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Using Indiatimes Diwali offer you can buy The Secret Of The Nagas (MRP.195) & The Immortals of Meluha (MRP.195) by Mr. Amish Tripathi at Rs.170 Rs.163 (Rs.81.5 each) along with free shipping.

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About The Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha is a gripping and spine chilling tale of Shiva, the man who was made God by the residents of the ancient civilization of Meluha. The Suryavanshis, the rulers of Meluha, are facing a threat from the Chandravanshis and the deformed Nagas. Will Shiva be the savior? Will he revive their kingdom again?

Summary of The Immortals of Meluha

Shiva, one of the chief Hindu deities, is portrayed in an entirely different light in Amish Tripathi's debut novel, The Immortals of Meluha. The first book of The Shiva Trilogy, The Immortals of Meluha charts Shiva's journey from the mountains with his Tibetan tribesmen to the kingdom of Meluha, which is occupied by the Suryavanshis, a race of people who are descendants of Lord Ram and live along the banks of the River Saraswati.

When an episode involving the preserving drug somras leaves his throat blue, Shiva is hailed as the 'Mahadev' according to an ancient prophecy, the man who'll lead the Suryavanshis to victory against the Chandravanshis. Caught in the middle of a tense conflict, Shiva must now make some quick decisions to save Meluha from the wrath of the evil Chandravanshis and their twisted and disfigured assassins, The Nagas.

Will Shiva be able to rise to the occasion and save the clan of the Suryavanshis?
Why does the Princess Sati shy away from speaking to him every single time?
Who are the Nagas, and why are they assisting the Chandravanshis?
Set in 1990 B.C., the book takes readers on an imaginative and exciting journey through Amish's world.
Upon its release, The Immortals of Meluha received positive reviews from critics. It became a surprise bestseller in the first week of its release.

About The Secret Of Nagas:

Now coming in new format, The old format is discontinued. Today, He is a God. 4000 years ago, He was just a man. The hunt is on. The sinister Naga warrior has killed his friend Brahaspati and now stalks his wife Sati. Shiva, the Tibetan immigrant who is the prophesied destroyer of evil, will not rest till he finds his demonic adversary. His vengeance and the path to evil will lead him to the door of the Nagas, the serpent people. Of that he is certain. The evidence of the malevolent rise of evil is everywhere. A kingdom is dying as it is held to ransom for a miracle drug. A crown prince is murdered. The Vasudevs – Shiva’s philosopher guides – betray his unquestioning faith as they take the aid of the dark side. Even the perfect empire, Meluha is riddled with a terrible secret in Maika, the city of births. Unknown to Shiva, a master puppeteer is playing a grand game. In a journey that will take him across the length and breadth of ancient India, Shiva searches for the truth in a land of deadly mysteries – only to find that nothing is what it seems. Fierce battles will be fought. Surprising alliances will be forged. Unbelievable secrets will be revealed in this second book of the Shiva Trilogy, the sequel to the #1 national bestseller, The Immortals of Meluha.

About Amish Tripathi

Amish Tripathi is an Indian author who resides in the city of Mumbai. After his initial novel, The Immortals of Meluha, Tripathi followed it up with a sequel and another bestseller, The Secret of the Nagas.
As a writer, Tripathi explains the concept of Karma and reincarnation in his books with succinct ease. He's often commended for his meticulous research, which contributes to making his books very interesting.
Amish hails from Mumbai, and is an alumnus of IIM Kolkata. He was employed in the financial service industry for 14 years before he took up writing.



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