[Expired]Last day to buy 1 gm Gold Coin @ Rs.3249 + Other Items and get Canon Printer or 16GB Pen Drive for free from ->May 21, 2012

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Pepperfry is running an offer where they are giving An assured gift on purchase of Rs.1500 or above, the good thing about this promotion is that you can use your pepperfry points too. We brought you one deal where you can purchase 1 gm. gold coins worth Rs.3610 at Rs.3510 and get a Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer as assured gift.

How to get Canon Inkjet Printer on purchase of 1gm Gold Coins from Pepperfry:

  • Click here to register on Pepperfry and get Rs.500 OFF.
  • Click here to visit offer page of 1gm 24Kt 999 Fineness Gold Coin
  • Add item to your wishlist
  • Redeem your Rs.500 off at Checkout
  • And choose 16GB Pen Drive/5 Adidas Deo/Logitech mouse as assured gift.
  • Make the payment.


UPDATE: Pepperfry is giving free gifts on the basis of amount paid by the customer excluding pepper points, so in order to get free printer, you need to buy products of value Rs.3500 or above, so in order to get printer with this gold coin, add some filler and make your total cart value above Rs.3500. Check out some filler suggestions:


Offer credit:vaibhavko from forum

May 21, 2012

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39 thoughts on “[Expired]Last day to buy 1 gm Gold Coin @ Rs.3249 + Other Items and get Canon Printer or 16GB Pen Drive for freeFrom Our Homepage

  1. Rajiv says:

    I checked the offer. The option to select is not coming up while checkout.
    I enquire with customer care they said, that once payment is done then only you can select the product.
    This seems to be a little fishy, once payment is done then god knows what page comes up…
    Seems a trap!!!
    Please update if anybody got this offer.

  2. Ankit says:

    i call custmoer care they said that you have to buy with 4000-500=3500.then you will eligible to assure gift !!!!!!

    • Yes.. first understand what the offer is… In case your net payment is Rs.3500/- or more you are eligible for the gift..If you purchase something and after adjusting your reward points your net payment is less than Rs.3500/- you are not eligible for the gift.. so i suggest keep your reward point and use them once this offer is over..

  3. Bk says:

    If you use Pepperfry points, you will get gift from range 3000-3499 (In short no printer, as per my conversation in customer care), So i request you to confirm first before buy….

    • Smarty9074 says:

      For that reason i lost my Rs.3199….Now i have again made a new order of Rs.3570…and selected the Printer as a gift…

  4. prateek says:

    But, the printer is on purchase of 3500 and above…how do u get it at 3149??

  5. If you put it in the wishlist how do you checkout?

    • FreeKaaMaal Team says:

      Dear reder, we have updated the above post with new Gold Coin Links . Kindly check now and start buying gold coin

  6. Manu says:

    Thank I have just ordered one. Nice offer.

  7. ANKIT says:


  8. Sridhar says:

    Good Offer. Thnx FKM. By adding in wishlist you will get to know when product is available. But if you want to purchase product now you have to add it into cart and proceed to checkout.

  9. ANKIT says:


  10. Sandhya says:

    Just ordered 1 gm gold coin with bath towel sets. I have talked with pepperfry guys they are saying I’m eligible for free gift. :D

  11. xyzs says:

    The 24c gold price in market today is 28000.

  12. kapil says:

    Please do not purchase gold item from pepperfry.

    I ordered a pendent worth rupees 4200 via order no. 100025303; they shipped me empty box. I complaint them they said we shiiped the product so do not liable. Their behaviour very unprofessional. I have served the legal notice ang going to sue them. So do not get traped.. I advise do not buy gold thing which u can not assure tht it is in the box due to very less weight. If any one else also get cheated like this please let me know at my e mail address.. Aggarwallawfirm@gmail.com
    I also need help from freekaamaal to bring such issues of cheating by online website in light,


    Kapil K. Aggarwal
    Advocate Delhi Hight Court

  13. siddarth says:

    how to checkout .. help guys .. it shows only wish list option

  14. Prabhu K says:

    1g 24c price is Rs.3749 now, so it would be 3749-500 points = Rs. 3249 !! not so worthy!!

    19/May/2012 – Market price – 1 g 24c gold – 2914.00 only!!

  15. Prabhu K says:

    Its not a good idea to purchase gold thro’ online..why do we pay the amount in advance and wait for a product and when it is empty or defective or not satisfied then your happiness are gone!!! Gold is not like a Tees or shoes, use it for a while and throw away!!!
    Plz guys don’t take risk, the gold market rate is very less than these amount!!! even banks are selling less than this amount ( today HDFC bank gold rate is Rs. 3432 only ). don’t consider the pepper points here everybody knows those are just business tactics!!! No one can give offer or discount for Gold!!!

