[Sold Out] Get Reebok Deo of Rs.165 @ Rs. 39 + Rs.9 Shipping Charges from ->May 24, 2012

No Code Needed

Shopclue has come up with another Jaw Dropping Deal where they are offering 100% genuine Reebok Deodorant @ Rs 39 Only + Rs. 9 for shipping. Previously we have share shopclue deals with you where they were selling deo @ Rs 9 only.

How to get Reebok Deo @ Rs. 39 Only

1. Click here to visit offer page.
2. Add product to your cart.
3. Fill shipping details and use coupon code SCRD39
4. Make Payment.

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118 thoughts on “[Sold Out] Get Reebok Deo of Rs.165 @ Rs. 39 + Rs.9 Shipping ChargesFrom Our Homepage

  1. Ashish says:

    Links not taking to correct page

  2. karan says:

    the trick is the website if working slow

  3. manjit says:

    coupon code not working…getting error

    1. Ensure that the right coupon code is applied
    2. Some discount coupons are applicable only once
    3. Promotional discounts differ when you choose Cash On Delivery
    4. Refer the terms and conditions of the coupon

  4. Chintu says:

    WORKED LIKE A CHARM…just ordered one reebok deo.

    guyz website is working fine..and also the coupon code..hurry …loot lo yebhi ki tarah :)))

  5. Arvind MEWARA says:



  6. Asutosh says:

    payment Gateway not working these guys are fraud

  7. vivaswan says:

    orderd three wid diffrnt accounts thnx fkm

  8. Gaurav says:

    ghatiya site hain 2 baar order kare netbanking se bhi aur credit card se bhi payment gateway bekar hain status incompelte dikha rah hain but paise cut ho gaye hain…. plz don’t buy……..

  9. sandeep says:

    amout debited in my account but order not book. any one tell me what r do

  10. vishal says:

    payement gateway is horibbly slow.. it not working for any credit/netbanking

  11. raj says:

    mera to rigister bhi nahi ho raha invalid dikha raha email or pasword

  12. Balamurugan says:

    Received the Order No from CCAvenue to the mailID .. You can reclaim if the order was not placed on ShaopClue …Dont worry..atleast You have a tracking ..

  13. Nitin says:

    Guys dont worry soon the status of your order will be changed if your account is charged

    • ankur says:

      order 2 times …..but but both failed…..and money is deducted….

      now only one order has changed….

  14. Soumen says:


  15. vishal says:

    money got deducted and ccavenue.com timed out … what to do now ?

  16. Prateek says:

    Reesport & Reeignite are not available der..

  17. sharmila says:

    even for its not working fraud

  18. sharmila says:

    no problem ur amount will be credited back

  19. Dhaman says:


  20. Riza Ameen says:


  21. sharmila says:

    sssssssssssssss u tel me wt can i do for that TS IS SHOWING CART IS EMPTY EVERY TIME I CLICK ON CHECK OUT. PLEASE HELP

  22. shreyan says:

    payment gateway is not working …

  23. manohar says:

    cart is not getting updated. when i select item and check out ..it says cart is empty

  24. yogesh says:

    Reespot not there

  25. ankur says:

    payment deducted 2 times…but order confirmed for only 1

  26. XXX says:

    Worst deo ever. .

  27. binu says:

    guys i think the stocks are sold out… thats why it shows cart empty..what do you think ?? is everyone facing the same problem ?

  28. Nitin says:

    guys try emptying the cache and then retry if its showing cart is empty…also u can try with diff browser

  29. papujul says:

    s ssssss its overrrrrrrrrrr

  30. nira189 says:

    no its not over yet..

  31. binu says:

    loot liya… bought 6

  32. vivaswan says:

    orderd one more .total 3+1 thnx free kaa maal …….site z working fine

  33. yogesh says:

    bought 3 for me 2 for cousin all went like knife on butter smooth

  34. nira189 says:

    money was cut but dint get anything.. help

  35. Fckdup says:

    Tried all options and from different browsers. Now site is down. These two idiots who bought are fake and i think from shopclues.

    • Dhaman says:

      I also completed almost half the transaction. My webpage got stuck on the payment confirmation page. But i got the payment confirmation from CC Avenue. So i think that some might got it through also

      • Fckdup says:

        two time failed after CC 3d secure page. need to check wid bank for this. very bad.

        btw.. b4 got good deals from shopclues.

  36. Dhaman says:

    Website completely down.


    We are suddenly extremely popular.

    Please retry and we’ll get you in as soon as we can.

    Thanks you and our apologies for the inconvenience.

