coz in one lot mostly 30-35 items are of mine.

    • raghav bhartia says:

      please reply malkit

    • Raju says:


    • Smiling_capri says:

      malkit singh ji, do you buy as guests or do u register new ids. and when i provide for hte same phone number for a different email id, i am informed that the number already exists and to provide another number. How do u do this my dear frn

    • raa-one says:

      sudhar ja malkit , nahi to sankalp deal apna maal bechna band kar dega . tere jaise logo ke karan !!!!!!!

      • Malkit_Singh says:

        sankalp ko maal bechne se matlab aur koi free me to thodi de raha hai 19/- to pay karte hai na hum uske baad agar hum thoda profit kama le to kya  harz hai aur yaaro last time i donated around 45 packets of oreo biscuits to a Anath Ashram in my city, childrens are too happy and i enjoy the joy of giving.

  18. Shivam Nayyar says:

    guys… can we order from two different mail ids but with same address..??

    • guest says:

      yes. i think so. all u shuld hv is a diffrnt mail id if u r registering or a differnt mobile no. if u r buying as guest. 

  19. Guest says:

    can we buy as a guest using different email id.

  20. Jasmeen says:

    hi admin,
    my post in the forum is not there why has it been deleted.

  21. raghav bhartia says:

    how they selling at such cheap rates? koi duplicate maal to nai? aur itne quantity mai? kuch to panga hia

    • guest says:

      very true, i also don’t understand how he is benefited. free shipping for jst 19rs? kuch tho panga hai. does any one have any idea.  

  22. Anand Gupta says:

    hi pls tel me how to get this dermi cool powder

  23. Natural Gp says:

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    in your account just log in below link


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