    Go to the shop directly, you can see your gold before you buy, validate and pay for it only if you like!!! If you have credit card then you may get reward points and may get an option to pay 0% EMI and all. be happy.
    Its just my personal thought, nothing business.

  16. Hariharan says:

    The offer was good when the gold rate was 3149 per gram…now it is increased to 3749, so there is no use of Pepper points as the market rate is 800 rupees less than this…But however considering the printer gift, it is worth.

    I asked customer care about the printer and got notified that they will give Canon Pixma ip2677 printer as gift but they can not assure that they will give original cartridge with that printer. So it means that printer is not worth for 2300+ as they mention. Without catridge, that model printer you can buy @ 800 or 900 itself. (Check Ebay). So this offer is 100% WASTE as you are paying 800 rupees extra for gold and getting printer for that.

    Any thoughts?

  17. Maadasamy says:

    Hello Madasaami
    If you purchase gold it will be according to the current market rate.
    I am sorry to say this that the market price is too low when compared to your rate and even other sites are selling with low price.
    So I just wanted to know whether any special hing is there in your gold item
    Every website listings of their products differs.
    I wont say there is anything special associated with gold we sell.
    But Gold Coin rate should not be this much difference
    I am sorry sir but we sell gold and the rates are from our vendors and the items are always made to order.

  18. SHAH says:




  19. Maadasamy says:

    They did not ship to anybody. I am damn sure that printer will not be worth more than 500 – 600 rupees.

  20. BHAWANA says:

    today i get bluedart courier from pepper fry but their is no coin in the courier when i called to customer care they said they had sended the coin. i got totally cheated. still waiting for printer but its an cheat

    • kapil says:

      hi bhawana, please mail me the detail of your order. I am going to sue them. you will get your money back too

  21. Prabhu K says:

    This is ridiculous!! how could they take such a large amount and send just the EMPTY box..its 100% fraud website, FKM please don’t recommend this site anymore and don’t update any stupid offers from pepperfry.com,

    Kapil K. Aggarwal sir please file a case against this F****** website. also please everyone share this information in to all the social network sites and escalate to whereever you can.

  22. nishit tripathi says:

    i also got an empty box on Monday from pepeerfry but i thought the courier boy taken out the gold coin that’s why i complained to courier company but i was wrong if above 2 persons also faced the same problem that means the cheating was from pepperfry now what to do to take against pepperfry.
    at least other customers cancel their order and save their money its an cheat offer.
    i don’t know why we all are trapped because gold coin has standard rate of 3100 and from pepper we r getting at 3150 + printer means a printer in 50 rs no company will want to make loss so they r making big loss by not sending gold coin.
    atleast you all save your money by cancelling your orders.

  23. Prabhu K says:

    Hi Nishit, I didn’t order from pepperfry.com I just commented for BHAWANA’s comment!!! but I knew this wesite seems to a fraud website and I suggested here on 20th may NOT to buy Gold from Online wesites. But now I guess no one should purchase anything from this website and please file a case against them, so that people will be aware of it and other merchants also won’t do any kind of cheating with customers.

  24. HARISH says:

    thanx bhawan & Nishit after ur advise i had cancelled my gold coin order from pepperfry they said the amount will be credited into my account with in 48 hours.
    thanx for saving me to be an part of this fraud

  25. mayank says:

    i just received my 1 gm gold coin from pepperfry …

  26. Prabhu K says:

    Mayank, have you received the printer with new cartridge along with coin?

  27. ramesh says:

    they are not canceling the order it is saying it cannot be canceled i ahd ordered on 19th may ? wht to do

  28. manoj says:

    yes this web site is fraud.i have ordered ferrari red deo from then and when i got the deo it was leaking when i shake it.after three days of use all fragerence is gone and only water is left now.so beware this people are selling fake product to us.let launched complaint against them at consumer court.

  29. asad says:

    I bought a gold coin from them, but didn’t get the free gift. letz see if they will send the coin.

  30. KAUSHAL says:

    1 GM GOLD COIN 999 ( IN VERY GOOD PECKING ){in 9 workin days}
    1 TOWEL{ in 4th day}
    AND CANNONN PIXMA IP2770 PRINTER (Free) {with free installation by canon }(in 7 working days)
    at just Rs. 3550
    all in time and also in very good QUALITY.

    CUSTMER CARE (TOLLFREE) is also supportive.

  31. KAUSHAL says:

    friends who received printer not to worry about installation
    just call canon toll free no.: 1800 180 3366 and press 2

    give them address and details

    within 24 hours canon man come and your printer get installed FREE.

  32. Deal Master says:


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