  37. binu says:

    ha ha ha… i work for shopclues . sorry guys , had to do it for increment

  38. binu says:

    just kidding, i dont work for shopclues and i ordered 6 . this happened because of the traffic at the website

  39. papujul says:

    dont scold fkm cool

  40. papujul says:

    binu reply

  41. SWAPAN DEY says:

    Links not taking

  42. papujul says:

    its working i ordereddddddddddd jolyyyyyyyyyy

  43. jol says:

    hellllloooooooooooooooo .. lost all my money

  44. Jignesh says:

    Ordered one.. hurray :)

  45. Kinnar says:

    Ordered one piece. 39+ 9(shipping) = 48.
    A lot of problems encountered before final checkout. Cart showed empty etc. Also, i heard on mouthshut.com that ordering more than one on such promos on this website, the order is cancelled. So if u want more then order thru diff email ids.
    since last hour the website is down.

  46. varun says:

    sussesfully placed my order hurry guys the site is working

  47. Deepesh says:

    Ordered 1 at rs.29/-….
    Rs.19 profit…and that too was bcoz of fkm…

  48. vaibhav says:

    just placed an order successfully..thanks

  49. rahul arora says:

    site down again!!

  50. nitin says:

    guys!!!! problem at the time of check out
    what to do now?????

  51. jol says:


  52. rohit says:

    order to ho gya yar…money bhi deduct ho gya ..nw waiting for deo

  53. bob biswas says:

    ke bolo

  54. nitin says:

    saalon ne paise tho kaat liye but order ki information tak bhi nahin bejhi…..

  55. Ricks says:

    Payment gateway problem, money deducted from account but checkout incomplete :(

  56. vivek chawla says:

    hello my 48rs debited form my dena bank debit card bt i didint received any order confirmation wht is this i want my order or mopney back please reply me 

    please reply me

  57. vivek chawla says:

    i ordered the deo my 48rs also got deducted from my account bt the page cannot be displayed wrror came wht to do now please refund my 48rs please reply me or please send me the deo i ahve the proff as i got the msg on my cell from dena bank tht my 48rs got deducted ?

    if u want i can show u the txt as well as my passbk please reply me please help me i ahd ordered the deo bt it didnt got upadated and my money got deducted ?

  58. vivek says:

    now wht to do ?

  59. gursimran says:

    same here

  60. govind says:

    vivek & deepesh, don’t worry check in ur order status in shop clues account .i

  61. Pradeep says:

    mere sath bhi same hua hai…. saalo ne paise cut liye ….aur order details bhi nahi mail kiya

  62. Ankit Khandelwal says:

    Guys i gor the same problem but after some time i got a mail from shop clue team in my gmail account about the product details and payment details .

  63. vivek says:

    nothing in my account :(. its in chkout :(

  64. vivek says:

    can we buy more than 1 ?

  65. nira189 says:

    got confirmation of payment after 3 hrs. -

  66. Ronak says:

    site not work….

  67. Dhaman says:

    Got confirmation of the order from shopclues

  68. Nikhil says:

    Money got deducted twice still checkout incomplete status for both order…Guys is there any hope to get the money back or any chance of placement of order…….

  69. govind says:

    i got two with 2 id

  70. Ankit says:

    paise gaye :( no deo receiving email received

  71. Vishwajeet says:

    mast offer hai ,I ordered 5 deo and Coupon code also worked

  72. Apoorv says:

    Hey guys don’t worry if your amount is deducted and you didn’t get confirmation order. Same thing happened to me. After 2-3 hrs automatically i got the mail for confirmation. Ordered 2.

  73. Ravi says:

    Tried multiple time, at last got succeeded to Order One ..Amount debited but Order Status is “Checkout Incomplete”

    So, not sure whether I got thru with the order or not…Let’s wait for few hrs to see the changes..as i read above ..few guys are happy after the solution of same problem

  74. RAJAT MEHTA says:

    ordered 3 one in 39 and 2 in 48………………i dont knw why its only 39

  75. RAJAT MEHTA says:

    there is problem i buy one more payment cuts………………….order not done

  76. KumarAjay says:


  77. bob biswas says:

    Paid – Special Handling what does that mean ??????????????????????

  78. Tridash Chopra says:

    My status has been put “backordered”. What does it mean

  79. Tridash Chopra says:

    What to do

  80. PUNEET TOTAWAT says:

    deal is expired please remove this post.

  81. Dhaman says:

    Guys The status of my order is “Paid – Special Handling”. Anyone knows What does this mean.

  82. Dhaman says:

    Guys received deo

  83. paaku says:

    Status of my order : “Paid – Special Handling”.what is this? Will they send the order?

    • Dhaman says:

      This status is also on my 4 orders and the shopclues team on facebook told me this : –

      Paid – Special Handling means our system has found duplicate orders and will be manually checked before processing!

  84. Fckdup says:

    Finally confirmed 17 deo :)

    hats off to FKM… cheers

  85. hp says:

    backordered :(

  86. divya says:

    received deo today. awesome service

  87. Deepesh says:

    same here…

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